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Best Home Gym Setup:- To gain positivity in life, we must have a calm mind and a house of love. These things can be earned with a healthy body, and a healthy body can be gained through exercise. Doing physical activity pumps up positivity in the mind and brings a charge to your body.

In today’s busy life, it becomes difficult to implement a timetable, including a separate portion for a workout. So what can be a solution for this? The solution could be preparing a home gym. It will save you time, and you can exercise anytime depending on your moods.

In the article, I have listed the top 5 Best Home Gym to Buy online. Purposefully, this equipment are a far better alternative than any other option for working out. Setting up a home gym means you can work out whenever the mood strikes with no need for packing a bag and commuting.

Best Home Gym Setup

I am arranging the list based on the best-reviewed product on amazon. As per my research, I have tried listing these items on user reviews and ratings.

5. HASHTAG FITNESS 20 in 1 Bench


Starting with the hashtag fitness home gym. The perfect product Combo of stability and comfort. It is one of the Best Home Gym Setups.

This home gym machine is a heavy-duty construction that ensures its durability. The machine is supported with a double pipe from the base, and the bench is also thick and wide for a more efficient workout.

For extra comfort, this home gym comes with a padded foam seat. Moreover, The foam rollers are also softly padded to protect your joints while doing the workout.

All fittings are superb. The Material and finish are top-notch and, it is good enough for beginners, and that too at a moderate price for what you’ll be getting out of it. You can do a full-body workout with the machine setup.

The most beneficial thing about the product is all in one gym machine. The products allow various exercises, such as bench presses, lat pulldowns, tummy twisters, triceps extension, preacher curls, etc.

Thus you can perform approximately every exercise that you can imagine yourself doing at a gym. The product will be an ideal pick for a small-budget person. This home gym will work out cheaper in the long run.

All in all, It will be a good option for setting up a home gym for a workout. Investment in the item will be a smart decision. Now if you have a budget above 15k and have a lingering feeling that it could have been better, then you can choose the below-listed machines.

Key Features

  • 20-in-1 gym equipment
  • Available at Affordable Price
  • Combo pack of stability with comfort for top performance
  • Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
  • Heavy-duty construction for safety and stability
  • Thick, wide and scientifically designed bench
  • Comfort and soft rollers
  • Used for Flat/Incline/Decline/Leg Curl/Leg Extension/Lat pull Down /Ground Pulley/Arm Curl/Chest press/Butterfly/Dips/Twister

The Good

  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Worth of Money
  • All in one gym
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Experience comfortable workout experience
  • Bench and seats are also very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble

The Bad

  • Complaints of shaky seat

4. Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym


Continuing with the list of Best Home Gym Setup. The next product is from the brand lifeline. The brand is well known for its quality material. 

You can perform a full-body workout. The exercises include chest extension, high pull, low pull, rowing, leg extension, and many more.

It will be an excellent deal for the person looking to build body muscles. With the machine, you can perform strength training exercises and body toning in a more efficient way. The elegant design of this machine offers a great appeal to your home gym.

The product is designed with a 2.5″ inch square heavy-duty steel tube that makes it strong and durable. Also, the compact design takes significantly less space than most of the other home gym setups. 

Adding more to the value is its adjustable seat, which offers you full comfort. So, the product is versatile, as every user from tall to short can easily use the machine.

The machine offers more than 18 exercise options. An excellent choice for regular gym sessions, this machine can be used by everyone irrespective of their age to tone the muscles in the body.

Key Features

  • All steel body construction
  • Square home gym
  • You can perform a whole body workout using this gym set.
  • Total body conditioning and superior endurance
  • Space-saving design
  • No cable change
  • More than 18 exercising option
  • Multiple Exercise Functions: Chest Extension, High Pull, Low Pull, Rowing, Pec-Deck, Leg Extension, etc.

The Good

  • Durable Product
  • Elegant design
  • Space-saving and clean design
  • Perfect for regular gym sessions
  • Build quality is outstanding
  • Can be used in home and commercial gyms
  • Ensures full-body workout

The Bad

  • Installation Takes Time



One more added in the list of Best Home Gym Setup is a product from the Infinity fitness brand. The quality of the material is sturdy and reliable. The product is durable and made of steel and iron.

You will receive the product, as shown in the image. It will be an ideal product for beginners to exercise at home. The product is all in one multi gym machine from the most trusted fitness brand, Infinity Fitness. 

With this Multipurpose Gym bench with ABS Cruncher and multiple exercises work out option. You can perform- Incline, Decline Flat, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Push up, Dips, Lat Pulldown, cable curl, overhead press cable, triceps pushdown, Hanging leg raises, decline sits up with ground pulley handle.

The product has a Double Support that can handle up to 300KG CAPACITY. It has Heavy-duty Construction for Stability and Safety.

