20+ Best Astrologer in London (UK)

Are you searching for the best astrologer in London? Your quest ends here. London, a city known for its rich history and diverse culture, is also home to some of the world’s most renowned astrologers. These experts, skilled in the ancient science of astrology, offer insightful guidance and predictions to help navigate life’s challenges and uncertainties.

Astrology, an age-old practice that traces its roots back to ancient civilizations, is more than just predicting the future. It is a profound tool that enables self-understanding, provides clarity about past events, and offers a roadmap for future decisions. The best astrologer in London would provide a holistic approach, incorporating various facets of astrology such as Vedic, Western, or Chinese astrology, to give you a comprehensive reading.

Best Astrologer in London

With a deep understanding of celestial bodies and their influence on human life, these astrologers provide personalized and accurate readings. Whether you’re looking for advice on love, career, health, or personal growth, the best astrologer in London can provide valuable insights to help steer your life towards success and fulfillment.

In a city where tradition meets modernity, astrology continues to thrive, offering solace and guidance to those who seek it. So, if you’re in search of the best astrologer in London, get ready for a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Best Astrologer in London

1. Ankit Sharma

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Ankit Sharma, a renowned Indian astrologer, has gained global fame, particularly in London, over two decades. His astrology services, highly praised in the UK, address love, marriage, family, and business issues. Sharma’s popularity in London is attributed to its diverse population and economic significance.

He provides effective solutions based on Vedic astrology, benefiting clients in various London localities. His services cover a range of problems, from relationship issues to financial setbacks, with solutions derived from birth charts, numerology, or psychic readings. Clients in the UK can contact him at +44-7452-214792 or info@AstrologerAnkitSharma.com for prompt solutions.

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2. Manopravesh Swami Ramananda Guruji

Manopravesh Swami Ramananda Guruji, a luminary in the realm of Vedic astrology, stands as a testament to the profound insights that astrology can unveil. With an astounding 35 years of experience, Swami Ramananda Guruji has garnered a reputation for his unparalleled accuracy in astrology readings. His expertise spans a spectrum of mystical disciplines, including Manopravesh vidya (Telepathy), making him a unique authority in his field.

Delving into the depths of Indian Vedic Astrology, Swamiji’s offerings encompass Horoscope Reading, Marriage Matching, Palmistry, Tarot reading, Numerology, Vastu, Gemstones, and insightful suggestions on Rudraksha. Beyond the celestial charts, he channels his mastery into Yogic healing, Pranic healing, Reiki, and Crystal therapy, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

A humanitarian at heart, Swami Ramananda Guruji runs an ashram dedicated to charitable activities, offering food, education (Vidyadan), and healthcare (Vaidyadan) on every occasion. His popularity extends far and wide, attracting NRIs, bureaucrats, government officials, diplomats, IT professionals, and doctors seeking his counsel.

For those in pursuit of the best astrologer in London, Swami Ramananda Guruji emerges as the undisputed choice.

3. Sri Suryavamsham Srinivas Sharma

Sri S. Srinivas Sharma stands as a revered priest astrologer, weaving spirituality seamlessly into his astrological consultations. With a wealth of experience, his accurate horoscope readings catalyze transformative shifts in the lives of those seeking his guidance. Sharma’s emphasis on cultivating a positive outlook becomes a beacon for individuals navigating life’s intricate tapestry.

For a consultation with Sri Suryavamsham Srinivas Sharma, reach out on +91 8498083151.

4. Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

In the realm of Vedic astrology in London, Dr. Radha Bharadwaj emerges as a stalwart, backed by over 10 years of profound experience. Renowned for his spot-on predictions, Dr. Bharadwaj boasts a clientele that includes high-profile politicians, actors, sports personalities, and celebrities across various domains.

For astrological insights from Dr. Radha Bharadwaj, connect via +91 9550064984.

5. Devenahalli Sai Upasak Guruji

Devenahalli Sai Upasak Guruji commands attention with his two decades of practice in astrology and Prasna vidya. Having analyzed over 30,000 horoscopes, Guruji stands as a reliable source for individuals from the film industry, business sector, government services, politics, and the medical field.

For astrological consultation, contact +91 8099452811.

6. Sri Maha Venkatalakshmi

In the tapestry of London’s astrological landscape, Sri Maha Venkatalakshmi stands as a distinguished lady astrologer. Proficient in Vedic astrology, Sankhya jyotish pramukh, and Hindu drik panchang astrology, she extends her expertise through astrology camps on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

7. Dhyana Yoga Siddeswara Sarma

Dhyana Yoga Siddeswara Sarma brings the profound teachings of Vedic astrology to the digital realm, captivating audiences with accurate online predictions. Armed with an M.A. in Astrology, Sarma’s mission revolves around enlightening individuals on the intricate subject of astrology.

