Best Shampoo Brands in India (Updated-List)

Best Shampoo Brands in India:- For any woman who cares about her hair, shampoo brands are an unavoidable subject. Usually, the best ones have superior ingredients, a high ratio of shampoo-to-water, and remove oil, dead skin, and hair product residues from hair. 

A good shampoo should not leave the hair having an oily appearance after bathing. The best brand differs from one person to another depending on the one’s type of hair. 

It is essential to choose the right shampoo for proper hair care. Shampoo can help you grow silky, healthy, and long hair that everyone appreciates, and it can also help you deal with the problem of dandruff or regular hair loss.

There are many such shampoos available in India’s markets that can meet your needs and fit your budget.

Let’s take a look at the shampoo brands available in India. Here, the article lists the top 10 shampoo brands in India.

Best Shampoo Brands in India

1. L’Oreal Paris

Loreal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo

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L’Oréal is an international brand for personal care products. It is headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, with a registered office in Paris. It is one of the best shampoo brands in India.

It is the world’s largest cosmetics company and has developed activities concentrating on hair color, skincare, sun protection, makeup, perfume, and hair care.

The brand is serving people for many years with its unique products. Their haircare range is also trendy, and they have excellent shampoos available in the market.

The Loreal shampoos are priced on the higher side, but one bottle will last you for at least three months, making them cost-effective.

Do you Know?

The highest cosmetics content in the world is produced and used in Egypt.

2. Dove


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Next added to the list of best shampoo brands in India is Dove. After building its equity as one of the mildest soaps available in India and having created a small space in the premium segment of the soap market, Dove has extended itself into the hair care segment.

The new Dove hair-care products address issues such as hair that has been either lightened or darkened, together with more severe cases of hair damage caused by either hair treatments or environmental damage. 

The recently launched New Generation Dove Therapy (shampoo) is a typical example of a product meant to prevent hair damage. In recent marketing research, Euro monitor has referred to the ‘micro segmentation’ of the personal-care market, giving particular reference to the evolution of the hair-care category. 

Industry experts say that only 20% of Indian women use hair color in India compared to 90% in developed markets. The new Dove range of shampoos focuses on issues related to colored hair.

Advanced Colour Care is a new line of shampoos, conditioners, and specialty conditioning treatments that provide customized care for the different effects coloring treatments have on the hair.

Do You Know

One rupee shampoo pouches account for 25% of the total shampoo market.


The presence of milk lotion acts as the differentiator. The Dove brand takes the strength from the equity of its soap and will be trying to leverage that strength. The brand uses the tagline “More beautiful hair with every wash” to promote the range. 

Benefits: Instead of damaging hair using harmful chemicals, Dove hair care takes gentle hair care and makes it more beautiful. 

Values. The message that was spread was every woman can be beautiful. The deal is that of true beauty—beauty that’s from within. 


The brand personality of Dove is honest, straightforward, and simple. In a world where media depictions of beauty are based on physical attractiveness and airbrushed images, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a breath of fresh air. 

The campaign, which uses real women, not models, was launched by Unilever in Canada in early 2004. “The Dove mission is to widen the definition of beauty,” states the Brand Manager of Dove. 

The natural beauty campaign ads continued in India through heavy customer interaction campaigns. (One may recall the 13-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L’ campaign that also featured on outdoor hoardings, which had women with their hair luxuriously spread about their faces to form each alphabet of that word.) 

3. Pantene


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Another of the best shampoo brands in India is Pantene. It is India’s most popular cosmetic shampoo manufactured by the multinational company Proctor & Gamble.

Nearly a dozen varieties of Pantene Shampoo are available for purchase in the Indian market. The brand is available in shampoo bottles as well as small pouches for single use.

So you can buy and use this shampoo at a low price, i.e., for a few rupees. Pantene shampoo is considered one of the best shampoo for the problem of hair loss. Using it daily will reduce your hair loss problem by 98%.

Do You Know

People of India apply about 8,000 crore rupees shampoo every year.

4. Head & Shoulders


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Now just regular shampooing gives really effective dandruff control for millions. Now you can stop nursing dandruff along.

You can do more than merely wash away the flakes for a few days. After ten years of research, Procter & Gamble presents Head & Shoulders.

