10 Best Places to visit in Europe

Best Places To Visit In Europe: – Europe is the second smallest continent with approximately 50 countries. Europe is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to its south, the Arctic Ocean to its north, the Atlantic Ocean to its west.  

And, It is separated from Asia by the Ural River in the east European climate varies from subtropical to polar. Europe is known to be the home of magnificent architecture, fascinating museums, fabulous beaches, and Mediterranean islands.

Best Places To Visit In Europe



Rome is the largest and the capital city of Italy. The country has fantastic palaces, remarkable fountains, millennium-old churches, beautiful monuments, and impressive ruins. 

The place has a vibrant historical heritage. You can go for a cruise on cruise ships of which most dock in Civitavecchia.

Every year, usually in mid-May, government-owned landmarks, museums, and archaeological sites are accessible to everyone for free for an entire week. Pass tickets can otherwise be purchased at the Rome Tourist Board Office.

When going to churches in Rome, make sure you dress appropriately to avoid being denied access. There are incredible roof gardens and some sculptures, paintings, and religious icons on the walls of several buildings.

There are also other palatial buildings with statues, gardens, fountains, and courtyards. The Parco Della Musica hosts classical, popular, and jazz music continuously both national and international.

The most famous artists perform in the fields in summer. There are cooking classes for pasta, pizza and other local food such as amatriciana. And carbonara taught by highly professional chefs.

For those who want to learn Italian languages, Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri offers Italian Language courses for all levels with lessons commencing every Monday. Via del Corso and via Condotti are Rome’s shopping streets with the most shopping malls in Rome.

Via Cola di Riezo consists of the best designer shops while via del Corso consists of shops with more affordable clothing. For dining, there are several excellent restaurants.

The best restaurants are in the Monteverde Vecchio district. San Lorenzo is a district where you can go for a night of fun. The most of pubs and clubs are located here.



Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia Region. There are amazing buildings to see most of which were designed by Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral is one unique building by Gaudi which will leave you impressed. It is advisable to pre-book tickets for major attractions.

To avoid long queues and to make use of the open-top tour buses as it’ll enable you to see more. For those with a love for Spanish guitar music, Santa Maria del Pi Church and the Palau de la Musica are a must-go.

There are gorgeous beaches. Barceloneta and Marbella are among the most popular beaches. Some parts of the beach are pebble while other parts are fine sand.

You can swim, surf, suntan or just relax. There are also several restaurants to enjoy Spanish seafood cuisine. Some of the local food choices are tapas, paella, and pinches.

There is a wide variety of cuisines at the tons of restaurants which all serve delicious food, mostly three-course. There are amazing bakeries at several corners with the most delicious pastries.

Looking for the best liqueurs? Vom Fass has a variety of excellent selections to choose from.

Barcelona has a fantastic choice of shops to suit people of all ages ranging from designer boutiques, global, local, brand name, and souvenir shops. Here sales and bargaining are commonly practiced.



Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein but not its largest city. The prince’s castle and his museums are in Vaduz.

Vaduz is different from most European cities in terms of architecture. It mainly consists of modern buildings and not old buildings. 

The Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum portrays to its visitors the full history of Liechtenstein. Viewing of the prince’s wine collection can be done by the vineyard.

Visiting the river allows visitors to see the mountain which surrounds the city. Visitors can also view the bridge, which is a crossing border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

It accommodates pedestrians and bicycle riders only. Shops in Vaduz mostly sell tourist trinkets in Liechtenstein and Swiss colors.

The Tourist Information Office has official Liechtenstein Tourist Information Office stamps available for sale.

There are several cafés and restaurants. The Old Castle Inn, located in the center of Vaduz, offers the most real food and has a pleasurable atmosphere.



Bitola is the second-largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. The Old Bazaar is the most fantastic in Macedonia. It contains Ottoman monuments and water fountains. The 30-meter Clock Tower is said to be the pride of the Bitola people.

It was first built in 1664 and was later modified to its current appearance. A music festival consisting of more than 100 events is held every year from mid-June until the end of August.

Another music festival, a 10 days international classical music festival is known as the Interest, is held every year. Popular musicians and famous soloists from all over Europe gather at the festival which takes place from 2 October through 12 October every year.

For all your shopping, Wide Alley in Sirok Sokak and Marsal Tito are the streets to visit at that’s where most of the shops are located.

Bitola has quite several excellent restaurants. Belvedere is an elegant and magnificent restaurant that caters to both elders and younger people seeking a quiet atmosphere.

Positive Night Club is one of the most common clubs which opens in the summer and is mostly fully packed. Top hits, R’n’B and Hip Hop are the music genres often played at this club.



Novi Sad is the second-largest city and is the provincial capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The town is famous for its several magnificent baroque churches.

The foreign art collection is the most significant museum with a comprehensive collection of international art in Serbia.

The Mountaineering club Naftaš and the Železnicar Association of mountaineers and skiers organize hikes on the Fruska Mountain and in the Novi Sad vicinity.

There are fantastic beaches on the Danube River which are accessible to everyone throughout the year. Novi Sad has several shops with different quality goods such as coats for the winter season, jewelry, handmade leather goods, and sportswear.

Local fresh produce and a few imported groceries are sold at the Futoška pijaca and the Riblja pijaca outdoor markets.

Green House and Ananda Veggie cater to vegetarians with several choices of delicious vegetarian food to choose from. Žal zamladost is a veritable Serbian restaurant that is the best place to dine for a taste of traditional and modern Serbian cuisines.

Trema is one of the largest bars in Novi Sad, and people of all ages and cultural backgrounds go there for a night of fun.

