10 Best Bicycle Brand in India 2021

Best Bicycle Brand in India:- There was a time when common Indian men use to travel through bicycles. Cycling was a safe and healthy option for every man to complete his journey at that time. 

However today also many people have a passion for cycling, maybe for good health, exercise, adventure, habit, or love. There are many types of cycle brands available in the market. Thus we have many choices to select the best cycle brands.

So let’s take a look at a few top bicycle companies in India. These are the best bicycle companies engaged in the manufacturing of bicycles for normal use, mountaineers, and racing purpose.

Best Bicycle Brand in India

1. BSA/Hercules


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BSA is the sizable bicycle manufacturing company in India. It has the most extended network of sales and marketing and is most active in social media marketing as compared to others. BSA is known for its unique products of girls and kids.

The company has made its place in the Indian bicycle market, providing a durable and class bicycle for girls, boys, kids, and many others. It is the foremost company having the largest network of stores across India. Hercules has been the first choice for bicycles by the most. Also, The Birmingham small arms company is a leading player in the bike, firearms, and steel casting manufacturing.

The company was founded long back in 1861 and started India operation in the year 1949; The cycle business in India is managed and distributed by TI cycles and Murugappa group. Its major bicycle manufacturing includes BSA and Hercules brand.

  • Started: 1990
  • Prime Product: MTB Turbodrive, Roadeo
  • Headquarters: Chennai
  • Website: https://bsahercules.com

2. Hero


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Hero Cycle brand is the most favorite bicycle brand for many Indian’s. The brand is a premier name in cycle manufacturers in India. The company has a total of 48% market share in the Indian market. Initially, they were engaged in small cycle parts manufacturing, and in the year 1956, it set up a cycle manufacturing plant in Ludhiana.

The brand has a high craze in teenagers due to its vast product range, which provides superior features for on and off-road products. The hero is also known for its green and social initiatives across India. Hero cycle has been a respective bicycle brand in India and holds a Guinness Books of World Records as the highest cycle manufacturer in the world. It is headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab.

  • Started: 1956
  • Prime Product: Octane, Royal Classic
  • Headquarters: Ludhiana
  • Website: https://herocycles.com

3. Montra


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When it comes to style and superior features like disk brakes, gears, and attractive looks, the only name comes in mind of every teenager and adventurer is Montra cycles. Having a policy of manufacturing striking products and providing class services offline and online Montra is different from all other bicycle brands in the market.

Monta cycle is a division of TI cycles of India (Tube investment) which was established in the year 1949. The TI cycles are also manufacturing various cycle brands such as Hercules, Philips, and BSA. Mantra is one of the popular bicycle brands in India and its product offering is blues, country Titanium, Jazz A, Techno, etc.

  • Started: 1949
  • Prime Product: Montra Rock, Celtic
  • Headquarters: Chennai
  • Website: https://montra.in

4. Atlas


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Atlas is a leading and trusted cycle brand and an ISO 9001-2008 certification company started bicycle manufacturing business in the year 1951. With an annual capacity to produce more than 40 lacs, bicycles and its major product offering includes a fancy bike, ladies’ bike, kids bike, roadsters, etc.

  • Started: 1951
  • Prime Product: Upland, Sting F
  • Headquarters: Sahibabad
  • Website: https://atlascycles.co.in

5. Avon


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Avon cycle is the most trusted brand by every single Indian. Founded in the year 1951, Avon cycles limited is a part of the Avon group. The company manufactures a quality product, that is why Avon has become millions of choices. It has a wide range of products like hi-power adventure, luxury & style, trendies for girls, and many more for the cycling soul.

Avon distributes its products through 2000 authorized dealer and 12000 sub-distribution in the country. Its bi-cycle plant manufacturing located in Ludhiana, Punjab.

  • Started: 1951
  • Prime Product: Monty, Classic  
  • Headquarters: Ludhiana
  • Website: https//avoncycles.com

6. Firefox


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Due to the entry of firefox cycles in the Indian market, millions of Indian people have changed their passion for cycling instead of driving. The company manufactures world-class bicycles which have won the heart of many. Owning a firefox bicycle is an extraordinary experience by most of the people.

The company portfolio of products includes mountain, road, BMX, all train, and Kids bikes. It started India’s operation in the year 2005 and leading global brand in cycle manufacturing and teamed up with Trek Bicycle Corporation, the USA in 2006.

  • Started: 2005
  • Prime Product: Trek, Dart
  • Headquarters: Noida
  • Website: https://firefoxbikes.com

7. LA Sovereign


LA Sovereign is the prime bicycle company in India. The company originates from Thailand and is well known worldwide. The company has set up a vast marketing and outlet network in most Indian cities.

It is one of the leading bicycle manufacturing companies in India. The company is popular for the manufacturing of High-tech bikes, mountain bikes, BMX cycles, off-road and on-road bicycles. It is a joint venture company between Thailand and India-based companies.

  • Started: 1975
  • Prime Product: LA MTB, LA Hybrid
  • Headquarters: Ludhiana
  • Website: http://la-sovereign.com

8. Mongoose

Argus 24 Mongoose Bicycle

Mongoose is a cycle manufacturing company producing high-quality on-off road bicycles and its major product offering includes – Tockadile comp, Asphalt Tripel, and the fraction. Founded by Skip Hess in 1974. The company has its headquarters in the United States.

  • Corporate Office:- Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
  • Establishment – 1984
  • Business – Bi-cycle producer
  • Website – www.mongoose.com

9. Trek


Trek is a globally recognized bike and bicycle brand started operation in 1976. The company’s product offering includes high-tech bicycles, mountain bikes, gear bicycles, and much more. It was founded in the year 1976 and headquartered Waterloo in the USA.

  • Corporate Office – Waterloo, USA
  • Establishment – 1976
  • Business – Bikes & cycles
  • website – www.trekbikes.com

10. Cannondale


Cannondale bicycle is a leading player in bicycle manufacturing and hi-tech cycle brands in India. The company is a prominent producer of lightweight cycle with aluminium frames. It introduced its first touring bike in 1983 and launched another mountain bike model in 1984.

  • Corporate Office – Bethel, USA
  • Establishment – 1971
  • Business – Mountain and road bikes
  • Website – www.cannondale.com

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