It is both the most effective and most convenient dandruff control you can buy. No other shampoo or rinse can match it.

Yet this is no unpleasant medicinal treatment but a fragrant, rich lathering shampoo. And no other shampoo of any kind leaves hair easier to manage. If you or anyone in your family has dandruff, get Head & Shoulders. It really works!

Head & Shoulders “handles that little itch.” Prell will “wake up” your hair to its “fullest, thickest, fluffiest,” and Breck produces “beautiful hair … you can’t help but notice.”

It makes things a little better, such as how Procter & Gamble reformulated Head & Shoulders in 2006 to take advantage of better chemistry to deliver its old active ingredient.

On the scalps of susceptibles, M. globosa and resulting dandruff can usually be controlled by any of several fine commercial shampoos, including Head & Shoulders, the granddaddy of over-the-counter, anti-dandruff products.

Zinc pyrithione had long been prescribed as a topical antiseptic and antifungal. Still, it was P&G who first brought a blue-green 1 percent zinc py-rithione shampoo out of the pharmacy and onto the consumer market in 1961.

Head & Shoulders now comes in 10 brand-stretching varieties, including a heavy-duty version called “Intensive So-lutions” with 2 percent zinc pyrithione.

It works—P&G has the data—provided that susceptibles use it religiously. Other dandruff shampoos use similar met-al-based compounds such as selenium sulfide (P&G markets a “Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment” variety with 1 percent selenium).

5. Himalaya


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The next shampoo brand which managed to get registered in the list is Himalaya. Its anti-dandruff shampoo was positioned as a “Herbal anti-dandruff formulation that controls dandruff, nourishes and strengthens hair roots and ensure health scalp.”

With the growing concern for using chemicals in the shampoo, it tried to position itself as a shampoo prepared from herbal and natural extracts with no side effects. 

  • The Himalaya brand provides a clear differentiation by associating itself with traditional ways of health care. 
  • Traditionally, natural lifestyle products have been positioned at the premium end of the market. Himalaya placed its products in the mid-segment. 
  • Its market research showed that Ayurveda is perceived as an ancient science that, though respected, is old-fashioned; hence it resorted to extensive promotion, thereby merging ancient science with modem life.
  • Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is a unique 2-in-1 formula that helps reduce hair fall and nourishes hair.

A very pleasant smelling, non-greasy shampoo, which washes off easily without any slimy residue, unlike most present-day shampoos, leaves in the hair.

It is one of the best shampoos for hair loss problems, which is evident from the fact that almost no hairs come off while combing/brushing the hair.

6. TRESemme


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One more added in the list of best shampoo brands in India is TRESemme, the official hair shampoo brings you the same duo, that stylists love working with.

TRESemme shampoo, conditioner, and professional hair straighteners. Yes, now get salon-like smoother, straighter hair at your fingertips, with a hair straightener free with TRESemme shampoo and conditioner!

Tresemme is an American multinational brand of hair care products. The company first manufactured shampoo in 1947 by the namesake Godefroy Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

The name was after the renowned hair care expert Edna L. Emme. The brand name is a phonetic re-spelling of “well-loved” (French: tres-aime) that cleverly includes the surname of its namesake.

Initially, the company marketed its product line only to beauty salons (exclusivity). Alberto Culver first purchased Tresemme in 1968, a company acquired by Unilever in 2010.

But, the brand had been struggling in India to gain market share for the company. Also, this brand has made its presence prominent via exclusive sales to hair salons and parlours. However, in India, Tresemme is targeting the masses, unlike its indigenous country.

Another crucial emerging aspect nowadays is to get customers involved or engaged with the help of freebies which is a low-cost way to get a customer like the product, a nifty tool for marketing than advertising.

7. Sunsilk


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Another one of the best shampoo brands in India is Sunsilk. It is a subsidiary company of Hindustan Lever, the Indian branch of the British corporation Unilever, and has been a famous brand of shampoo in India since 1964.

The company has diversified its range of beauty products enormously since liberalization includes home hair color kits and a wider variety of shampoos and conditioners to suit different hair types. It is considered to be one of the most renowned shampoo brands in India.

Sunsilk official D. Shivkumar was quick to describe ideological traits the shampoo and the pageant share in his discussion of the dynamics of sponsorship, noting that “the shampoo brand represents the woman of today, one who is erudite, spirited and with the times, just like Miss India.”

