Top 12 Best lenses for street photography in (2021)

Best lenses for Street Photography:- A camera is an essential tool for photography, whether it is street photography or any other kind.

The optimum range of camera always depends upon the high-end quality of lenses that gives life to the pictures while maintaining the gradient of colour and improves the resolution power to highlight every keen depth of the image with just the focus and capture technique.

There is a variety of categories in the bunch of lenses that perform different tasks, but if you are looking for the best lenses for street photography? Then you are the exact right place at the right time without having any kind of inconvenience.

The primary consideration for the focal length and the type of lenses you are going to choose depends on the camera you have, whether it is Nikon, Canon, Sigma or any other kind.

The lenses must come up with the range of 35mm prime lenses for the high-end cameras that are much recommended not only as of the best street photography lenses but also known for photojournalism.

Such lenses are highly efficient and brilliant in performance, giving you an output of perfect and crystal clear visible picture quality. You can set the distance of focus by its subjective perspective and ability to zoom in and out without fault.

The best prime lens for street photography can be used for various purposes as it can be for street photography, photographs for documentation and photojournalism.

So, one lens can perform multiple roles for you if you want to invest your money on something remarkable. Some of the further details of the wide-angle street photography listed below:

Best lenses for Street Photography

1. Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens.


Price: 8,299

If you are looking forward to a lightweight and compact size best lenses for street photography canon, then you are at the right place. This product holds a secure place in the world of EOS prime lenses.

This category of the spectacular is compelling and efficient, keeping the focal length of about 80mm and 50mm on the full-frame cameras. It has wide-angle street photography. Some of the further details of it magnified as follows: 


  • The filter size is about 49mm. 
  • Construction of lens has six elements in 5 groups.
  • There is an AF with full-time manual for focus adjustment.
  • It also consists of the closest focusing distance.
  • The product is durable and light in weight.


  • It is the best lens for street photography.
  • Structure of the lens is compact.
  • The manufacturing company offers a lifetime warranty.


  • There is limited stock in the market for this product.
  • Price is slightly high as compared to others.
  • Special care required for its maintenance. 


Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens is considered as the best lens for travel photography canon. It comprises of all the first ends that you need to encounter at a single product for the sake of photography.  

It is ideal for the field of nighttime photography, action in the shooting or attractive and high portraits. It would help you in various areas especially when you have the lust to capture the minor details of the beauty of nature or other things you want.

2. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens


Price: 12,800

Looking for an ultimate camera lens for photography that gives standard portraits? Then this product will ideally come up with your expectations. It is also known as DSLR best friend and considered as the best lens to take on travel photography.  

It has a local focal length of about 50mm that is quite sharp and iconic. Moreover, it allows capturing the fantastic images with shallow that highlight the subjects from a background as well. Further details of it highlighted as follows:


It gives fantastic low light results and acts brilliantly in any light.

The lens gives a beautiful background image with a blur effect to achieve more natural depth.

  • Expert in capturing every minor detail of the thing or scene.
  • The shoot is Tack-sharp portraits.
  • The photography lens also consists of Silent wave motor and Aspherical lenses.


  • There super integrated toping as a covering.
  • It is fast as well as an upgraded lens.
  • The lenses have a developed optical system with minimum focus distance.


  • The lens is not zoomable.
  • It may not give a high definition for the free shoot.
  • The product is limited in the market.


Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens also marked as best Nikon walkaround lens. You can take it wherever you want because it is light in weight and too compact. A large number of people using it highly recommend it for daily usage. 

Because of a large number of beneficial aspects of this product, it considered the best lens for street photography. Therefore, you can invest your money here without having any kind of confusion in your mind.

3. Nikon 35MM f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus


Price: 14,900

Searching for something that is high-end and can blur and isolate the background along with your subjects. It also called as the best lens for a cinematic look. 

It is compact as well as fast with a prime lens of about f/1.8 for the DX-format cameras. There is also an availability of an outstanding low light highlighting effect that gives life to your picture even in dim light.

It may vary with different conditions and has a remarkable performance. Some of the important details illustrated as follows:


There is an ultimate system called Nikon silent wave motor that has autofocus and fasts.

  • The product has the creative properties and various conditions.
  • It allows 52mm attachments of the filter.
  • There is a classical normal angle of view up to 50mm.
  • The lens is environmentally friendly, travel and portraits.


  • The manufacturing company assures warranty.
  • The coating is strongly known as a super integrated coating.
  • There is a maximum reproduction ratio. 


