Best Laptop Brands in India (Technology)

Best Laptop Brands in India:- In today’s era, new heights of quality and innovation with each product are introduced into the market. The popularity of laptop computers has been in a way ironic.

They are totally portable and compared to the desktops they use less power. But they are a little bit slower and they have fewer graphics.

Laptops are considered more expensive than desktops. They are easy to use as a structure of laptops are built in a way to meet customer needs with advanced technologies.

Here is the List of Some Top Laptop Brands in India. As we have seen, the number of sales for Laptops is growing day by day in India.

Let us take a look at some top Laptop brands in India which are listed accordingly to their Quality, Reliability, Durability, Performance, Price ( Value for Money), Look, Customer Services, etc.

Best Laptop Brands in India

1. HP


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HP stands for Hewlett-Packard, which is a Public Company. It is an American multinational information technology corporation. The head office of the company is in Palo Alto, California, United States.

The company was founded in a one-car garage by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard in Palo Alto, California, United States. The Company was World’s leading PC manufacturer from 2007 till 2013.

It is the Top leading brand for PC and Laptops in India. The company is specialized in developing and manufacturing computing devices such as data storage, networking hardware, designing software, and delivering services.

There are authorized service centers of HP for repairing & serving their customers at best. The HP Laptops are customizable means you can choose the Operating system of your own choice.

  • Founded: 1939
  • Key People: Meg Whitman (CEO)
  • Indian Headquarter: Bangalore, India
  • Main Office:- California, United States

2. Dell


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Dell Inc, also known as Dell, is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company. The company was founded by Michael Dell in Texas, United States.

Dell has a great team of leaders in their company, like Suresh Vaswani, an Indian fellow who works as the President of Services at Dell Inc. The company is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, United States.

The company believes in partnership rather than competing due to their partnerships with the leading brands they are uniquely identified for satisfying customer needs.

The company sells laptops, PC’s, Notebook, servers, data storage devices, software etc. Dell is recognized for its connection with its customers providing them with the best solutions.

  • Founded: 1984
  • Key People: Michael Dell (CEO)
  • Indian Headquarter: Chennai, India
  • Main Office:- Texas, United States

3. Apple


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Apple Inc., commonly known as Apple, is an American multinational technology company. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company is founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak.

The company is well known for making huge varieties of Laptops and MAC computers. Apple Laptops have great value all over the World, but when it comes to India, Apple lacks aspects like Price, which matters a lot in Indian Market.

The Company designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers, iPad, iPhones, iPods, etc.

The Company also sells various other application software, including Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio, Logic Pro, and its FileMaker Pro database software. From displays to design, keyboard to the touchpad, everything is perfect in MacBook including its battery life.

  • Founded: 1976
  • Key People: Tim Cook (CEO), Arthur D. Levinson (Chairman)
  • Indian Headquarter: Bangalore, India
  • Main Head Office:- Cupertino, California

4. Lenovo


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Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational computer technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business in 2005 and agreed to acquire its Intel-based server business in 2014.

It is a well-known brand for its quality material. The company has a global presence and markets its products in around 160 Countries.

A wide range of products is manufactured by the company, which includes Smartphones, Televisions,.etc.. rather than Laptops. They offer a huge variety of models in Laptops that satisfies the needs of customers.

  • Founded: 1984
  • Key People: Yang Yuanqing (CEO)
  • Main Office:- Beijing, China
  • Indian Headquarter: Bangalore, India.

5. Samsung


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Samsung is a South Korean multinational company. The company is a Public type that has its listing on both Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange. Lee Byung-Chul founded Samsung in Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung company has made a foothold in the laptop market with a wide range of powerful devices besides mobile phones, televisions, etc.

The company has a good quality of Laptop ranges for its customers at a reasonable price. Their laptops are available in five varieties i.e. Essential, Ultra portable, High performance, Business, and Netbook.

It has many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Renault Samsung Motors, etc. A wide range of products manufactured by the company includes Smartphones, Television, Home Appliances rather than Laptops in India.

