Top 10 Best Digital Photography Books

Best Digital Photography Books:- Just because you were a cheerleader or some hot person in high school doesn’t mean that you will succeed as a photographer. You’re not deep and brooding because you picked the right Instagram Filter.

Looking for the Best Digital Photography Books is no easy task.

This article will help you in your pursuit of the ideal photography book that will help you enhance and develop your photography skills.

All these books will come in handy for both beginners and seasoned photographers who are looking to become more skillful.

Top 10 Best Digital Photography Books

1. Take Great Photographs Paperback

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Paperback

Henry Carroll, a renowned photographer known for his attention to detail, vivid and surreal images reveals his lifetime’s worth of effective techniques and tricks in taking digital photographs that have that huge “WOW’ factor.

Henry’s approach in writing this helpful book is a jargon-free style of teaching that helps demystify digital photography.

There are no complicated graphs, and no complex techie diagrams; instead the language is simple and playful packed with a handful of creative tips and professional techniques.

It has 5 sections which cover exposure, lenses, seeing, light and composition. To inspire writers, this book features iconic pictures from master photographers such as Fay Godwin, Henri Carter, and Martin Parr.

2. Digital, Books a la Carte Edition (4th Edition)

Short Course in Photography Digital Books a la Carte Edition

This book is a brilliant, creative, and simple way of teaching the basics of photography; the main focus is helping readers learn how to emphasize their choices in picture making by having a thorough understanding of the fundamental of digital photography.

The author Jim Stone, Associate Professor of Photography at the University of New Mexico cleverly covers the basic techniques of photography and gives detailed attention to the impact that computers have had on photography as an art form.

The entire text is intended to teach the most up-to-date learning techniques that will allow readers to understand modern technology.

A Short Course in Photography: Digital, Books a la Carte Edition (3rd Edition) is not Jim Stone’s first rodeo.

He has published 6 higher education titles that are currently used in university courses. This book is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a guide to the most modern techniques in digital photography.

3. Read this if you want to take great photographs

Take great photographs

This simply written book by Henry Carroll is very inspiring and features conceptual starting points coupled with invaluable technical tips that will come in handy for both novice and professional who want to master the art of taking perfect pictures of people.

The book has seven main sections that including capturing a gaze and composition. Each of the seven categories features a collection of stunning and inspirational photographs in every category.

Additionally, the readers are also given practical ideas and effective techniques that have been used by contemporary and historical masters.

Henry Carroll also includes ‘technical tangents’ throughout the book; these tips are an n indispensable guide that will guide readers in the basics of digital photography such as camera modes, lighting set-ups, and kit.

Most importantly, the author also covers professional advice from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer on a photographer’s legal rights when taking photos of people.

4. The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas

The Photographers Playbook 307 Assignments and Ideas

This book is a joint effort by two accomplished photographer’s Gregory Halpern and Jason Fulford.

Apart from being a lecturer in dozens of art schools, Fulford is also a renowned photographer whose work has been featured in widely acclaimed magazines such as the New York Times and Harper’s.

On the other hand, Gregory Halpern has a BA in literature and History from Harvard and has written two other books on photography.

The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas is set on the premise that the best way to master photography is by practicing consistently.

It heavily features anecdotes, stories, photography assignments as well as innovative ideas that are used by the world’s most renowned and talented photographers.

If you are looking to improve your photography skills then this playful collection of creative assignments and ideas will inspire you to keep practicing.

Include in this book is great advice on better shooting and creative editing and valuable insight into the tips used by iconic photographers such as Miranda July, Alec Soth, Tina Barney, and more.

The practical advice in this book is indispensable for both photography students and teachers; is also an interesting read for anyone fascinated by taking digital pictures.

5. The Street Photographer’s Manual 1st Edition

The Street Photographers Manual 1st Edition

Street photography has produced some of the most poignant images in history. This book is essentially a manual that gives readers step-by-step illustrated tutorials on the basics of street photography such as shooting a face in a crowd and mastering the art of capturing the unexpected.

According to the author David Gibson, this book is designed to inspire action rather than merely serving as a boring how-to-guide; it is a manual that makes a photographer want to get outside, observe the world differently and take amazing digital pictures.

Readers will definitely be inspired by the pictures by the best street photographers in the world.

6. Digital Photography Like a Pro!

Digital Photography Like a Pro

Al Judge’s objective in writing this guide is to help any serious photographer learn complicated tips easily, in less than a few hours.

Al is an experienced photographer whose work is heavily featured at the Pop-Up Gallery at Hillside in Sedona, Arizona.

It features numerous illustrations and simply put explanations that will demystify the art of creating excellent images.

The tips in Digital Photography Like a Pro! will save the reader from months of confusion and frustration.

Although it gives the readers a fast-track approach to achieving excellence in digital photography, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge to understand the information in this book.

7. Before You Buy a Digital Camera

Before You Buy a Digital Camera An Illustrated Guidebook

This is another masterpiece by Al Judge and is part of his series of books that offer readers a step-by-step guide in studying digital photography.

Before You Buy a Digital Camera painlessly offers readers assistance and insight into making choices on purchasing the ideal camera.

The helpful information in this book will help demystify the camera which many photographers find quite intimidating and complex.

Readers will discover that the underlying principles in operating a digital camera are actually quite simple when presented in layman terms.

This book starts with detailed coverage of the terms and concepts that form the foundation of operating a standard digital camera.

Every complicated term used in this guide is thoroughly and clearly defined; such terms are highlighted in BOLD CAPS to enable the reader to spot them easily for reference or refresh their memory.

If you are in the market for a guide that will take the mystery out of the digital camera and photographic jargon then Digital Photography Like a Pro has got you covered.

8. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

According to the author Martin Evening, this book was written with the needs of digital photographers in mind. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers powerful and practical editing features in a streamlined interface that allows readers to sort, import, and organize images.

As an experienced photographer and an expert in digital imaging, Evening knows firsthand what every digital photographer needs for an efficient workflow. Some of the information covered in this book includes;

  • Working efficiently with images shot in a JPEG formats
  • Importing photograph painlessly and sorting them out
  • Creation and management of video libraries and personal images
  • How to correctly apply tonal adjustments to multiple images
  • Making optimum use of relatively new features in Lightroom CC such as panoramas, face recognition and multi-image processing

9. Fundamentals of Photography

Fundamentals of Photography

After reading just a chapter of this book you will clearly get the sense that Tom Ang the author is a great photographer; this comes through in his simple writing which is both informative and detailed.

Tom Ang provides an explicitly detailed guide that will help readers understand modern photography.

The book will help both professional photographers and snapshot shooters who are aiming to improve the quality of their photographs.

Fundamentals of Photography covers practical advice such as fundamental facts on light sources, the basics of the digital camera and also features a section of Ang’s most prolific images.

Additionally, this book also covers the transformation and development of photography thanks to digital techniques.

Important subjects Ang covers that are often ignored by most manuals include the presentation of images, critical theory, copyright, and ethical issues. Fundamental of Photography is a great read and a practical guide for every photographer.

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