Best Hindi Comedy Movies of All Time

Best Hindi Comedy Movies:- We all enjoy watching Hindi Comedy Movies but what are the best funny Bollywood films to watch? Well, some of them are definitely overrated with only a few having the capacity to keep the funny bone tickling for decades.

We have arranged a list of the best comedy movies in Hindi that have some messages and are full of slapstick fun.

It is true that laughter is the best medicine, so goes the popular adage. It is indeed so for Bollywood, the Hindi film industry of India. It is but rarely that a movie of this genre goes unappreciated making it an absolute win-win situation for all concerned.

While the audience goes ROFL, the producers move rapidly laughing all the way to the bank. But are all the so-called comedy movies in Hindi really good enough? Let’s take a look at the top 10 funny movies in Hindi that have made us sit up and notice the comedians of Bollywood time and again.

List of Best Hindi Comedy Movies

10. OMG – Oh My God! – Godly Comedy


This satire on the Indian society and its faith in God-men resulted in an intelligent comedy movie. Akshay Kumar plays the role of God and Paresh Rawal plays the role of the main protagonist.

The many loopholes of the legal system become obvious as the movie unfolds and the audience cannot help laughing at the witty dialogues that bring to light the double standards of society.

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9. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

A classic funny remake of the Hollywood movie Patch Adams that not many are aware of! Strangely, it was not promoted as a comedy initially, but Sanjay Dutt managed to pull off this unbelievable role of a neighborhood goon who hides a heart of gold while trying to cleanse the corrupt world of medicine in India.

The audience was bowled over by the comedy timing of the actors that resulted in this movie being hailed as a classic by all and sundry.

8. Three Idiots – 3 Is Not A Crowd

Three Idiots

Amir Khan is at his best in this unique movie. The actor and the producer duo simply took off from where Munnabhai had left off, resulting in the greatest hit ever.

The education system of India was in for hauling while the viewers stayed glued to their seats enjoying every second of the laugh-a-minute comedy.

7. Jane Bhi Do Yaron – Satire That Thrills

Jane Bhi Do Yaron

This was the very first attempt by Bollywood to try out satire. The movie was lapped by the audience and reached the pinnacle of success within a very short time.

It has been a benchmark of excellent cinema in Hindi ever since with every director hoping to match its histrionics.

6. Andaz Apna Apna – Khan They Do It?

Andaz Apna Apna 1

Cut to 1994 and you have two of the greatest Khans of Bollywood set the screen on fire with their bumbling ways that have the audience in splits.

Both Amir Khan and Salman Khan mock the potboilers of the 70s with no ill feelings at all. Such is the power of comedy! One of the greatest comedy movies by both khans.

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5. Gol Maal – Trouble Galore!

Gol Maal Trouble Galore

The list of comedy films would certainly remain incomplete without mentioning this epic movie that had the entire country laughing aloud. Such was the power of this excellent comedy film that an entire series of Gol Maal films are being produced at regular intervals to this day. Unfortunately, none of them have the same appeal.

4. Chupke Chupke – Big B can teach too!

Chupke Chupke Movie

A movie with a difference indeed! Big B is a name to reckon with in Bollywood even today. But who could have guessed that he had the ability to do great comedy when paired with Dharmendra, another star of the 60s and 70s? One of the best and unforgettable situational comedies by the legendary director (Rishikesh Mukharji).

3. Angoor – Double Duplicates

Angoor Movie

Well, the Bard had been immortalized in Bollywood as well, thanks to the frequent remakes of his plays. However, Angoor by Gulzar remains the best of his comedies with the Indians firmly believing that this hilarious take on Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’ has surpassed the original.

One more greatest situational comedy film by Bollywood, that truly deserves at least No – 3 position in this list.

2. Padosan – Hero becomes comedian

Padosan Movie

A great comedy movie that had the beautiful Saira Banu showing off her acting skills in earnest! With Sunil Dutt, one of the top heroes of yesteryear playing the lead role, this light-hearted rib-tickling comedy has been watched again and again by generations of moviegoers.

Some sequences in this film are really the best and funniest scenes ever made in Bollywood.

1. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi – A laugh riot

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Movie

It had the audience rolling on the aisles in laughter in 1958 and beyond! In fact, this simple movie with singer Kishore Kumar in the lead together with his two brothers never fails to elicit a smile even today.

Really pure gold classic comedy movie loaded with full laughter dose, exceptionally funny! Absolutely, a must-watch Hindi comedy for every movie lover. That’s why it holds the 1st Position in this funniest Hindi comedies list.

If you want to tickle your funny bone or uplift your spirits, then these are ten must-watch movies. They are light and packed with fun and laughter! So, what are you waiting for? Get a copy and a bag of popcorn ready!

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