Sunsilk already controlled 60 percent of the multi-billion dollar shampoo market in India at the time of the 2003 pageant.

By associating the brand with beauty under the pretext of female empowerment, the company was able to position itself positively on women’s lives.

In 1987 Sunsilk became the first shampoo brand to launch a two-in-one shampoo. i.e. shampoo with conditioner.

Another famous brand of Sunsilk in the 1980s was Sunsilk Black shine shampoo for long hair. In the 1990s, popular variants like Sunsilk Purple with ceramides for damaged hair and Sunsilk Salon treatment for expert hair care were launched.

Subsequently, several variants—Sunsilk Black Sham-poo (with melanin from plant extracts), Sunsilk Pink Shampoo (with essential oils from flower extracts) and Sunsilk Fruitamins (with vitamins from fruit extracts►—were launched.

Sunsilk was also the first to launch shampoos by hair types and continuously introduced new variants to keep the brand relevant to the TG.” For instance, it had products for damaged hair, curly hair, wavy hair, oily hair, etc.

8. Vatica


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Next queued in the list of famous shampoo brands in India is Vatika shampoo. The brand is able to make considerable gains in the tough-to-crack shampoo market. Creating a successful product brand would have needed more investment and time.

Dabur endorses the Vatika brand. In the visual signage, the Vatika name dominates, but Dabur does appear in it as an inseparable component. The result: both the Fair Glow and Vatika brands have gained from the corporate name rub off.

A certain level of trust, quality, assurance, and expertise associations have gone into these brands. To that extent, brand awareness and acceptance are facilitated.

The Dabur name guarantees the brand’s efficacy because it is a well-established name in ayurvedic formulations.

Vatica shampoo contains amla and shikakai, and it is a natural shampoo. Therefore, it’s good for hair.

9. Nyle Shampoo


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Moving forward with the list of best shampoo brands in India. Next on the list is Nyle shampoo. It is full of the best ingredients found in nature. All shampoos of this brand are non-permeable and gentle on the hair.

Nyle shampoos are pH balanced so that the scalp skin is healthy and free of impurities and promotes hair growth. If you are looking for a natural shampoo for hair, try Nyle Shampoo.

The brand claims to be one of the safest shampoos to use. The shampoo nourishes your hair from the roots.

Its unique herbal formulation makes it mild for daily use. It maintains natural moisture content, shine, and gleaming hair.

New Nyle Herbal Shampoo is enriched with extracts of natural ingredients like Amla, Reetha, chamomile, and Lemon Grass, which cleanse your hair and make it incredibly soft and shiny. Please go on, indulge in its smooth texture, rich lather, and natural fragrance.

10. Park Avenue


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Park Avenue has launched a shampoo for men called Beer Shampoo. It is one of the best shampoo brands in India. One of its ingredients is beer. Beer is used to wash hair in the West, but it remains to be seen if Indian men will find such a shampoo credible.

Men drink beer but won’t use it to wash their hair, and men must be convinced that the beer in the shampoo will keep their hair strong and healthy.

They have been brought up believing that products like Mehndi (henna) are suitable for their hair. However, men take their hair seriously and dread losing them.

Most of them use the shampoo used by the ladies of the house. Park Avenue is using television and online medium to reach out to customers.

The company launched Beer Shampoo first in eight metros, mostly in modern trade formats, to gauge the reaction of its customers. It first ran an online campaign and then moved to television: print and other mediums.

WHat are different types of Hair Shampoo?

Cosmetic Shampoo: Usually, shampoo companies produce cosmetic shampoos. It is the most used and sold shampoo in India.

Herbal or Ayurvedic Shampoo: Herbal or Ayurvedic shampoo is gaining popularity very fast in a few years. More and more people want to avoid the use of harmful chemicals and cosmetic shampoos.

Medical Shampoo: Such shampoos are a bit expensive and are used to treat specific scalp and hair problems.

Anti-dandruff shampoo: This group of shampoos is used mainly by people suffering from dandruff problems as it helps to control and prevent dandruff.

What kind of diet helps hair grow fast?