8. Siddi Varaha Venkataram Sastry

Siddi Varaha Venkataram Sastry hails from India, a vedic astrologer renowned for his precise astrology and horoscope analyses. His devotion to Siddi Varaha deity and dedication to mantra sadhana enhance the depth of his scientific astrology predictions.

9. Narayana Lakshmi Bhatt

Narayana Lakshmi Bhatt, hailing from a lineage of North Indian astrologers, possesses an innate gift for accurate predictions. His focus on the birth time of individuals ensures a meticulous approach to astrological insights.

10 R.Chintamani Namboodiri

R.Chintamani Namboodiri, a custodian of the Royal Astrology legacy from Kerala, captivates locals with his exceptional astrology services. The echoes of his forefathers’ service to the Maharaja of Travancore resonate in the precision of his astrological readings.

11. Vipulb Banerjee

Vipulb Banerjee, a beacon in Vedic astrology, transcends geographical boundaries with his guidance. Known for his expertise in Pranic healing and Gemology, Banerjee’s counseling prowess has steered countless individuals toward the path of clarity and purpose. 

12. Didi Daze

Hailing from Venezuela, 21-year-old Didi Daze captivates beginners with his viral content and pop aesthetic. His journey into astrology began at the age of eight, sparked by a book on the Aquarius archetype. Today, Daze stands as a rising star in the online astrological community, offering accessible insights for enthusiasts.

13. Kesaine Walker

Jamaican-born Kesaine Walker, now 35, infuses her astrological practice with energy healing. Delving into the identification of planetary aspects affecting personal growth, Walker uses astrology as a tool to enhance spiritual insights. Her unique approach brings a holistic perspective to the intersection of spirituality and the cosmos.

14. Marissa Malik

London-based Marissa Malik, a 26-year-old DJ and music producer, intertwines astrology with her experiences as a queer person of color. Through platforms like Gal-Dem and Sanctuary World, Malik reinterprets the cosmos, fearlessly incorporating socio-political beliefs into her celestial narratives.

15. Randon Rosenbohm

Based in Berlin, 27-year-old Randon Rosenbohm’s astrological journey began with horoscopes in The Times-Picayune. A seeker of ancient astrological knowledge, Rosenbohm, now a Vice contributor, embraces the mysterious nature of astrology, acknowledging that, like faith, it remains enigmatic.

16. Sonia Ortiz

Inspired by Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado, Sonia Ortiz, 39, views astrology as an ever-evolving plan. Beyond the foundational sun, moon, and rising signs, Ortiz delves into aspects and transits, providing a nuanced understanding for decision-making in the complex tapestry of life.

17. Gary D’Andre

For 31-year-old Gary D McCrear, astrology emerged as a source of spiritual guidance, aiding his journey as a queer Black man. Over the past four years, McCrear has dedicated himself to helping others find their paths, leveraging astrology as a tool for empowerment and self-discovery.

18. Leona Moon

San Francisco-based Leona Moon, 31, champions accessibility in astrology. Starting with a weekly horoscope column in a local newspaper, Moon recognized the profound impact of astrology on personal and communal well-being. Her witty memes and pop culture references make astrology relatable to a wide audience.

19. Chani Nicholas

In Los Angeles, 45-year-old Chani Nicholas has been a guiding force for celebrities like Lizzo and Jane Fonda. Through horoscopes, live shows, private readings, and her best-selling book, Nicholas offers radical self-acceptance through astrology.

20. Narayana Montúfar

With 14 years of experience, Mexico City-born Narayana Montúfar combines diverse astrological traditions, including Hellenistic, modern, Vedic, Mayan, and shamanism. As a senior astrologer and editor at Astrology.com, Montúfar brings a rich tapestry of astrological wisdom to her readings.

21. Albe Toribio

For 23-year-old Albe Toribio, astrology became a sanctuary for a queer, differently abled Mexican immigrant living in New York. Toribio shares life stories through an astrological lens, providing insights into the astrological weather and helping others navigate life’s challenges.

22. Renee Watt

Phoenix-born Renee Watt, 33, found solace in astrology after a painful divorce and battle with addiction. Her personal experiences shape her unique astrological approach, emphasizing the role of personality and worldview in astrological readings.

23. Lisa Stardust

A Manhattan native from a family of Kabbalistic healers, 40-year-old Lisa Stardust makes astrology accessible with humor. Writing horoscopes for Teen Vogue, Stardust encourages clients to decode their own birth charts, embracing astrology as a tool for self-understanding.

24. Aliza Kelly

A long-time occultist, 31-year-old Aliza Kelly entered the professional realm of astrology through her celestial dating app, Align. Describing astrology as a transformative tool, Kelly offers a unique perspective that aligns individuals with the universe.


In the vast cosmos of online astrology, these diverse voices provide a roadmap for navigating the uncertainties of life. Whether you seek viral content, political insights, or transformative tools, the astrologers mentioned above offer a rich tapestry of celestial wisdom. Explore their profiles, engage with their content, and let the stars guide you on your unique journey.

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