  • Founded: 1938
  • Key People: Oh-Hyun Kwon (CEO)
  • Headquarter: Delhi, India
  • Main Head office:- South Korean

6. Asus


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ASUSTek Computer Inc., usually referred to as ASUS, started its business in the year 1989 to promote Taiwan’s IT industry.

They excelled in producing different kinds of motherboards. After that, they started producing other devices such as Laptops, netbooks, notebooks, graphic cards, and other computer hardware.

The company was founded in Taipei by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao. Their Laptops offers good quality, better display, better gaming option, and multimedia design with high performance.

The Company Manufactures Smartphones, PC, and other electronic devices other than Laptops in India.

  • Founded: 1989
  • Key People: Jonney Shih (Chairman)
  • Indian Headquarter: Mumbai, India
  • Main Head office:- Taiwan

7. Acer


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Acer Inc., commonly known as Acer, is Taiwanese Multinational Computer hardware and Electronic Company.

The company acquired Gateway and Packard Bell so it can be called a family of three brands. The company was founded by Stan Shih.

They offer their customers a unique set of brand characteristics and innovative products to be the center of attraction. Acer builts various products such as Laptops, PCs, Notebooks, and many more.

Its quality design and thin displays are the key features of its products. The famous laptops range of Acer is its Aspire series which is very popular.

It has many Subsidiaries as Acer America Corporation, Acer Computer Australia, Acer India, etc. Rather than a laptop company manufactures Smartphones, Graphics Cards,.etc.

8. Toshiba


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Toshiba Corporation commonly referred to as Toshiba, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation.

Established in 1939 since then they are known for their innovative design and technology used in their products. The company excelled in producing Eco-friendly devices.

Toshiba builts numerous range of products such as Laptops, Desktops, Notebooks, and various home appliances. It has many subsidiaries such as Toshiba America, Inc.., Toshiba China Co., Ltd, Toshiba of Europe Ltd, etc.

  • Founded: 1875
  • Key People: Masashi Muromachi (CEO)
  • Indian Headquarter: Gurgaon, India
  • Main Head Office:- Japan

9. Alienware


Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell company headquartered in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila.

This brand specializes in designing computers and Laptops for Gaming purposes.

10. Vaio


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Sony Corporation sells Laptops, Desktops, and other peripherals devices in the name of Sony Vaio but sony had sold its PC business to Tokyo-based investment fund Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) in February 2014.

It will operate the Vaio PC brand under a newly established firm and initially sell PCs in Japan only.

How to find the Best Type of laptop

Best laptop brands claim to be the best laptop brand in the market. For finding out which laptops are the best, you have to consider a few aspects of laptops like performance, innovation, and satisfaction of customers as well.

Laptops are based on mobile technologies which function like desktop computers. Nowadays, a lot of laptop brands in the market are competing on the right to be called the best laptop brand. But before anything else, how do we define what the best laptop is? I assume that in order to be called the best laptop brand, the services and quality the laptop provides should be the best. Factors to look out for before choosing a new laptop:


The performance of a laptop is dependent on its processor, graphic performance, and battery life. The laptop’s processor should be able to work faster in order to for laptops to perform better.

It is also a must that the computer’s graphics are excellent to deliver the real-time quality of images. The batteries should last longer so that more work is done on the laptop. From the many brands available in the market, Apple laptops’ performance is the best. It works faster, delivers quality graphics and the longest battery life compared to other brands.


It means a change or new measure that the brand has employed within its product line. These include the availability of new features within laptops of that certain brand.


Design of a laptop is important in every laptop because it is readily seen by people when you carry them around for work or school. Design is dependent on laptop’s color and finish, screen options, viewing angles and sound quality. Look for a design which you think will reflect you as a person and mostly fitted to your type of lifestyle. When it comes to those available in the market, a lot brands offer a variety of designs to choose from. It is in the consumer’s discretion to choose what brand offers best.

Buyer’s Satisfaction

Satisfaction is very important that consumers appreciate the brand and the products it offers. This particular aspect often describes whether the goal of satisfying clients is met or not.

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