Top 10 Best Shirt Brands in India (For Men)

Best Shirt Brands in India:- A person should style himself in such a way that his style should speak louder than his words. You should dress well and keep it simple but significant.

The Fashion Styles keep on Changing with changes in tastes. Formal shirts dress up with Tie and Jacket style a gentleman for formal events.

Casual Shirts with Jeans give a stylish look for casual parties. The shirt is such a cloth that defines your style.

A man should wear shirts according to the events. Shirts are much comfy traditional wear which is of premium material.

A person should pick a premium quality fabric, color, and pattern as per your taste for the demand. In today’s globalizing world, the craze for buying branded shirts is increasing in men.

The Brand has inbuilt consumer trust. There is a variety of brands in the world which makes it strenuous for a person to cull out the best one.

Here is the list of top shirt brands that will give you a helping hand to dress up stylish.

Best Shirt Brands in India

1. John Players

John-Player Shirt Brand

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The very first brand in the list of best shirt brand in India is john player. It is a well-known formal shirt brand pre-owned by ITC, currently in the hands of Reliance Retail is running well. It offers premium quality fabric at combative prices.

John Players was ranked 5th Most Exciting Brand in the apparel category by Brand Equity, ET and 10th Most Trusted Apparel Brand by Brand Equity, ET.

The Shirts are available in both regular and slim fits in S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes. Shirts come in both Long sleeves and half sleeves in the ranging fabric of utmost comfort – Cotton, Linen, Synthetic.

The patterns of their shirts are unique and fascinating. The price range of John Players shirts is from Rs 500 to Rs. 2200.

2. Louis Philippe


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Next listed in this list of best shirt brands in India is Louis Philippe. It was brought into by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle in 1989. It is the largest apparel company in India.

The brand extends shirts for every age group at affordable prices to ostentatious. It offers Shirts in all sizes in both regular and slim fits.

The shirts come in a range of fabrics like cotton, cotton linen, and cotton-polyester blend, Linen, Rayon, and Lyocell.

The Louis Philippe shirt gives an amazing fitting and stylish look. The price range of Louis Philippe shirts starts from Rs. 900 to Rs 4300.

3. Roadster


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Another one of the leading shirt brands in India is Roadster. It is a renowned brand that was brought into the market by Myntra. It is known for offering stylish casual shirts at plausible prices and gives bang for the buck.

It is India’s coolest youth brand for casual wear that offers the best quality products at affordable prices. The shirts come in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Linen, Polycotton, Viscose Rayon of Regular fit, Slim Fit, and Tailored fit giving maximum comfort.

They offer a variety of patterns such as Abstract, Buffalo Checks, Camouflage, Conversational, Graphic, Geometric, Tartan Checks, Typography, Faded, Micro Ditsy, and many more.

You can choose the pattern of shirts which suits your personality and dress as a most stylish man. Shirts come in 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 sizes. The price range of Roadster shirts starts from Rs 200 to Rs 2300.

4. Raymond


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Next queued in the list of famous shirt brands in India is Raymond. Being one of the very oldest brands has a great brand image in the market and is known for its premium quality products. Raymond is in force since 1925.

The brand is awarded the ‘Best Retail Store Design for Fashion Apparel brand” for Raymond’s Ready-to-wear store, Viviana Mall, Thane from Visual Merchandising & Retail Design Awards 2015.

The Raymond brand is also rewarded with the title of ‘Most Trusted Apparel Brand 2011’ Award from Economic Times Brand Equity.

Its formal wear white shirts are more popular among all other brands for Formal Events.
The Shirts come for Casual wear, Formal wear, Party wear, and Semiformal wear in Regular and Slim Fit.

The Shirts usually come in ranging fabrics and offer varying patterns giving you the utmost comfort and classy look. Shirts are available in 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46 sizes. The price range of Raymond shirts starts from Rs 700 to Rs 5400.

5. Blackberry


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Moving forward with the list of best shirt brands in India. The next on the list is Blackberry. It is another popular brand for Formal Menswear Shirts in India. It stepped into the market in 1991 and is growing its image in the market swiftly in a short period.

