Top 10 Best Astrologer in Kanpur

Best Astrologer in Kanpur: Kanpur, a city steeped in history and culture, is also home to some of the most renowned astrologers in India. These astrologers, with their profound knowledge and deep understanding of celestial bodies and their impacts on human life, have been aiding individuals navigate life’s intricacies with confidence and serenity.

From offering valuable insights into marital relationships to providing guidance on career choices, their expertise spans various dimensions of life. Here, we present a curated list of the top 10 best astrologers in Kanpur, each distinguished for their unique approach to astrology and commitment to providing reliable, personalized guidance to their clients.

Best Astrologer in Kanpur

Best Astrologer in Kanpur

1. Satish Awasthi

SatishAwasthiLoveWithAstrology Kanpur UP


  • 8/220 Anand Keshav Apartment, Flat No 308, Arya Nagar Road, Kanpur, UP 208002

Since: 2003

Satish Awasthi, the luminary behind ‘Love With Astrology,’ hails from a Brahmin family, dedicating his life to the realms of astrology and spirituality. Armed with a PhD from Banaras Hindu University, he brings over fifteen years of experience to the table. Known for his expertise in Sanskrit, he specializes in powerful astrological remedies, particularly in resolving love and marriage issues.

With a clientele exceeding 2.1 million, including notable personalities like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manoj Tiwari, and Sonu Nigam, Satish Awasthi is a beacon of astrological wisdom. His contributions to various newspapers and magazines underscore his authority in the field. He is one of the Best Astrologer in Kanpur.


  • Career and Business Guidance
  • Match Making
  • Foreign Travel and Finance
  • Palmistry
  • Baby Name Suggestions
  • Family Relationships
  • Love Compatibility
  • Horoscope Analysis
  • Vastu
  • Health Issues
  • Yagya Pooja & Tantra


  • Phone: 80814 26940, 88811 13377
  • Email:

Working Hours:

  • Mon-Sun: 9 am – 11:30 pm

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2. Dr. Shiv Trivedi


  • Indraprastha Apartment, G 1 Krishna Tower, Ratan Lal Nagar, Kanpur, UP 208022

Since: 2004

Astro Shiv, the guiding light of Acharya Dr. Shiv Trivedi is one the Best Astrologer in Kanpur. More than just an astrologer, Dr. Trivedi is a confidante, a mapmaker for life’s intricate journeys. With over a decade of experience navigating the celestial tapestry, he weaves solutions for even the most perplexing quandaries.

Seeking clarity in love and marriage? Dr. Trivedi’s expertise shines brightest in this realm. He delves into the celestial dance of your Janm Patrika, unveiling compatibility with your future partner, ensuring a bond forged in the stars.

His repertoire of services is a haven for those seeking harmony:

  • Janm Patrika Reading: Unravel the secrets of your birth chart, unveiling the cosmic blueprint of your life.
  • One-Time Consultation: Seek immediate guidance for burning questions, leaving with actionable steps towards fulfillment.
  • Consultation Report: A personalized roadmap, charting your course and highlighting potential roadblocks with insightful remedies.
  • Kundli Matchmaking: Let the stars align! Dr. Trivedi ensures celestial compatibility for lasting marital bliss.
  • Gemstone Consultation: Discover the hidden powers of precious stones, aligning their energies with your life path.
  • Palm Readings: Uncover the lines of your destiny, gaining wisdom from the whispers of your hand.
  • Vastu Consultation: Harmonize your living space with cosmic forces, bringing peace and prosperity.
  • Remedial Horoscope: Identify and mend astrological imbalances, paving the way for a brighter future.

Dr. Trivedi’s dedication transcends distance. Consultations are tailored to your comfort, available both virtually and in-person. He listens with empathy, understanding the nuances of your concerns before delivering his insightful diagnosis and remedies.


  • Phone: 76076 82258
  • Email: |


  • All Days: 12 pm – 7 pm

3. Sanjay Tiwari

SanjayTiwariJyotishPramarshKendra Kanpur UP


  • 117, 117/581, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur, UP 208005

Since: 2005

Next added to the list of Best Astrologer in Kanpur is Sanjay Tiwari, the insightful astrologer managing Jyotish Pramarsh Kendra, holds a doctorate in astrological science. With in-depth knowledge and a detailed understanding of astrology, he specializes in predicting the future based on clients’ horoscopes.

