10 Best Cosmetic Brands in India (2021)

Best Cosmetic Brands in India:- Indian cosmetics is one of the emerging industry over the years, as in India, and women are more beauty conscious. Cosmetic brands are very widely used in each and every diversity.

Cosmetics are used for the extensive care of the human body and to make it more attractive and healthier. It includes skincare, body and hair care. Fragrances and preservatives are the main ingredients in cosmetics.

The branded goods are the most reliable one, and their quality is the key measure. Before using any of the product, you should go through about its effectiveness on your skin. The top 10 brands which are producing cosmetics goods are as follows:

Best Cosmetic Brands in India

1. Lakme

Lakme Cosmetic

Lakme is one of the best brands right from the beginning; they are recognized as the leaders in the cosmetics for their innovative ideas in building their products. It is owned by the Hindustan Uniliver Limited (HLL).

This Brand is not only well known for skin products, but they also offer wide quality Hair products. J.R.D Tata founded this BrandBrand as the Indian women are spending too much on the Foreign brands, so they thought to introduce Indian products and came up with this BrandBrand in 1952.

In 1996, Tata sold its stake in Lakme to HLL, from then Lakme widespread recognized for their exclusive ranges of hair care, skincare, perfumes etc.

2. Maybelline

Maybelline Cosmetic

Maybelline Newyork is in the trend nowadays and mostly liked by teenagers. The first innovation of Maybelline was lash-in-brow-line for the eke makeup. They are famous for its trendy colossal kajal, lipsticks and mascaras which created huge curiosity in the market.

The company is founded by T. M Williams in 1995, now owned by L’oreal in the year 1996. It is a very popular brand as it makes the diamond shine or extreme water shine lipsticks and wide range eye tattoos which are recently launched.

3. L’oreal

L’oreal Cosmetic

L’oreal products are marketed worldwide founded in the year 1909, which retained its exclusiveness. Their focus is on the customers, and while creating their products, they keep in mind about customers needs.

L’oreal produces various products such as skincare, hair colour, hair care, makeup, perfumes, its hair colour are one of the best colours with the ammonia-free product. Their mission is to provide the best in cosmetics innovation to women and men around the world according to diversity.

4. Revlon

Revlon Cosmetic

Revlon is a name to reckon with in the beauty industry in India. The company offers a wide range of products for its customers like skincare, haircare, hair colour, fragrances and colour cosmetics.

Its some of the best products are ColorStay Gel Envy for nail, ColorStay shadow links for the eye makeup and ColorStay Ultimate Suede. Revlon was the first international BrandBrand which was launched in India in 1995. Indian women like this BrandBrand due to their quality and services and continued their popularity in this new era.

5. Elle 18

Elle 18 Cosmetic

Elle 18 exciting & funky range of colour cosmetics has been specially designed for young trendy girls and women. Its produces innovative products for their customers like for eye care, skin care and nail care.

The Elle 18 is a product launched by Lakme in 1998. For its colourful nail enamel, in the market, their products are highly in demand.

6. Avon

Avon Cosmetic

The founder of Avon is David H. McConnell founded in the year 1886, he firstly offered perfume then after observing the interest of women started its business, and now this company is producing all cosmetics products.

This BrandBrand slowly had its grips in the Indian market. It is highly praised for its outstanding concern towards the women and loved by them for its quality and range of products.

7. Biotique

Biotique Cosmetic

Biotique is famous for its ayurvedic beauty products which are healthier for skin, founded by Vinita Jain. They produce highly effective skin and hair care products that treat and preserve health and beauty.

The added benefits about the products are they do not contain any chemicals, no preservatives and carry 100% natural botanicals. This Brand is highly recommended as per doctors as they are preservatives free. They are built by keeping in mind about the need for beauties and their upcoming future health.

8. Amway

Amway Cosmetic

Amway offers a wide range of products, including beauty products which are slowly griping its existence in the market. Instead of the availability of its beauty products at retail shops they can be availed through their executives, this is the fact by which they are marketed.

It offers an exclusive range of products for skin care, eye care and intensive serums etc. There is another offshoot of the Amway range, which is called Artistry. This offers exclusive colour cosmetics products for the care of women.

9. M·A·C

M·A·C Cosmetic

M·A·C ( Make-up Artist Cosmetics ) was established in Toronto in 1994. This is also one of the famous international BrandBrand of cosmetics cherished for women. The products are specially for eye care and skin care.

These products are many uses by backstage makeup artists for the glorious beauties. Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash is the first M·A·C mascara to feature their innovative 77-Mineral Complex.

10. Shahnaz Herbals

Shahnaz Herbals Cosmetic

The founder of Shahnaz Herbals is Shahnaz Husain, and the company produces various skincare, hair care and eye care products. She has won Padma Shri and various other awards for her contribution in bringing up these herbals products. The facial products of Shahnaz are mostly used to make a face more attractive and shining.

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