10 Best Animated Movies of all Time

Best Animated Movies of all time:- The tests and projects that your kids have will go away when the summer holidays start, all the parents will be so busy with their work schedule, but they will want their kids to have fun in the vacation.

Movies are always the best option to keep your kids busy and entertained this summer. Here we list the best rated animated movies to watch for both kids and for you.

Best Animated Movies of all time

10. The Smurfs


This movie tells the story of the Smurfs who teams up with friends who are humans to rescue Smurfette.

Smurfette is kidnapped by evil sorcerer Gargamel to turn creatures called naughties into real smurfs.

9. Monsters University


Just like the name, the Monster university is the story of some monsters who are in reality afraid of the humans.

This movie is appropriate for every age and topped many animated movie charts.

The movie tells the story of Mike and Sulley who are rivals and later on becomes best friends and they join the team of Monsters.inc workforce.

8. Superman: Man Of Steel


Superman is the evergreen superhero of both adults and children.

The superman story travels on the character Clark kent who is from another planet and he reached here as an infant. he uses his alien powers to protect this world from the evil.

7. Epic


This story is an excellent choice to show your children and gives a strong message to both children and adult viewers. This movie shows the strong connection everyone has with nature.

The movie tells a story of a girl who becomes lost in the jungle when trying to find her father and she uncovers a hidden world deep within the forest full of mystical creatures.

6. Iron Man 3


This famous movie which is the third of the famous iron man series.

This movie from marvel portraits the character iron man Tony Stark the famous industrialist and weapon specialist in America. Who also plays a dual role in saving the city as an iron man.

The movie contains super actions and mind-blowing visuals. This movie will surely thrill you out in this vacation.

5. The Croods


This is a good animated movie that tells a story of the stone age. When human civilization is on the bud.

The movie teaches a lesson that will allow your children to think differently than the others. This movie portraits human family consists that live in a dangerous point of time.

The survival of the family and it also tells the lesson of staying together. Famous actors play the role of dubbing the characters in the movie.

Patriarch Grug (Nicolas Cage), his mate, Ugga (Catherine Keener), teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone), son Thunk (Clark Duke) feisty Gran (Cloris Leachman) and Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is the cast.

4. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift


This is the fourth part of the famous animated series the ice age. This famous animated movie from the fox tells a story that happens in the ice age and the living things that live in that age.

The movie educates your children on many extinct animals like the mammoth.

Many famous actors give voices to the character in the movie Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo) and Diego (Denis Leary) Manny’s mate, Ellie (Jennifer Lopez) and rebellious daughter Peaches (Keke Palmer).

3. Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted


This is one of the best, animated movies out there. this film tells a story of friends.  

Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe. the movie is the third part of the movie Madagascar.

The movie follows the tale of these friends travelling to their original home Bronx zoo. this movie contains fabulous visuals which will entertain the whole family.

The movie will surely delight your children if they are bored with their vacation.

#2. 21 Jump Street


When talking about a comedy fun teenage movie. The 21 Jump street stays first in the list. If you are a fun-loving teenager then you should definitely watch this movie.

The movie portrait exciting extraordinary things that are like to happen in a teenager’s life. This exciting movie will surely make you rethink the fun you had and is having in this age.

This movie says the story of two teenage friends who joins the secret jump street unit. The unit that makes officers goes undercover to find different tasks.

1. Happy Feet 2


This movie is the second version of the 2000 academy winning animated movie happy feet. This movie is an animated adventure type of movie.

The movie is both entertaining and it teaches good lessons to your kids, like environmental and family lessons.

The underwater sequences that portrait in this film will surely chill your kids to a new extent. This will bring new experience and an idea of the arctic region to your kids.

This film’s main attraction is a penguin and the storyline goes through this character.

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