  • Slightly heavy in size.
  • A lot more care required for its fixation and maintenance.
  • Some modifications are needed to upgrade. 


Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35MM f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras are the lenses that are most compatible with different cameras in various aspects. The image quality is remarkable. 

It highly recommended by many of people in reviews already experiencing its functions due to this it also named as a best prime lens for Nikon d5600. Therefore, you can invest your money here to enjoy its benefits. 

4. Canon EF 50 mm f/1.2 L USM Lens


For an exclusive and budget-friendly lens are suitable as well as compatible with the camera of every category. The company launched this product to facilitate you in any possible manner.  

It considered the best lens for street photography. The lens has the ability of weather resistance so that it can stay in every weather and work for you yielding maximum output in any of the terms and conditions. Some of the essential details explained as follows:


  • The product offers a maximum aperture of about 50 mm.
  • It consists of an Ultrasonic motor, and the lens is not zoomable.
  • The AF has full manual focus and 72 mm.
  • Closest focus distance is 1.48ft / 0.45m.
  • The photography lens is light in weight too.


  • It is affordable in its marketing range.
  • The quality of the material is iconic.
  • Lenses have high resolution and magnifying power.


  • It may not work for you in the long run.
  • The manufacturing company does not offer the warranty.
  • Limited in stock because of its high demand.


Canon EF 50 mm f/1.2 L USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Camera- Fixed is a confident production of the company as it has assured about its quality. It marked as the best prime lenses for street photography. 

The product is the latest invention of modern technology in the era of photography. You can carry it to your destination because it is compact and does not occupy a large surface area to cause any inconvenience.

5. Canon EF 135 mm f/2 L USM Lens


Price: 67,000

This product is the representative of all the iconic canon lenses and considered as the best canon lens for night photography. The lens consists of 10 elements that organized in 8 major groups. 

The diagonal view of angle is about 18 degrees. Moreover, the filter size is remarkable, that is about 75 mm. There is a rear focusing system along with USM. Further details of this product magnified as follows:


  • The autofocus is quite fast and appropriate for about f/2.
  • For the soft bokeh, there is a circular aperture.
  • The product also consists of a lens hood as well as a soft case.
  • The coatings are permanent and super spectra.
  • The construction is from the L- series and optics.


  • It is ideal for indoor sports.
  • The focal length is 135 mm.
  • Closest focusing distance is about 3 feet.


  • Special care required for its protection.
  • It is slightly high in price.
  • Material needs some modifications.


Canon EF 135 mm f/2 L USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Camera- Fixed, Black – 2520A004 is a gem for those who have a great lust for photoshoots whether it is street photography or else for public shooting. 

It is also recommended and named as the best camera for casual use because of its high standardized specifications and modifications. No compromise has made in its quality; therefore, one year warranty also offered by the company.

6. Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens For Nikkon


Price: 56,500

The product has a significant role in the category of Sigma Global vision. It comes up with a unique lens concept and design. It is also known as the best focal length for street photography. It offers high-speed performance with the large aperture. 

Some of the accessories are included in it that is mainly the Lens Hood and carrying case. It also gives USB dock compatibility. There is also an inner focusing system. Further details of it significantly described as follows:


  • The manufacturing material allows a floating focusing system.
  • It offers superior optical performance to give a remarkable quality picture.
  • The lens can take artistic expression to an extraordinary level.
  • There is both axial and chromatic aberration with the help of the system.
  • It designed for the full-frame cameras. 


  • There is the installation of a hypersonic motor.
  • It is compatible with all Nikon cameras.
  • The filter range is 67mm.


  • It is slightly high in price as compared to others.
  • The product may run for you for the long term if not kept properly.
  • The lens is not budget-friendly.


Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Nikkon has given a title because of its benefits as one camera one lens one year. This title includes all the things needed in a glass. 

It offers leads to the attachment with one single camera at an only time and comes up with the warranty of one year. Therefore, you are safe to purchase it and invest your money for the sake of your benefits and pleasure.

7. Sigma 30mm F1.4 Art DC HSM Lens


Price: 41,500

For the art category side, we have this product as a reward launched in the market by the company for the lovers of photography and professionals. Because of its spectacular efficiency, it also named as the best lens for landscape photography. 