The brand had won the award of the ‘Best Formal Wear Brand’ at the CMAI Award for three consecutive years in 2007 & 2008 & 2009. It has also won the most admired youth menswear brand in the Global youth marketing awards.

The Shirts come in Slim Fit, Trim Fit, Regular Fit, Smart Fit, Comfort Fit in all sizes at reasonable prices giving value for the money. The shirts are not much expensive and if worn along with formal blazers will give you a classy and perfect look. The price range of Blackberry shirts starts from Rs 700 to Rs 3300.

6. Arrow


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One more in the list of best shirt brands in India is Arrow. The brand is acquired by Philips Van Heusen Corp. in 2004. Arrow’s 1st plant was established in Bangalore in 1993.

It is the second-best-selling dress shirt in the United States and gained a good brand image in India for its trendy and classy shirts that attract the youth of our country.

The brand is known for its premium quality products in the American style. Arrow apparel is presently licensed in more than 100 countries.

They come in Slim Fit, Regular Fit, Super Slim Fit, Skinny Fit in both Long and Short Sleeves. Shirts come in a variety of patterns in Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Rayon, Viscose materials. The branded Shirts are available for all age groups. The price range of shirts is from Rs 600 to Rs 4700.

7. Allen Solly


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The list of best shirt brands in India continues with another famous shirt brand i.e Allen Solly. It is a fashion and apparel brand that belongs to the Lifestyle and Madura Fashion group.

It is the fastest-growing fashion and apparel brand in the Indian market. The Shirts are available at extremely reasonable prices. The Allen Solly Shirts come in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Linen, Modal, Polycotton, Polyester, Viscose Rayon material in Regular, Slim, and Tailored Fit.

A lot of attractive patterns and fits in all sizes give extreme comfort and bang for the bucks. The Price range of Allen Solly Shirts is from Rs 700 to Rs 3000.

8. Peter England


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Continuing with the list of top shirt brands in India. The next added to the list is Peter England. The brand gives a reflection that it is a foreign company, but it is an Indian company and a part of Aditya Birla Group.

The brand is proud of a country like India. If you talk about formal wear then Peter England is a king in the field of formal clothing wear. They have a lot of variety in formals for men of superior quality.

The Shirts come in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Polycotton, Polyester, Linen, Lyocell, Nylon, Viscose Rayon material. Shirts. The price range of Peter England shirts is from Rs 500 to Rs 2500.

9. Marks & Spencer


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Another comes in the list of top 10 shirt brands in India is Mark & Spencer. It is a renowned British brand that was established in 1884. It has formed a joint venture in April 2008 with Indian company Reliance Retail.

The venture is to form Marks & Spencer Reliance India with 51% stake held with itself and the remaining 49% held with Reliance Retail.

The brand is known for its classy denim casual shirts and it has a variety of formal wear too. Their stylized products are worth purchasing. The branded Shirts come in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Polycotton, Polyester, Linen, Lyocell, Nylon, Viscose Rayon material.

Marks & Spencer shirts come in Regular fit, Slim fit, Skinny fit, and Tailored fit in all sizes.
The price range of Marks & Spencer shirts starts from Rs. 500 to Rs 3200

10 U.S. Polo


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The next brand which is able to get its name registered in the list of best shirt brands in India is U.S. Polo.

It is the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA). It is one of the famous and prominent shirt brands in India. The brand has a huge variety in terms of patterns and their shirts come in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Polycotton, Polyester, Linen, Lyocell, Nylon, Viscose Rayon material.

Their shirts are very graceful and stylish at very reasonable prices. You can easily trust it if you going to look for some classy branded shirts. The shirts come in Regular fit, Slim fit, and Tailored fit in all sizes. The price range of U.S. Polo shirts starts from Rs 700 to Rs 3300.

11. Ajio


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Another brand registered in the list for best shirt brand in India is Ajio. It is a well-known brand of Reliance Industries. It has gained a good brand image in the apparel industry in a short period.

