Top 3 | Best Astrologers in Ahmedabad (Updated List)

Best Astrologers in Ahmedabad:- In the heart of Gujarat, the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, often referred to as “The Manchester of India,” boasts a rich cultural heritage and a thriving community of native Gujaratis.

With its bustling commercial activity, it comes as no surprise that many residents of Ahmedabad place a high degree of faith in the mystical art of astrology. For business owners and individuals alike, seeking guidance from experienced astrologers is a common practice, ensuring a smooth and prosperous journey ahead.

Whether you are navigating the intricate path of life or confronting specific challenges, the wisdom of a skilled astrologer can be an invaluable resource. In Ahmedabad, you’ll find a selection of esteemed astrologers renowned for their precision, expertise, and unwavering compassion. These professionals are dedicated to providing guidance and support to help you steer through life’s uncertainties and seize its opportunities.

Best Astrologers in Ahmedabad

1. Nilesh Chandra Modi

Nilesh Chandra Modi astrologers in Ahmedabad

Hari Astroadvice

Rating: 4.8 (116 reviews)

Nileshchandra Modi is the adept astrologer at Hari Astroadvice, located in Surat. His extensive knowledge and gold medal in astrology speak volumes about his expertise. Nileshchandra acquired his astrology skills from Shree Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology. His specialties encompass astrology, palmistry, Vastu, horoscope analysis, and tarot reading.

What sets him apart is his commitment to providing 100% accurate predictions and in-depth explanations to ensure that you comprehend the intricacies of your life’s journey. He patiently addresses all your queries and offers valuable insights. If you are in search of guidance through Janam Patra, palmistry, or numerology, Nileshchandra Modi is ready to assist.


  • Janam Patrika (Kundali) Reading
  • Palmistry
  • Horoscope and Tarot Reading
  • Marriages
  • Vastu
  • Love, Husband and Wife Problems
  • Career, Job, Health
  • Court Case, Educational Advice
  • Wealth, Money, Home
  • Travel


  • Phone: 95370 22333

Working Hours:

  • Mon-Sat: 2 pm – 7 pm
  • Sun: Closed

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2. Lalit Kothari

Lalit Kothari

Real Astro Solutions

Rating: 4.7 (113 reviews)

Lalit Kothari is an internationally recognized Astro-Palmist, Numerologist, and Vastu expert who has been the driving force behind ‘Real Astro Solutions’ for over three decades.

With a rich background in astrology, Vastu-shastra, numerology, and palmistry, Lalit provides logical and scientifically backed remedies for various life challenges. His holistic approach covers personal, business, job, education, financial, and money-related issues through energetic scientific solutions.

Lalit Kothari’s reputation as a horoscope reader and prognosticator is unmatched, with thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. He is available for consultations through calls and video-calls 24/7.


  • Astrology, Palmistry, and Numerology Consultation
  • Love, Success, Relationships
  • Career, Job, Business, Finances
  • Family, Vastu Consultancy
  • Horoscope Analysis
  • Tarot Card, Chinese Astrology
  • Crystal Healing
  • Siddh Shriyantra
  • Colour Puncture and Chakra Therapy


  • 20% Off for ThreeBestRated Customers


  • Phone: 73830 07000

Working Hours:

  • Mon-Sat: 11 am – 6 pm
  • Sun: Closed

3. Lala Maharaj

Lala Maharaj Astrologer in Surat, Ahmedabad

Rating: 4.7 (113 reviews)

Lala Maharaj is a generational astrologer and a multifaceted personality, renowned for his accurate horoscopes and expertise in Indian Vedic Astrology.

With over 42 years of experience, Lala Maharaj has conducted extensive personal readings for clients worldwide. His services cover a wide spectrum of astrology, including Vocation, Location, Transit-Progressed, Medical, Natal, Electional, Comparative Analysis, Gem Selection, Fertility, and Dating.

Lala Maharaj’s profound knowledge and selfless service to mankind have earned him a prominent place in the field of astrology. He provides astrological consultations to clients in Canada, the United States, Dubai, and Africa.


  • Face and Palm Reading
  • Numerology
  • Satyanarayan Katha
  • Vastu
  • Navchandi
  • Grah Shanti
  • Marriage, Engagement
  • Kundli Dosh Nivaran Pujas
  • Astrology and Horoscopes
  • Depth Personal Readings
  • Medical, Natal
  • Transit-Progressed
  • Comparative Analysis
  • GEM Selection for Fertility & Dating


  • Facebook
  • Phone: 90992 32824, 98254 24260

When seeking guidance from the mystical world, choosing the right astrologer is of paramount importance. These top astrologers in Surat have built a reputation for their expertise in delivering accurate predictions and effective remedies. Whether you need insights into love, career, health, or any other aspect of your life, these professionals are ready to illuminate your path. Reach out to them and embark on your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment today.

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