10 Best CCTV Companies in India

Best CCTV companies in India:- As basic information, CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, which is otherwise known as video surveillance. It uses video cameras to send signals through wires to a limited number of monitors or televisions.

It is usually installed inside and outside of homes, banks, airports, hospitals, malls, and commercial buildings to monitor all the activities within the premises of the establishments.

Nowadays, CCTV equipment is important to tighten the security of the properties, catching anyone who is doing illegal acts such as stealing and unlawful entry.

And considering that India is relatively a big country, it houses, at least, 700 companies that provide state-of-the-art CCTV cameras.

To narrow them down, here are the 10 most trusted CCTV companies in India, which have been selected based on the device’s performance and durability.

Best CCTV companies in India

10. Godrej


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Founded in 1963 in Mumbai, India, Godrej is one of the most popular CCTV manufacturing companies in the country today.

It offers customized and impressive security solutions to consumers. In creating the devices, the company uses advanced technology in detecting and analyzing the activities that have been captured by surveillance cameras.

Aside from CCTV cameras, Godrej also sells appliances, gourmet foods, locks, and properties.

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9. Hi-Focus

Hi Focus logo

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When it comes to the industry of surveillance devices, Hi-Focus is the best CCTV camera brand in India as of the present time.

It is a company based in the United Kingdom where it manufactures outstanding CCTV cameras with cutting-edge technology such as HD image sensors and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Moreover, it offers accurate security and surveillance solutions to the users. Some of its products include 1000TVL Sony Exmor, 920TVL HDIS, 700TVL, and 620TVL HDIS.

8. Vantage Security

Vantage Security logo

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Being in the security and surveillance industry for 26 years, Vantage Security has definitely proven its worth as one of the best CCTV companies in India within a short span of time.

It has been providing the Indian populace with reliable CCTV cameras packed with innovative and technological features to keep you safe and secure.

It offers tailor-made security solutions for all types of markets and has a strong presence, not only in India but also in Hong Kong, UAE, the UK, and the USA.

7. BCDVideo

BCDVideo logo

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Another young CCTV company operating in India is BCDVideo, which was established in 1999.

Its product distribution is done globally through its distribution partners while its headquarters is located in Northbrook, Illinois.

The primary products BCDVideo provides are CCTV cameras and other security-related solutions, which are robust and affordable, making it on the list of the best CCTV camera brands in India.

Some of its latest products are Network Video Recorders (NVRs), video storage, and On-Net Surveillance Systems.

6. Vicon Industries

vicon industries logo

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Vicon Industries is a global company that has been in the business for more than 40 years, developing and providing its customers with world-class video surveillance technologies.

It offers a wide range of high-quality security devices, which are installed in different prestigious locations worldwide.

They are visible in numerous establishments like banks, schools, shopping malls, town centers, airports, casinos, prisons, railways, and hospitals just to name a few.

Vicon Industries provides NVRs, hybrid DVRs, and Matrix Switching Systems, among others.

5. Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco by Schneider Electric logo

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Schneider Electric, a global energy and security management specialist, was founded in 1957 and is currently based in Clovis, California.

In 2007, it acquired Pelco, a leading video surveillance manufacturing company that is known for its design and development of CCTVs.

Together as one, Schneider Electric and Pelco provide the consumers with state-of-the-art security solutions for different infrastructures.

Some of their products include IP Dome Cameras, thermal imaging pan-tilt-zoom systems, and high-security housings.



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Being recognized as an innovative manufacturer of highly advanced IP cameras since 2000, MOBOTIX AG is a German company that offers impressive CCTV cameras for its Indian customers.

Its cameras are equipped with special software that automatically detects movements within the area and provides alarm messaging, accurate video analysis, direct NAS ring buffer, as well as remote functions.

In addition to these features, it also offers SIP-standard phone connectivity and two-way audio with VoIP messaging.

3. Sony Professional Solutions Europe


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Sony is not only known for its appliances. It also manufactures a line of CCTV devices and other security equipment for the consumers.

As a matter of fact, you can see numerous Sony-manufactured video surveillance devices installed in private and public establishments in India.

Such devices are packed with the latest technology that provides a high-definition quality in video recording, even in low-light conditions.

Sony has a variety of products such as analog cameras, 4K security cameras, and network recorders.


LILIN logo

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Founded in 1980 in Taiwan, LILIN is one of the well-known CCTV companies in India that manufactures different kinds of security equipment like recording devices, video cameras, and software for more than three decades already.

It boasts of providing its consumers with innovative and technological CCTV cameras supported by the latest advancements in security solutions.

Aside from India, it has a strong presence in other countries, including Asia, Europe, and North America.

It even has branch offices in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and the USA.

1. Hikvision

Hikvision Logo

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Topping the list of the best CCTV camera brands in India is Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese global company established in 2001.

Hikvision is one of the biggest suppliers of sophisticated and outstanding video surveillance devices around the world.

It takes pride in its complete product line that includes access control systems, alarm systems, HD analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, speed domes, Smart IP cameras, video management software, and a whole lot more.

Some of its best security products are the 2MP IR bullet network camera and DS-2CD2742FWD-IZS 4 MP Value Plus outdoor camera.

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