The brand offers shirts of Chambray, Corduroy, Cotton, Denim, Dobby, Linen, Linen Blend, Polyester, Poplin, Twill, and Viscose material.

Their shirts come in a Classic fit, a Shacket fit, and a Stylised fit in all sizes at very reasonable prices and give great value for money. The brand provides comfortable and stylish shirts.

A person of every pocket size can afford the brand. The price range of Ajio shirts starts from Rs 300 to Rs 2500.

12. Indian Terrain

Indian-Terrain shirt brand

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Indian Terrain is a new brand in the apparel industry in India that commenced its operation in the year 2000. The brand also launched a unique sub-brand with the name of “Indian Terrain Boy” exclusively for boys of age 4-16 years.

The Indian Terrain shirts have a modern, classy, trendy, and stylish look in both Regular and Slim fits which give extreme comfort. The company provides shirts in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Linen, Polyester material of superior quality. The price range of Indian Terrain shirts starts from Rs 700 to Rs 2400

13. Tommy Hilfiger


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Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand that was introduced in the year 1985. The brand has been able to get its place under the list of best shirt brands in India.

The brand is a part of Philips Van Heusen which also owns another recognized brand Van Heusen and many other big brands. Tommy Hilfiger has procured a large number of Indian audiences since its inception in the Indian market.

The branded piece of shirts comes at a slighter high price but then also their shirts are loved by Indian Youth because of International styles. The company provides shirts in Cotton, Cotton Linen, Linen, Nylon, Polycotton, Polyester, Organic Cotton material.

Their branded shirts come in Regular fit, Slim fit, Tailored fit and Boxy fit. The price range of Tommy Hilfiger shirts starts from Rs 1200 to Rs 4200.

Most Popular Types of Shirts for Men

Dress Shirt: There come occasions where we have to wear suits. For looking handsome and dashing on those occasions also, Dress Shirt is the best to choose for suits. Dress Shirts are very elegant and simple. Yeah, we love to wear casuals but a Dress shirt also fits well with your suit.

Office Shirt: The office-going person is always in the dilemma that what should he wear for a later day and look presentable. He can choose solid shirts of different colors with black trousers, a black belt, and a pair of black shoes or brown shoes and you are ready for the office. One can also choose to add a tie with it to look more responsible and presentable.

Denim Shirt: Wearing Denim shirts make you look like a Macho man. It is a style that will never change with time. They are very fashionable and are a good choice to keep in your collection in wardrobe. You can try a denim shirt with chinos shorts, camo shorts, or even dress shorts.

Flannel Shirt: Flannel Shirts are originally made of woven fabric but now are available in cotton, wool, synthetic fiber fabric. Winter season is on the way and flannel shirts are the perfect choice to wear in these winters.

You can stay warm and stylish in these winters by wearing Flannel shirts I love to wear them with blue jeans and suggest the same combination but you can also experiment with it.

Linen: It’s a winter season going on, and you can resist picking shirts of the Linen fabric. But in the summer season, Linen shirts are a great choice to pick out from the closet. When the heat is at its peak, this fabric is the right choice to wear.

It is a very light fabric and gives extreme comfort during summers. Linen shirts come in various colors and patterns, choose your color and pattern and you will never fall short of choice.

Chambray: Chambray shirts usually come in a light blue color. Chambray shirts look like denim shirts. You can try them with a pair of white or black jeans to look classy.

These shirts get wrinkled easily and you have to press them with a hot iron before getting ready.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts: These shirts were created by John Brooks in 1896. The shirts are of thicker fabric and button-down collar. You can pick it from your collection when dressing for the office or can choose it for a wedding also. Dress in light colors shirts for the office and dark shades for a wedding or a casual event.


So here ends the list of best shirt brand in india. Suggest some more shirt brand in indis that can be added to this list.

Write down the brand whose product you are using and share your experience with the audience. Please let me know if we have missed any deserving shirt brand in india. We are happy to add them.

This list of top shirts brands in India is just for reference. We do not claim that the list is 100% error-free. These are some of the top-performing shirt brands in India. The data changes and hence the list might change anytime.

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