There is an HSM that is accurate and helps to work fast. A rear focus is also available to prevent any kind of expansion or error. It results to give you a high level of image quality. Some of the further details illustrated as follows:


  • The lenses enhance balance and stability in the quality of your image.
  • It is a high-speed lens even in dim or low light.
  • Accessories included in it are lens hood, rear caps and carrying case etc.
  • It has the compatibility for the USB dock.
  • Special software developed.


  • The product has the highest standards in the market.
  • The system is updated called sigma optimization pro.
  • There is a system to reduce the expansion of internal lens barrels.


  • A lot more maintenance required for its set up.
  • Limited in stock.
  • It is quite high in price as compared to other photography lenses.


Sigma 30mm F1.4 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon gives you a smoother result by the effectiveness of its working. It enhances the balance of your image at a maximum level without showing any distraction or disturbance. Moreover, it marked as the best prime lenses for canon 6d. 

Therefore, you must give this company a trial because it serves at international levels and a large number of positive reviews registered for this product. 


8. Sony 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens


If you want to have a great shoot outdoor and indoor and you also want to have the shoot with the wide-angle picture size.

The lens should be capable of clicking the pictures in darkness or even light. Then you are at the right place Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens is the best lens for street photography.

If you are a fan of street photography, then this lens is the best of you. These are the best Sony lens for street photography. The best part of this lens is that it is the most demanding photography lens for its night clicks. Further details about this lens given below:


  • Super focusing sequence.
  • Built-in image stabilization.
  • Comes with a wide-angle lens ratio.
  • It has an autofocus feature.
  • Silent and smooth high-speed focusing.


  • Comes with warranty.
  • Sharp enough for professional use.
  • Fast and accurate autofocusing.


  • Cannot be zoomed.
  • Is a little less durable.
  • Not so cheap.


If you are the fan of street shoot or outdoor shoot with wide-angle range and best picture quality, then Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens is the best lens for street photography. 

Well, this lens has the brilliant photography results. And they are very reliable. So I recommend you all to but this lens for your shoot.

9. Sony – E 50mm Portrait Lens


If you are willing to buy the best Sony lens for street photography, then Sony – E 50mm F1.8 OSS Portrait Lens (SEL50F18/B), Black is the best one for you. If you want the best street or outdoor shoot, then this is the one. 

The lense has best features than all other outdoor lenses. It is one of the best portrait lenses. 

The lens has a perfect focus function auto and manual both. And the price is fantastic for the lens. It has a sharp portrait effect for professional use. The further features magnified below:


  • Built instability.
  • Autofocus feature is available.
  • Comes with Hood (ALC-SH116), Lens front cap, Lens rear cap.
  • It has the best portrait effect.
  • Easier to achieve crisp, blur-free images and video


  • OSS (essential for those who want to make videos and have the a6300 or below).
  • It gives a beautiful bokeh effect.
  • Relatively small and very light.


  • It does not have an excellent definition like other alternatives – but more expensive.
  • Has a disappointing and early chromatic aberration (you can see clearly in images (3 and 4).
  • Focus pumps and does not always focus.


If you have an APS-C camera and you will use it for video, it’s the right choice. If you have an APS-C camera and you will only use portrait photography, it is worth considering Sigma as well. 

I like it because the chromatic aberrations seem just right to me. That fuchsia on the edges is my type. It is the best lens for travel photography Sony.

It is sharp throughout (from corner to corner and also through the aperture range). I love the manual focus ring, and I dig the clicks on the aperture ring.

10. Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 R WR


Price: 77,600

If you love to have a shoot while travelling has some memorable clicks and enjoy watching those clicks after the travel ends, then the best prime lens for travel photography is Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 R WR. 

The lens is a very lightweight you can easily carry it anywhere with you while travelling and can enjoy its features like focus and sharp image results. It is very durable and reliable lens out there in the market. Further features discussed below:


  • Autofocus is available.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • Has the Nano GI Coating for High Image Quality.
  • It has High-Speed Autofocus as Fast as 0.11sec.
  • extremely sharp from f1.6 (in the middle)


  • Small in size
  • Light in weight
  • Fast in operation


  • very expensive for this quality
  • violent chromatic aberrations in contrast from open aperture up to 2.0
  • violent coma in the edges


It is Fantastic. A very nicely balanced lens, sharp, quick to focus. The best part is the 1.4 aperture and the close focus distance, this mixed with the 90mm means you rarely, if ever miss a perfect shot. 

I recommend everyone to try this lens because it is the best prime lenses for travel photography. This lens is amazing. If you shoot anything where you would need a wide lens, then I recommend this lens to you. 