Over 1000+ clients have benefitted from his expertise, seeking solutions for marriage, family issues, and Vastu concerns. Sanjay Tiwari’s commitment to problem-solving and his penchant for offering Vastu tips make him a trusted guide in the realm of astrology.


  • Panchang Rahukal
  • Pre Marriage Horoscope Matching
  • Agnivas for Yagya and Havan
  • Manglik Defect Avoidance
  • Maa Baglamukhi Sadhana
  • Special Muhurta


  • Phone: 93351 68669 | 7607047780


  • Mon – 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Tue – Closed – Closed
  • Wed – 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Thu – Closed – Closed
  • Fri – 1:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Sat – SunClosed – Closed

4. Astrologer Sooraj Maheshwari

Astrologer Sooraj Maheshwari


  • Somdutt Plaza, Mall Road, Civil Lines, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 208001

Astrologer Sooraj Maheshwari, specializing in Grah Nakshatra, graces Civil Lines, Kanpur, with his profound astrological insights. His expertise spans Vastu Shastra, Love-Relation-Marriage Problems, Health Problems, Career Problems, and more.

Known for his competitive fees and charges, Astrologer Sooraj Maheshwari’s behavior, experience, and guidance make him a preferred choice in Kanpur. Offering both offline and online consultations, his availability spans 24 hours.


  • Vedic Astrology
  • Finance Astrology
  • Career Astrology
  • Health Astrology
  • Vastu Consultants
  • Education Astrology
  • Love & Marriage Astrology


  • Offline Timing: All Days – 3 pm to 8 pm
  • Online Timing: All Days – 24 Hours


  • Phone: +(91)-9415737110 | +(91)-9455803839
  • Email:

5. Amit Astrologer

Amit Astrologer Professional Services Astrologers Kanpur Uttar Pradesh


  • 112/356, Chat Chauraha, Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 208002

Amit Astrologer, a renowned figure in Kanpur, brings his expertise to the forefront. Specializing in various astrological predicaments like Vaastu shastra, love & relationship problems, health issues, and career troubles, Amit Astrologer offers affordable consultations. Considering past and present scenarios, he formulates future courses of action, providing comprehensive solutions.


  • Vaastu
  • Stones Consultant
  • Horoscope Analysis
  • Career and Business Guidance
  • Match Making


  • Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Sun: Closed – Closed


  • Phone: (91)-8887564460 | +(91)-9369554097
  • Email:

6. Astrologer Nitisha Malhotra

Astrologer Nitisha Malhotra Professional Services Astrologers Kanpur Uttar Pradesh


  • Bata Churaha, Govind Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 208007

Astrologer Nitisha Malhotra, a luminary in Govind Nagar, Kanpur, boasts expertise in various astrological realms. From Vastu shastra to love-relation-marriage problems, health issues, and career troubles, Nitisha Malhotra’s behavior, experience, and guidance make her a priority for many in and around Kanpur. With competitive fees and charges, she stands as a go-to astrologer for comprehensive consultations.


  • Horoscope
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Numerology


  • 091611 24222


  • By Appointment

7. Shri Radha Madhav Seva Foundation

shri radha madhav seva foundation 1 15 186089 1558889816

Unburden the uncertainties of life with Shri Radha Madhav Seva Foundation, your guiding light through past, present, and future. Rooted in Kanpur, this renowned astrological service demystifies the dance of the planets, revealing genuine insights and practical solutions to your unique challenges. Whether you seek solace from anxieties, clarity in relationships, or guidance towards a fulfilling future, Shri Radha Madhav Seva Foundation offers a haven of wisdom and support.

Services Offered:

Dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding? Let Shri Radha Madhav Seva Foundation help you paint it into reality. From intimate city ceremonies to dazzling destination soirees, their astrological expertise transcends borders, ensuring a harmonious union blessed by the stars. They don’t just dream of your perfect future; they partner with you to achieve it, removing obstacles and paving the path to a prosperous journey with your soulmate.

