Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA

Best Places To Visit In USA:- No doubt there are many worth seeing places in America, which we have selected as the top 10 best places to visit with the family or with friends for amusement.

These top-rated places are so beautiful and enriched with nature and contain unbelievable scenic views to see. These locations in America are suitable to visit for people of every age and group.

The nature lovers, the travelers and the people who love to enjoy with their families must have to get these places. Surely you will enjoy these moments and they will be unforgettable.

We have shortlisted the top 10 best and most beautiful places to visit in America after a lot of research and effort.

We do not deny the fact that there are a lot of beautiful places in the United States of America that are attention-grabbing and heartiest. Here is the list of the top 10 best places to visit in the USA as per 2020 rankings.

Best Places To Visit In USA

1. Yosemite National Park, CA


Indeed, California is one of the beautiful states of the USA and is surrounded by worth seeing beaches and gardens of different flowers and giant parks.

This natural beauty makes California so attractive to visit too. Let us show you the most beautiful place that every beauty-loving person must visit which is Yosemite National Park in California.

A few years back, it was temporarily shut down by the government for tourism and re-opened to the public in 2013 again.

The Park is delightful for the visitors, because of its grand peaks, splendid waterfalls, green meadows, and the cool breeze throughout the year. The Yosemite National Park has evergreen and contains a thick and deep Valley alongside.

2. The Wave, Arizona


Here is another canyon cliff in Arizona, famous for its waves shape also called the home of waves. It looks like someone has carved the cliffs in a wave-looking shape. If you ever get a chance to see these waves, I assure you, it would be an incredible memory.

You can hike along the tracks but at your own risk, as it is a dangerous place. Yes I forget to mention an important point, not everyone is allowed to enter the wave, but those who are lucky to get a chance to enter, and the entrance fee of the wave is $7.

3. Niagara Falls, New York


The Niagara Falls is a fantastic power waterfall and eye-catching scene; the water is rushing through the cliff. The waterfall is no less than a wonder in the world. Near a million gallons of water per second falls via an edge of the cliff.

If you go there, you can take a boat to see this scenic view closely, and It would be a remarkable and unforgettable scene.

4. Smokey Mountains North Carolina


The most realistic and beautiful place to see is the Smokey Mountains, a charismatic mountains valley that attracts millions of visitors each year.

It is also known as the most visiting place in the countryside. Nearly 9.5 million people visit the Smokey Mountains every year, and this counting is increasing year by year.

This national park is offering free-of-cost entrance for enjoyment and fun. The park allows you to do joyful activities like rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, and much more.

The park also offers you much more to see, the waterfalls and the colors of the rainbow enhance the beauty of the Smokey Mountains.

5. Lake Tahoe, CA


As I already told you that California is one of the most beautiful states of America, because of its natural beauty.

Lake Tahoe is situated at California and Nevada border, a lake that is very suitable for support and adventurous activities. Three hundred days of sunshine on the lake make this place more visible and ideal for travelers and tourists.

The weather remains so stunning throughout the year, in the winters and the summer as well. If you are passionate about skiing, boating, or kayaking, I would highly recommend you to visit this lake. Lake Tahoe contains fresh, clear, and transparent water, and the giant trees in the line make its beauty worth seeing.

6. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


Another worth seeing palace we would like to recommend to visitors is Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. As Utah is a very significant state for natural beauty, so it’s always an excellent choice to visit the beautiful places of the state.

The Bryce Canyon national park caught the tourists and the visitors because of the giant red rocks pillars, also called hoodoos, and much more.

These antique pillars’ formation is the result of thousands of years of air pressure, rainwater, and cold and hot weather.

Bryce Canyon National Park gives views like an Egyptian pharaoh’s old paintings. There is much more than this in this park besides these hoodoos. Approximately 1.5 million people use to visit this park in a year.

7. Northern Lights, Alaska


Do you know what would be the first thing when you will personal to this site, you will shout Wow, what a fantastic sight to see in life? Alaska is very famous among tourists due to this place.

The Northern lights are made up of the solar particles that are suddenly pushed towards the magnetic field of the earth.

These particles glow up and look like waves of different colors containing green, yellow, blue, and red. These waves or lights can be seen from various places in America and from around the world as well.

So many tourists from the USA and around the world visit this splendid place to get a chance to see it happening directly. Here is the warning for the visitors of this location, as Alaska is a freezing place, so be careful with your dressing when you are looking forward to visiting this place.

The best season or the months we should suggest you for seeing these lights are from September to April.

8. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park


There are numerous beautiful spots to see in the Yellowstone National Park, in which the most worth seeing place is the Grand Prismatic Spring. It is the largest hot spring in America, and it looks like a rainbow on the earth; that is why it is named Prismatic Spring.

It contains almost all the colors of the rainbow. It is guaranteed that it would become your favorite view of the Yellowstone National Park.

9. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida


Dry Tortugas National Park is gorgeous and paradise land on the earth, located far away from the coast of the Key West.

The island contains soft sands to sit on and is famous for being the healthiest palace to visit and live in. The island’s green water is appealing to see and leaves a remarkable memory in your mind.

Even the people who have already visited the Dry Tortugas park, still looking for the opportunity to see this beautiful nature.

The spark is not so broad in the area as compared to Zion National Park but contains seven small and beautiful islands covering a small area of just seven miles.

Despite this beauty, you can also see the abundance of wildlife on the island. You can see a significant number of turtles swimming in the green water, the flock of birds flying on the coast of the island.

If you haven’t seen the Dry Tortugas National Park yet in your life, take a deep breath and let plan for this sightseeing place.

10. Zion National Park, Utah


Zion National Park is the oldest park of Utah and is situated near Springdale, Utah. It is extensive and covers a large area of approximately 146,000 acres.

It is a distinct and most famous place from the decades because of the sensational and thrilling views and zigzags valley of mountains make it worth seeing the site.

In the Zion National Park, people can relax on the top of the hills and can enjoy the beautiful natural scene by sitting above the mountains of the park.

There are also opportunities for the tourists to rappelling and climbing on the hill. Thousands of visitors and tourists visit the Zion National Park, and according to an estimation of the Zion National Park administration, almost three million visitors visit to park each year. 

VisitBest team will recommend this park for a thrill and for seeing that majestic place on the earth. People also love to visit this place for adventures.

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