If traveling with children, Route66 Novi Sad will be the ideal place to dine, perhaps have a drink or two and enjoy live concerts or video performances. In contrast, children enjoy the animation program.



Porto is the capital of the Northern region and is the second-largest city in Portugal. Torre dos Clerigos is a 240 steps landmark with a breathtaking view from its top.

Casa da Música is a building that was strictly designed and built-in dedication to music for both public performances and artistic education and design.

For football lovers, FC Porto Museum is a must-visit. You can view more than 120 years of football history of one of the most victorious European football teams.

Porto is the port wine capital. You can take a port wine tour or visit any of the wine caves. These tours include wine tasting at the cellars.

There are workshops oriented by craftspeople for those into art and want to take up an artistic challenge of painting, fusing, weaving, and sketching.

Santa Catarina Street is highly recommended for all your shopping as it consists of a large number of a variety of shops.

Murda is a must-go for Portuguese products such as clothing, jewelry, books, and several other objects. Wine and sushi workshops are also offered at Mukunda.

The most excellent restaurants in Porto are located close to the beach and the seaport. A must-try is a traditional sandwich known as “Francesinha” which has been rated as one of the 10 best sandwiches in the world.



Birmingham is the second-largest city in Britain. Birmingham has parks and gardens all over the city. Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses has enormous botanical gardens with an extensive range of plants and workshops throughout the year.

The Birmingham Nature Centre has six-acre centers with a large number of animals and birds such as deer, owls, otters, and two rare red pandas.

The Cannon Hill Park has beautiful flowerbeds, a tennis court, bowling halls, and tea rooms. The Lickey Hills Country Park has a golf course.

The National Sea Life Centre contains a variety of aquatic animals. The public can feed the animals after demonstrations are carried out.

Sutton Park is a large park that’s inclusive of wetland, heathland, woodland, and lakes. Different exciting proceedings are offered at this park such as golf courses, cycling, and bird watching.

The Electric Cinema is the oldest in the United Kingdom. The cinema is quite unique with couches to sit on and has waiters and waitresses to serve you.

There are also leisure centers with swimming pools, sports courts, and gyms. Edgbaston Priority has over 20 tennis courts, about 10 squash courts, 2 large swimming pools, and a gym all accessible to the public.

The Queens Arm is a well-known pub where people can watch live sport and participate in quizzes on Thursday nights.



Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is famous for its bridges, gold-tipped towers, and its swan-filled Vltava River.

Prague Castle appears to be the largest ancient castle in the world. It was recorded as the largest in the Guinness World Records book.

The Staronová Synagoga is known to be the oldest active synagogue in Europe and said to be the resting site of the famous Prague Golem.

The famed Holy Infant of Prague, which is a statue of Christ, can be viewed in Lesser Town at Our Lady Victorious church.

The Troja Chateau has an enormous garden portraying several sculptures. Prague has escape rooms with a variety of activities.

The most commonly used are the Puzzle Room Prague and the Getaway Prague. Escape rooms are more ideal for groups.

The escape games require players to escape a room within a specific time by finding keys, codes, linking a variety of objects, solving riddles and puzzles as a team.

For those who enjoy riding bikes, Prague has bike paths, and bikes can be rented at bike tour companies. Praha Bike is the largest bike rental in the Czech Republic.

Prague Flights provides sightseeing by plane, helicopter, hot-air balloons, and tandem skydiving. Lakshmi Tantric Massage Temple provides exceptional for the body such as facials and body massages.

OC Letňany is the biggest shopping mall in Prague and has the most prominent brand name shops and has a cinema as well.



Oulu is the capital of the Oulu province and the Northern Ostrobothnia region. Oulu is the home of the first science center in the world known as the Tiedekeskus Tietomaa.

The Elokuvateatteri Plaza has a movie theatre that displays the best movies in Finland. Most of the film is originally in English and are translated into Finnish.

Another excellent movie theatre in Oulu is the Start Movie Theatre which screens 3D digital movies. It is an entertainment site mostly in the summer season and on weekends throughout the year.

The Oulun Uimahalli is the largest state-owned swimming pool in Finland. Close to this pool are weight training gyms, gymnastic halls, wrestling, and boxing areas.

Some indoor activities are games such as billiards, pool, air hockey, arcade games, and bowling. For fresh food, Oulu Market offers a wide variety of fresh produce ranging from fruits and vegetables to meat.

Verkkokauppa is said to be the site to visit for electronics, mobile phones, cameras, and computers. Children are sure to enjoy the playground in Vadelmatarha, which also consists of shops with clothing and other items for children.

There are several restaurants in Oulu that serve fast food and international cuisines (such as Turkish, Greek, Russian, Spanish Indian, and Chinese.

For those with a love for cocktails, Kuluma is the place for you. A variety of excellent cocktails with a fantastic display are served.



Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden. Maritiman is the largest floating museum of ships with 19 ships and boats of different sizes.

The Kviberg Military Museum contains guns and other apparatus of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Aeroseum is an aircraft museum located in a former underground military air force base.

Slottsskogen is a large garden park favored for relaxation and picnics. There’s also a children’s zoo with different breeds of goats, pigs, and goats, a collection of animals exhibited, seals in a pond, a penguin pond, and on a hill are moose and deer all in the Slottsskogen garden park.

Children have the opportunity to ride on a pony. You can go canoeing at Delsjön Lake during the summer season. There are sailing yachts that people can book for a day in the sea.

Gothenburg has world-class seafood restaurants of which its main restaurants are located in Linnégatan Street.

Guldhedens Vattentorn is an exquisite café situated at the top of an old water tower and has a fantastic view of Gothenburg.

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