More than just predictions, Shri Radha Madhav Seva Foundation offers a spectrum of services to empower you at every turn:

  • Kundli Match Making: Align the stars of your hearts for a celestial union.
  • Janm Patrika: Unravel the hidden chapters of your birth chart, unlocking your inherent strengths and navigating past karmic influences.
  • Lal Kitab Darpan: Delve into the wisdom of Lal Kitab, a unique astrological lens for understanding life’s complexities and charting your course with confidence.
  • Numerology Report: Discover the vibrational symphony of your numbers, unveiling their hidden messages and illuminating your personal growth path.
  • Vedic Horoscope: Embrace the timeless wisdom of Vedic astrology, gaining insights into your planetary alignments and their influence on your present and future.
  • Remedial Horoscope: Understand and alleviate the karmic burdens revealed in your horoscope, paving the way for a brighter future.
  • Vastu Consultation: Harmonize your living space with cosmic energies, fostering peace, prosperity, and well-being within your walls.
  • Gemstones Consultation: Discover the radiant power of gemstones, harnessing their unique energies to amplify your strengths and mitigate challenges.
  • Palm Reading: Explore the intricate maps etched on your palms, gleaning insights into your personality, potential, and life’s unfolding tapestry.

Contact Details

AddressBhaktivedant Ashram, Shrijipuram, Sunrakh, Raman Reti, Vrindavan
TelephoneNot Available
Mobile No9827256179

8. Pandit Deepak Pandey

Pandit Deepak Pandey Kanpur

Location: B – 91, Dada Nagar, Kanpur – 208022

Nestled in the heart of Kanpur, Pandit Deepak Pandey isn’t just an astrologer – he’s a life interpreter. He wields the ancient wisdom of astrology not to dictate your future, but to illuminate your present, empowering you to navigate life’s labyrinth with clear vision and confidence.

Struggling with a crossroads in your career? Seeking clarity in love and relationships? Pandit Deepak Pandey can be your guide. His precise predictions offer a glimpse into what lies ahead, while his profound insights help you understand where you stand.

But astrology isn’t just about seeing the future. It’s about shaping it. Pandit Deepak Pandey’s tailored solutions go beyond mere predictions. He offers:

  • Customized Kundli Matching: Ensure compatibility and harmony in your relationships, be it love, business, or friendship.
  • Janam Patrika Analysis: Dive deep into your birth chart, unlock your hidden potential, and understand your unique life path.
  • Numerology Reports: Understand the influence of numbers on your life and unlock the secrets they hold.
  • Remedial Horoscopes: Address obstacles and navigate challenges with personalized astrological remedies.
  • Vastu Consultation: Harmonize your living space with cosmic energies for greater peace, prosperity, and success.
  • Gemstone Recommendations: Discover the gems that can amplify your strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Accessibility and Convenience:

Unlike many astrologers, Pandit Deepak Pandey prioritizes your comfort and convenience. He offers flexible consultation options:

  • In-person consultations: Connect face-to-face for a more personal and in-depth experience.
  • Phone consultations: Reach him from anywhere in the world and receive guidance at your fingertips.
  • Instant Consultation Reports: Get access to your personalized report without any delay.
  • Outstation services: He even travels to meet you, ensuring distance doesn’t hinder your access to his wisdom.


  • Mon – Sun6:30 am – 9:15 pm


  • Phone: + (91) – 9305360382 | +(91)-9838360382 | +(91)-9451360382 | +(91)-8383603820
  • Email: ?

9. Mani Jyotish Kendra

pp 15 185999


  • 94/B/4, O Block, Opposite to Society Register Office,Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur – 208023, Near Site No.1 Chowraha

Unravel the knots of life at Mani Jyotish Kendra, your trusted guide in Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur. Struggling with relationship troubles? Navigating the complexities of marriage? Or simply seeking clarity on your life’s path? Look no further. Mani Jyotish Kendra offers a holistic approach to life’s challenges, weaving ancient wisdom with modern understanding to help you find harmony and happiness.

More than just an astrology service, Mani Jyotish Kendra is your confidential sanctuary where experts lend a compassionate ear and meticulous analysis. We delve deep into your concerns, whether it’s love woes, marital discord, family friction, or career uncertainties. Our experienced astrologers, armed with years of expertise and the guiding light of your kundli and planetary alignments, illuminate solutions you may not have seen before.

Embrace the transformative power of our diverse services:

  • One-time Consultation: Seek immediate guidance for specific concerns, from career choices to financial forecasts.
  • Kundli Matchmaking: Unveil the compatibility between you and your partner, ensuring a foundation for a blissful union.
  • Janam Patrika: Unlock the secrets of your birth chart, deciphering your unique strengths and challenges.
  • Vastu Consultation: Harmonize your living space with cosmic energies, promoting prosperity and peace.
  • Palm Reading: Get a glimpse into your inner landscape and chart your future with expert palm analysis.
  • Consultation Report: Receive a comprehensive written outline of your astrological insights and personalized remedies.

