Top 10 Best Beaches of India to Explore (Nature)

Best Beaches of India:- India is an amazing country having various cultures and rich geographical properties. Here we are going to explore some less known beaches located on the west coast of India. These beaches are extremely beautiful, but unfortunately, less explored. Have a look at the list and decide yourself, did they deserve some more popularity and name or not?

Gaze into the horizon and watch as Earth and the Sky become one, where the palette of the skies unite with the waters and watch nature at its forte creating a canvas that none on Earth can replicate.

One of the few places where you can witness the scenario, as mentioned above, is on a beach. The west coast of India is blessed with sandy shores and pristine waters and is often a tourist hot spot. Be sure to be drawn into the waters with these ten beaches. Here is the list of Beautiful Indian beaches to Explore.

Best Beaches of India

1. Karaikkal Beach, Pondicherry

Karaikkal Beach Pondicherry 10 Best Beaches in India Beautiful indian beaches to

The Karaikkal Beach in Pondicherry was unraveled as a result of a two-kilometer street enlarging by the side of the Arasalar River. As you approach this beautiful beach, you see the majestic view of the Arasalar stream, making its way into the ocean.

From playing a round of beach volleyball with friends or strangers to sailing, kayaking, and canoeing, the Karaikkal beach is one that you should visit when at Pondicherry and appreciate this less explored beach. The Children’s Park hosts a ton of fun rides and is a must-see when with children of any age.

2. Kappil Beach, Kerala


The tranquil beach of Kappil lies in proximity to the capital city of Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram. The serenity of this beach is something that keeps you coming back. For those of you who seek moments of inner peace and silence, Kappil Beach is perfect for you.

This lovely beach located at the south end of Kerala has coconut trees leaning over the water as if they were listening intently to what the water has to say. A dream is turning into reality, right before your eyes.

3. Ganpatipule, Maharashtra


Considered to be the sanctuary of the deity Swayambhu Ganesh, is the Ganpatipule Beach which is located along the Konkan Coast. For a day to laze in the shade and stare out into the pristine waters while the mangroves and coconut palms hover over you, this beach is a must-visit. The Ganapati Temple finds its home on Ganpatipule Beach, Enjoy this beach with your family.

4. St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka


Basalt hexagonal depositions form rock-like structures that line the shore as if sculpted by creative hands. St. Mary’s Island is one of the clusters of small islands in the Arabian sea and lies in the Udupi region off the coast of Malpe. Shells of varied sizes and shapes dot the shore, creating a very subtle yet effective ambiance.

5. Cherai Beach, Kerala


Cherai beach is also known as the Princess of the Arabian Sea. The Cherai Beach is a 10-kilometer long stretch and is situated 25 kilometers away from Kochi. The backwaters and the gentle touch of the golden sand on your feet are something that very few beaches really have to offer.

A country boat is all you need to sail into tranquillity as the lush green greets you with its pleasantries. With a number of villages located along the shore, you could maybe visit one, who knows, talk up a fisherman and he might just help you catch your next meal.

6. Benaulim Beach, Goa


It’s no surprise that Goa is known for its beaches. One of the less explored beaches, however, is Benaulim which was named by the Portuguese. Essentially a beach for fishermen, Benaulim is jellyfish-free and is hence safe for swimming. Beach shacks are a hit with seafood, traditional food, and cocktails to offer.

What’s more, you’re in luck if you get to spot the dolphin that is a rarity! Parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skiing are a few of the many activities of this beautiful beach to offer in terms of activities.

7. Somnath Beach, Gujarat


Famous for the Jyotirlinga temple and located along the west coast of Gujarat is Somnath Beach. The entire beach is devoid of shade, but the breeziness of it makes up for this fact.

Natural Shiva Lingas can be spotted at low tides amongst the waves, so sit back and let the water do all the talking. The Somnath Mandir is located along the shoreline, so be sure to visit it.

8. Mandrem, Goa


A quiet, sheltered beach that is away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The beautiful Mandrem Beach is what all travel brochures boast about- long shorelines, white sandy shores, and blue waters that speak a language of their own.

Gleaming in the reflection of the sun is the white sand shores that are one of the cleanest and quietest places in all of Goa. The beach is lined up with recliners and restaurants of various cuisines—a relaxing way to spend the evening.  

9. Nagoa, Diu


This horseshoe-shaped beautiful beach has plenty of water sports to offer and is completely safe for swimming. Hoka trees gently whisper as they sway to the intoxicating sea breeze. The waves beckon you to wade into them for a fun-filled experience.

From swimming to walking along the soft sandy shores, the natural aura that the Nagoa Beach has to offer is like none other. The city of Diu is by itself located on a beach. What’s not to like in a city on the beach? October and May are the perfect months to visit the beach.

10. Mandwa and Kihim Beach, Mumbai


This beach is not as crowded as the other beaches located in and around Maharashtra. This is the perfect spot for persons who are looking for a peaceful place to spend some time away from the noises of the busy city, and It is located about 10 km away from Mumbai.

It is an idyllic getaway, away from the humdrum, for beach lovers and pilgrims alike, this is the beach to be at. It is rich in mangroves, coconut palms, and flora in general. Enjoy the jackfruit and mangoes that thrive in these regions and experience the Maharashtrian cuisine like never before.

Hotels and rooms are available for rent in close proximity to the beach. The golden sands and the general aura of the beach speak for own self.


India is a country that is like no other! There is something for every discerning traveler. Whether you are traveling solo, or with family, these beaches will let you get away from the monotonous city life and give you a break you deserve!

What, you will take home is a bag full of cherished memories that will stay etched in your heart forever! Now it’s time to visit these beautiful and best beaches in India, don’t forget the mentions when planning your next vacation.

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