The seat and seatback are foam padded for extra comfort. The foam rollers are also softly padded to protect or guard you against any joint injury.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty Construction for Stability and Safety.
  • Thick, comprehensive, and scientifically designed bench for a more effective workout
  • 20-in-1 gym equipment
  • The seat and seatback are foam padded
  • Used for Flat/Incline/Decline/Leg Curl/Leg Extension/Lat pull Down /Ground Pulley/Arm Curl/Chest press/Butterfly/Dips/Twister

The Good

  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Double Support from base
  • Offers comfortable workout experience
  • The bench and seats are also very comfortable
  • It comes with a built pulley system to complete your biceps, triceps, back, and thighs workout
  • Easy to assemble

The Bad

  • No Cons

2. Kamachi HG-33 Home Gym with Ab Exerciser


The next fabulous listing of Best Home Gym Setup is a product from Kamachi. A Home Gym machine With Ab Exerciser. This stylish gym machine gives you a lot of training options for strength training and bodybuilding at home. 

The Durability and sustainability of infrastructure are ensured with its heavy-gauge construction. There is nothing quite as versatile as the quality material of stell used in making of the product. 

The foam used is of fabulous quality, it consists of density and Firmness offering better cushioning. The product has PVC for the prevention of slipping and layered coating to prevent it from corrosion.

The model is designed precisely to save your space and budget. It is all in one home gym as it can be efficiently used for different flat, and Incline exercises. You can also do arms and legs strengthening exercises.

Key Features

  • Large comfortable foam leg rolls to avoid injury
  • PVC for the prevention of slipping and layered coating to prevent it from corrosion.
  • The continuous loop cable system 
  • Quality and easily operable weight stacks 
  • Provides best angles for specific exercises to offer stress on the desired muscle group

The Good

  • An excellent all in one exercise machine
  • A continuous loop cable system
  • Large and comfortable foam leg rolls to avoid injury
  • 22 exercises can be done
  • Designed precisely to save space
  • Economical
  • The foam used is of fabulous quality
  • Good enough for a home gym
  • Heavy-gauge construction

The Bad

  • No Cons Recorded

1. Powermax Fitness GH – 285 Home Gym


Every accomplishment and target begins with the decision to try. There is not enough time for you to reach your full potential if you keep saying “I’ll do it later ” 

Moving forward with the list of the Best Home Gym Setup. The next and the ultimate product queued in this list from the highly reputable brand Powermax. The brand offers quality products with top performance. 

Its Fitness model GH – 285 for Home Gym is highly in demand. The luxurious private home gym set is a multipurpose machine that offers multiple exercising functions to improve your overall appearance.

The product weight is around 70 kg. of the gym does not attract you, opt for this equipment. It’s on the top of our list due to the versatile exercise option available with this home gym set.

The stylish and versatile machine is a great setup for an overall body workout. The machine is built from high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability. Foam Padding is used to provide you an ultra comfort while working out.

With the help of a machine, you can perform many exercises like Tricep Extension, Abdominal crunch, Leg Extension, High Pull Abs Crunch, Lat pull down sit-up, Tricep Pushdown, Bicep Curl, Pectoral Fly, Preacher curl, Bench Press, Seated Press Bar Row, I Seated shoulder row, Upright row, Dip Arm, Leg Kick Back, Standing Leg Curl, Standing Shoulder Knee raise

Key Features

  • All steel and PVC construction for superior strength and durability
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Multipurpose machine that offers multiple exercising functions
  • Three stations home gym
  • Dual function leg developer with pivot-point that properly aligns with the knee joints
  • Aircraft rated cables
  • High and low pulleys for upper and lower body workout
  • Oversized foam roller pads for comfortable leg exercises
  • Dual function leg developer

The Good

  • Sturdy and elegant
  • Padded seat with multiple positions for a comfortable and safe training experience
  • Strengthens your entire upper and lower body muscle group
  • Sit Up Bench is adjustable to suit your needs
  • Storage area for freehand weights
  • Two separate high and low lateral bars to offer you different options for strengthening your biceps, triceps, and back muscles

The Bad

  • No Cons

Why you should buy a home Gym Machine?

The machine provides you with the best opportunity to exercise at home. If the disturbance at the gym annoys you and distracts your concentration then you should be all set to buy a home gym set.

You can start at any time at your convenience. You need not wait for your turn as in outdoor gyms. Buying a home gym machine will be economical in long run. Also, it saves your time getting ready and reaching a gym place.


During this lockdown, the one thing which most health-conscious people are missing is doing gym. We do not know how long the crisis of corona will not let us go to gyms.

See, Up to the time the corona is not permitting the way to the gym, the best solution with us is to own a home gym set up at an affordable budget. Utilize the lockdown by buying the best home gym kit.

These home gym equipment will Tone up your health and help you to lose weight and gain greater flexibility. I have tried listing the best home gym machine to buy at home. This was the list of the top 5 home gym machines in India. Suggest me some more machines that can be added to this list.

Write down the product the best home gym machine and share your experience with the machine. Please let me know if we have missed any deserving home gym machines in India. We are happy to add them. The list of top pharma companies is just for reference. We do not claim that the list is 100% error-free.

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