At Mani Jyotish Kendra, we don’t simply predict; we empower. Our powerful remedies, tailored to your unique situation, equip you with the tools to navigate life’s obstacles and blossom into your best self.


  • Phone: +(91)-7007721269 | +(91) -9918101265
  • Email:

10. Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra (Closed Down)

Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra


  • 94/B/4, O Block, Opposite to Society Register Office,Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur – 208023, Near Site No.1 Chowraha

Located in the city of Kanpur, within the region of Barra, Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra offers an astrology service that is dedicated to resolving a range of life issues. Whether it’s marital disputes, relationship problems, or general challenges in your daily life, this astrology service provides effective solutions to ensure a harmonious and fulfilled existence.

Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra is your one-stop solution for all life, marriage, and family-related inquiries that you may encounter in your day-to-day routines, promising a content and prosperous life with your partners.

Services Offered

Recognized in this industry, Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail when addressing your issues. They leverage their vast knowledge and extensive experience in astrology to eradicate problems from your life and guarantee noticeable improvements after implementing their prescribed remedies.

Additionally, Shri Mahakali Jyotish Kendra offers a wide array of services that are designed to analyze and effectively resolve your concerns. The suite of services offered includes:

  • One-time Consultation
  • Kundli Matchmaking
  • Janam Patrika
  • Numerology Report
  • Vedic Horoscope
  • Remedial Horoscope
  • Vastu Consultation
  • Palm Reading
  • Consultation Report
  • Gemstones Consultation


  • Phone: +(91)-9839285850
  • Email: ?

11. Astrologer Dr. Nupur B. Pandit

Astrologer Dr. Nupur B. Pandit


  • Shop No. 36, 37, Raina Market, VIP Road, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002, India

Hailing from VIP Road in the city of Kanpur, Astrologer Dr. Nupur B. Pandit is a highly regarded figure in the field of astrology. Recognizing marriage as a sacred union between two individuals, she understands the importance of various astrological elements such as kundli readings and celestial alignments that significantly influence marital life. Therefore, if you’re seeking expert guidance to strengthen your marital bond and navigate life’s complexities, Dr. Nupur B. Pandit stands as an excellent choice.

Services Offered

Dr. Nupur B. Pandit offers a wide range of astrological services designed to enhance your relationship with your partner and foster a harmonious, fulfilling life. She attentively listens to your concerns and questions, tackling them at their roots to ensure they do not resurface. Known for her exceptional astrological skills, she provides comprehensive solutions to all your queries and dilemmas.

Dr. Nupur B. Pandit is committed to addressing and resolving issues as swiftly as possible to ensure your life is filled with joy and tranquility. Her extensive range of services includes:

  • Kundli Match Making
  • Janm Patrika
  • Lal Kitab Darpan
  • Numerology Report
  • Vedic Horoscope
  • Remedial Horoscope
  • Vastu Consultation
  • Gemstones Consultation
  • Palm Reading
  • One Time Consultation
  • Consultation Report


  • Phone: +(91)-8765595577 | 09935033177
  • Email:

Choosing Your Astrological Guide

In selecting the right astrologer for your needs, consider the following factors:

1. Expertise and Specialization:

Different astrologers excel in various fields. Choose an astrologer whose expertise aligns with your specific concerns, whether it be career, love, marriage, or health.

2. Client Reviews and Feedback:

Explore client reviews on various platforms to gauge the astrologer’s authenticity and client satisfaction. Positive feedback is a strong indicator of expertise and reliability.

3. Business Verification:

Opt for astrologers verified by our team, as indicated by the verified badge. This ensures reliability, trustworthiness, and frequent updates to contact and business information.

4. Timing and Accessibility:

Consider the astrologer’s timing and accessibility, whether they offer online services, and if their timing aligns with your schedule.

5. Payment Options:

Check for diverse payment methods to ensure convenience. Reliable astrologers offer flexibility in payment, making their services accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, these top astrologers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you on your cosmic journey. Whether you seek answers to specific problems or a broader understanding of your life’s path, these astrologers stand out for their authenticity and commitment to client satisfaction.

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