When you’re growing out your hair, taking a multi-pronged approach will yield better results than just relying on your shampoo. If you want lovely strong locks fast, you might want to take a look at your diet.

Hair is made out of protein. Your diet has to support hair growth by including plenty of protein. The typical Indian diet provides only 15% of calories from protein- to support rapid hair growth, you’ll need to increase that amount substantially. N

Try to include a good protein source in each meal- add soybeans, Peas, or beans. When snacking, reach for a high-protein snack such as nuts instead of chips. 

B Vitamins
In addition to protein, hair needs certain nutrients to help it grow fast. Biotin is an important B vitamin that is essential for hair growth. Biotin is found in leafy green vegetables and peanuts. 

Essential minerals necessary for fast hair growth include zinc, iron, and silica. Oysters, crab, and lobster are the best sources of zinc. Leafy green vegetables are good sources of iron. 

Silica is found in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, strawberries, mango, and celery. Some bottled mineral water also contains significant amounts of silica. 

Fatty Acids
A good intake of healthy essential fatty acids speeds hair growth and helps the resulting hair be strong and shiny. When we consume fat, we are consuming fatty acids. 

Fat is composed of three fatty acids joined together. In the digestive tract, the fat is broken down into the free fatty acids that are then absorbed through the intestine. 

There are many different kinds of fatty acids. Fatty acids can be short, medium, or long. They can be saturated or unsaturated.
Essential fatty acids are types that the human body cannot manufacture and therefore need to be eaten. 

Essential fatty acids that are good for the hair include linoleic acid (LA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 

Sunflower seed oil is a rich source of LA. EPA and DHA are generally only found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. 

So get eating and continue using your special hair-growth shampoo and conditioner. You’ll have those long, lovely locks in no time at all. 

What is the best shampoo?

Everyone must learn by experiment with which shampoo is best for him. A good shampoo must clean the hair well enough to make it feel soft and light and look lustrous. But it shouldn’t strip out all of the oil. Experts have found that 100% cleanliness is undesirable.

Are soap or synthetic detergent shampoos better?

Both are good. Soapless shampoos may be too efficient as cleaners unless some fatty substance is added. But they are popular, particularly in hard water areas, because no special rinses, such as lemon or vinegar, need follow washing.

Should the shampoo contain lanolin?

Not necessarily. Lanolin cuts down a little on the over-efficient cleaning properties of soapless shampoos, but it doesn’t serve as an emollient for hair as it does for the skin.

What special care can dry hair be given?

Generously apply olive or castor oil to the scalp with your fingertips before shampooing your hair. Use oily hairdressing between shampoos. Brush frequently and vigorously to stimulate the action of the fat glands.

Which Shampoo should be used for oily Hair?

Use those shampoos that specify that they are meant for oily hair. Use hairdressing with an alcohol base, wash more often, and brush just as often but more gently. Your dermatologist will have other answers if the problem of either oily or dry hair becomes acute.

What is the best way to brush the hair?

Use a brush with closely set, pretty stiff bristles, but avoid those with strands so stiff or pointed that they injure the scalp or break hairs.

Begin the stroke with the brush just touching, but not digging into, the scalp. You should brush your hair from the front and back of the head upward and that on the sides outward. Be sure there is a slight tug on the scalp.

Does the sun hurt the hair?

Extremely bright sun and long exposure can be harmful, but moderate sunshine and fresh air are good for hair.

Does wetting hair frequently is bad?

Whether in the swimming pool or the shower, getting the hair frequently wet doesn’t cause it to rot or fall out.

Is salt water is safe for hair?

Average exposure won’t hurt. However, constant saltiness combined with the sunlight may make the hair and scalp dry.

What should be done about dandruff?

Ordinary dandruff, which is only a sloughing off dead skin from the scalp, is usually controllable by frequent shampoos and massages to keep the scalp stimulated. The infectious kind—seborrheic dandruff—can generally be cured by a dermatologist.

Is there a way to stop falling hair?

The average life span of scalp hair is two to six years. What comes out in comb or brush is dead hair that is being replaced by new.

Can hair ever be restored?

In a few cases, a better diet or doses of certain vitamins may be prescribed to induce hair growth in thin spots. Ordinary, inherited male alopecia (baldness that comes with age) cannot be stopped by anything yet known.

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