7 Best Juicer In India 2021 (Portable)

Did you miss healthy food during travel?

Are you afraid of eating outside while on vacation or travel because of coronavirus?

Yes, you have many options nowadays for fresh and healthy food. Like you can easily order anything from swiggy or zomato.

But, Here is the Worst Scenario

You don’t know where does restaurant outsources their food, and is the delivery boy is sanitized and safe or not?

Every time you eat something, you doubt about safety and cleanliness. This makes the situation even worse.

I understand you. It’s not easy to get healthy food during travel, and eating outside is very unsafe during this time. Imagine if I tell you there is a perfect solution to your problem.

Yes, you can now get the healthy protein shake, fresh smoothie, and instant fruits shake at any time and any place. 

Seems Interesting? Right

You just need the Best Juicer In India. With just one small blender for smoothies, you can make healthy drinks at any time. 

Let me tell you, my friend, Elon, and I was facing the same problem on our every travel. As we were frequent travelers, we had to eat in hotels, restaurants, and street food. 

This made us sometimes sick and sometimes just feeling too heavy. Yes, I know this is the same problem as you.

So we tried everything to get healthy food during our travel, but everything failed. At last, we came to know about portable juicers from one of our mutual friends. 

So we’re ready to get one for us, but we were searching for best small blenders for smoothies that are small, portable, and lite. Besides this, it should have excellent performance. 

So after a lot of research, we found these 7 best portable blenders for travel: Believe me; this is Completely NO BRAINER!

Best Juicer In India

1. Cookwell ALL-IN-ONE Magic Mixer Grinder


Price:- 2000

Cookwell Magic Mixer Blender is the best portable juicer for the money. Moreover, it is all in one solution as it completes your kitchen and has functions such as mixer, grinder, chopper, and smoothies maker. 

This portable electric juicer is something that is easy to operate, clean, and comes with easily washable parts. 

I think there is no better choice than this if you are looking for a high-performance best portable blender for travel in mid-range. One of the best features of this juicer is that it is almost noiseless, handy, and very compact. 


  • All in solution (Also Best for Kitchen Use)
  • Easy to use and clean blades.
  • Portable and light
  • Well packed and unusual colors. 


  • Small Jars ( You get 3 Jars)
  • Best for dry grinding. 

2. Usha on The Go Portable Blender


Price:- 2100

Usha On The Go Blender is standard, reasonably priced, and best for daily use. This blender comes with the trust of the brand name and the best features in this price range. 

For a single person and low on a budget, this is a perfect idea. It has the most positive reviews on Amazon in this price segment.

If I had to get one for me for daily use, I would go for this one.  It is best for quick smoothies, milkshakes, and mocktails. The blender provides top-notch performance in this price range. 


  • Best for daily use.
  • Low on budget.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No extra jar. 

3. ASPERIA Portable USB Juicer  


Asperia rechargeable blender is going to be the NEXT thing for you, Why?

This portable juicer of ASPERIA is convenient to charge my laptop, power bank, or mobile phones and easy to carry during school, parks, camping, travel, or gym. 

It is multi-functional, and you can make juice, milkshake, smoothies, protein shake, and baby food. 

I highly recommend this, as this blender provides top-notch performance. 

Cheers! Available in five colors. 


  •  Affordable with all features of a Premium blender. 
  •  Perfect for students and working peoples.
  •  Easy to carry 


  • No such cons.

4. Whipsip Personal Blender for Smoothie


Price: 1980

Whipsip Portable Blender is designed for daily use. It has a powerful motor, packed in a stylish and compact blender. It can easily crush fruits, vegetables, and best for puree, protein shakes, and smoothies. 

When it comes to affordability, this portable juicer is very cheap, as you imagined. 

Not only that, but this powerful juicer also comes with two large portable jars that can be easily converted into a travel bottle, Just Blend and Go. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons: 


  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and Stable Bottom
  • Good for smoothies and protein shake.


  • Nuts and dry fruits don’t blend properly.
  • Lacks the required sturdiness. 

We personally love this as it comes with One-Touch Operation. 

5. Qualimate Portable Electric USB Juicer


This is Completely NO BRAINER! And I highly recommend this blender for smoothies. 

Qualimate portable smoothie Blender has built-in stainless steel blades and very easy to use. It is a mini juicer portable and ideal for travel, shopping, sports, and gym. 