It is sharp throughout (from corner to corner and also through the aperture range). I love the manual focus ring, and I dig the clicks on the aperture ring.

11. Fujinon XF23mmF2 R WR – Black


Price: 43,500

The shoot that done outside while travelling in rural areas with friends and you decide to take pictures for memories and enjoy watching those clicks after the travel ends. The best prime lens for travel photography is Fujinon XF23mmF2 R WR – Black.

The raw photos of the lenslet you amazingly edit the photos. This lens is amazing. If you shoot anything where you would need a wide lens? It has many extra and outstanding features. Following are some features of Fujinami XF23mmF2 R WR – Black:


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dust and moisture resistant design
  • full-frame E-mount cameras
  • Outstanding optical performance in a wide 28mm focal length


  • Very good build quality (housing)
  • Innovation when selecting manual focus
  • Quite good quality (especially in distant motifs, which is when it equals Sigma 56).


  • At open aperture not sharp
  • Focus pumps and does not always focus.
  • It is not so durable.


If you’re looking for a sub $500 prime lens, the 28 is a very good deal. Bokeh on this lens is very nice. You get very creamy backgrounds with the subjects being tack sharp. 

Gives a nice professional feel to photographs you don’t get with the kit lens. Quality is good for starters. So I recommend all of you to buy this lens.

12. Sony SEL28F20 Standard-Prime Lens


Price: 30,000

If you are tired of carrying heavy and large lens on your tour and you want to get a small lightweight, a portable lens that you can carry or take anywhere with you any time.

Then Sony SEL28F20 FE 28mm f/2-22 Standard-Prime Lens for Mirrorless Cameras is the best lightweight lens.

This lens has many advantages other than its lightweight. It has a great photo capturing result it has the best focus system automatic and manually controllable. It has built-in stabilization. And it as many other features as well. Some detailed features highlighted below:


  • Outstanding optical performance in a wide 28mm focal length.
  • Dust and moisture resistant design
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Compatible w/ ultra-wide and fisheye converter lenses
  • ED glass with multi‐coating reduces flare and ghosting


  • Light-weighted.
  • Slim smart design.
  • Portable design.


  • It is not so cheap.
  • It is not so durable.
  • at open aperture not sharp


Booker on this lens is very helpful. You get very creamy backgrounds with the subjects being tack sharp. Gives a nice professional feel to photographs you don’t get with the kit lens. 

It has a Cheap, sharp, decent bokeh. It is a very reliable and useful product, so I recommend everyone to use it. It is the best outdoor shoot lens and best street shoot lens as well. It has fantastic quality and is a trendy lens.

What are things that need to take care of when Buying a Camera Lens?

Are you one of those who are keen to buy the best photography lenses for street photography but do not know about the necessary preferences that you must consider before buying any lens compatible with your camera?

Then it would help if you stopped worrying about it because reading further will aware you for all the significant details that must consider as a topmost priority. Some of the essential tips and tricks to know before buying the lenses for street photography and landscapes mentioned as follows:

  • Compatibility.
  • Focusing length.
  • Magnification power.
  • Wide-angle and its dimensions.
  • Performance at low light.

These points are to think about before you spend any of money in the lenses. After diving into more depth, you must choose the one that comes up with all over your requirements. All the products are available at Amazon. You must visit their official website. 

It is safe and authentic; there is no scamming or fraud ever registered about their website so that you can trust them blindly without letting your money to be at high risk. You must read the reviews of people using it so that you must assure about its working in various ways. 

There is no compromise in the quality of the lenses made by the company. It is due to this reason they also offer a warranty so that you can replace your glass with a new one. Otherwise, they repair it without spending a single penny in case you observe any error or default in it. 

The company is very responsive in dealing with its clients, whether they are for complaint or positive feedback. There is another option to pay on delivery to give cash at the time you get your product to convince yourself for sure. 

It takes no delivery charges from the customer as well, and if you are buying from the site for the first-ever time, then they will also offer you with some discount depending upon the category of the lens you choose.

So, everything is clean and safe, and you can trust them to enjoy the wonders of modern technology and its benefits as it made to give you its best instead of all terms and conditions. 

They are multi-functional and thus give you a large number of advantages whether you are using the lens for your daily usage or else professional work. Better the lens better the image is the critical formula for all the lenses. 

You must spend less on cameras but more on the glass because the camera would allow setting the lens, but the bright and outstanding picture can only achieve if there is a spectacular lens with you. 

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