10 Best Hair Straighteners in India

Best Hair Straighteners in India:- Hairstyles – the styles come and go. Some years curly hair is fashionable, others straight are the way to go. Thankfully hair care products are constantly evolving, so now even the curliest of hair can go straight. So if you love to have straight, long, and smooth hair any time you want, there is a way of doing it without worrying about hair damage. It’s these products that allow you to have smooth straight hair without worrying about burning, damaging, or hurting your hair with those hair straightening irons.

Do keep in mind that not all hair ironing tools pose hazards to your hair. There are a few trustworthy brands that will ensure you get perfectly straight hair without causing fly away problems.

These are electric devices that use heat to straighten hair. The straighteners today are extremely versatile and come with many exclusive, new features, each brand with its own distinct features. The prices do vary but don’t worry, there are heating irons that work for every budget.

Best Hair Straighteners in India

1. Gurin Ceramic 1.25 inch


This is one of the most inexpensive styling irons, yet it is a handy straightener. It offers a 3 in 1 combo system which straightens but can also be used for flipping and curling your hair. The temperature of the equipment can be adjusted in the range of 240 to 450 degree Fahrenheit for a smoother effect. This is also an excellent option as it gives a nice glossy and a silky finish and completes the job quickly. This is all possible with its 1.25 inch plate width which can accomodate all hair types and sizes quickly. Even so the iron is also slim enough to straighten shorter hair and bangs. We give this iron a 4 out of 5 star rating.

2. Remington S5500 Purple


Time to say bye-bye to beauty salons as now you can easily straighten your hair at home using this sophisticated piece of equipment. It is an ideal hair straightener that can transform your dull and frizzy hair into sleek locks or into gorgeous straights. It has an anti static technology and has a plate width of 1 inch. The temperature controls are digital which can provide you with 410 degree Fahrenheit of maximum heat. The plates are provided with 30 seconds of heat which then shut off automatically to do the job seamlessly. The swivel cord is excellent and is as good as the one you find in top salons.

3. HSI Professional Flat Iron Straightener


This one is from HSI Professional and can be your best bet when looking for straightening, curling and flipping of your hair. The product offers users an easy adjustable temperature range within 240 – 410 Fahrenheit, which is excellent to suit all types of hairs. The system uses the much demanded tourmaline/ ceramic ion plates which are known for giving a silkier and shinier finish to hair and better still, they work faster. The plate width is reasonable at 1 inch which can work for any type and length of hair. The size of the plates is ideal as it is good for bangs as well.

4. DOLCE Hair Straightener with LCD Display


The fast heating plates of the straightener comes in a very sleek designed straightener which is an excellent combination, giving precise and powerful performance. The temperature maximum range is 430 degree Fahrenheit which is high by salon standards. The manufacturer of the straightener has introduced here a very sophisticated microprocessor and a highly productive LCD display, which enables you to personalize the equipment as per the requirements of your hair type and desired style. It uses the auto safety mechanism where the system shuts off automatically when it is not in use.

5. ISA Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener


The ISA Professional manufacturer has certainly raised the bar of competition here by introducing this 1 Step Flat Iron Hair Straightener. It brings special ease in use for the women with its Smart auto temperature adjustment feature where the temperature adjusts itself according to the requirements without requiring input from the user’s side. The plates used are 100% of Ceramic Tourmaline. It can swivel 360 degrees hassle-free and with no tangle cord issues. You can use the machine for having the stylish bouncy curls in your hair.

6. Onassis Style Professional Straightener


This is a premium and a professional level product from Onassis Style manufacturer. It has 1 inch ceramic tourmaline plates made by using the exclusive Nano technology. The heating elements of the device are consistent in their heating and provide users with even and fast performance. The temperature is stable, which is aptly adjusted according to the requirements of your type of hairs. The temperature control is done the digital way which gives you good control. Moreover, the device comes with an excellent LED bright blue display as well.

7. Paul Mitchell 1.25 inch


It comes with 1.25 inch heating plates which do a speedy job, causing no damage to the hairs. The heat given is even and consistent and its useful beveled edges ensures that there no line of demarcation. The slim plates design use here is typically useful for the straightening of the hairs very close to the scalp. The ease of use is also there by having variable settings for the temperature, which makes the job very easy to handle and manage for all types of hairs. In the premium product range, it comes at a very reasonable price.

8. MHD Floating Plate Straightener


It has the titanium heating plates with a width of 1 inch which provide women with a very smooth, shinny and a glass like finish to the hairs while straightening them. The equipment is very easy and safe to use. It has an auto shut off function where the product will shut off automatically if it is not in use for more than 30 minutes. The temperate can be adjusted at three different levels which include 28F, 356F and 446F which are good enough temperature levels to handle all types of hairs and their styling needs with ease.

9. Infiniti Pro Flat Iron


It uses the tourmaline ceramic mechanism which enables users with an anti static and an anti-frizz output causing little to no damage to your hairs. You will get your hairs about 89 percent straighter with very little frizzing. The highest temperature level obtained here is 455 degree Fahrenheit, which is as good as you can find in a professional salon using commercial sophisticated equipments. It provides heat up in 15 second intervals and has 30 different temperature settings. The heating plates are 1 inch wide and the surface is 2 times smoothers which provide much faster glides.

10. BaByliss Pro 1 inch


BaByliss is a renown manufacturer of all types of women cosmetic products and hairstyling devices. This premium level titanium plate contains 1 inch heating plate, made of Nano Titanium. It emits negative ions from the plates and gives excellent infrared heat to get fast and gentle straightened hair without any risk f hair damage. The LED display is there and the maximum temperature can reach 450 degree Fahrenheit that gives faster curling and straightening of the hairs. There is no pulling of the hair and it will glide very smoothly.

Potential buyers of hair straightening tools are advised not to consider hairstyling devices based on price alone, rather the quality of the product should also be considered as you really don’t want the product to cause any damage to your hair and you don’t want to buy a product that stops working after just a few days of usage. The idea here is to think out of the box and find a good product that works just the way you want it to.

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