You can easily prepare healthy juices, protein shakes, and smoothies. 


  • Affordable
  • Best for school going kids.
  • Effortless and time-saving blender. 
  • The single tap button is effortless to operate.


  • No such cons 

6. Delwor Fruit Juicer


Price: 650

DELWOR Fruit Juicer is one of the best portable juicers for smoothies and shake. This small blender has a juicer bottle and has a very lite weight. You can easily carry to school, colleges and even during travel. 

The best thing is this USB juicer comes with a great battery backup, and it can easily be charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones, or other USB devices.

This is a small and lite weight portable smoothie blender that provides top-notch performance. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Portable, 
  • Fast charging, 
  • Multi-Functional
  • Cheapest


  • Battery works for less time

  7. Cello Blend N Grind Portable Juicer


Price: 3300

This portable blender is one of the premium products from Cello. Cello Blend N Grind has an auto shut off function with LED lights. 

It comes with a vacuum lid that generates a vacuum in the bottle, which keeps stored smoothie or fruit shake fresh and healthy for a longer time.  

Seems Interesting? Right. 

This small blender provides top-notch performance as it has 4-speed modes. On the other hand, it has two modes for soft and hard blending: juices, coffee, and crushing ice.

Bingo!  Cello Blend N Grind Portable Juicer offers a free recipe book by celebrity nutritionist Mr. Jaydeep Bhuta.


  • An interlocking system with safety.
  • Vacuum lid to keep smoothies and juices fresh for a longer time. 
  • Four-speed mode and two operation modes for perfect blending. 


  • A little bit high priced (Best in the premium segment) 
  • Containers are a little small. 

This  DELWOR portable electric juicer is very low priced and has many features. It is effortless to carry during traveling. 

How We Selected These Portable juicers For You

  • Lightweight: You don’t need to think of this. You will definitely love these best portable blenders for travel. All these seven blenders are very lightweight, convenient to carry, and easy to use.
  • Accessible to Use: Not a top-secret that these portable blenders are easy to use and easy to clean. You need just 5 minutes to clean and blend your favorite smoothie or juice. 
  • Durable: Durability should be the top priority while selecting a perfect portable juicer. So, all the blenders are 100% durable. 
  • Reviews: I have observed a lot of reviews very carefully and did practical testing on some blenders. Then I finally listed all these seven portable blenders for you. 
  • Reasonable pricing: You are willing to spend thousands of rupees on blenders without knowing it will work or not? 

So to help to get a perfect blender, we have selected these seven blenders in every price range. From premium to budget segment, all are selected by hours of research. 

General Questions Around Portable Blender

Many people who are going have jobs always suffer during lunch break because they are not getting healthy food. 

And during travel, the main problem is healthy food. 

So they are having a lot of questions while selecting a portable blender for smoothies, protein shakes, and juices. 

You can go through this guide for more clarification, So let’s begin FAQ:

Do portable blenders work?

Portable blenders and juicers are perfect and easy to make smoothies; protein shakes and juices. They work in every situation either you are traveling, or you are in the office, or you are a school going, kid.

Can I take a portable blender on a plane?

Yes, Mostly all types of blenders are safe to carry on a plane. And on the other hand, they are very lightweight and convenient to carry during flight. Most of the blenders come with a bottle or jar that you can easily carry anywhere.

How long does it take to charge a portable blender?

2 to 3 hours. Mostly it depends on what type of blender you are using, but most of the blenders do not take more than 3 hours to be fully charged.

These are some commonly asked FAQ’s. Suppose you have any doubt or do you want any suggestions. Then, you can comment in the comment section. 

Closing Thoughts

For making fruit juices, protein shakes, and smoothies, a portable blender is a right choice. A small and lightweight blender is perfect for gym, office, camping, trekking, and travel. 

In the end, ill say if you want to perfect blender with top-notch performance in a low budget, you must go for ASPERIA Best Rechargeable blender with USB (Travel Juicer).

Otherwise, Usha on The Go Portable Blender BL 3621 is perfect in the premium segment. 

That’s all for today, where I covered the best rechargeable blender and best small blender for smoothies. I hope this will help you. 

Here is the one more suggestion: if you are a travel influencer, you must check these best drone cameras to help you take breathtaking shots. 

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