Best Tractor in India in 45-50 HP

Best Tractor in India in 45-50 HP:- As we know, the discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward civilized life. In the same manner, the discovery of tractors was the next big step for a revolution in farming.

Tractors have changed all the means to agriculture. Today most of the farmers wish to have a tractor. The agriculture sector in India marks considerable growth every year. The reason is farmer does not do agriculture as a business. Agriculture to Famer in India is their heritage.

If you are looking for the best tractor in India between 45 HP to 50 HP, then have a sigh of relief because you have landed in the right place. In the article, I have listed the Top 10 Tractor in India available in the category of 45 HP to 50 HP. Furthermore, I have cleared all pin-to-pin specifications of all the tractors listed in the category.

Did You Know

Before tractors were invented we relied on steam engines for powering farm machinery and towing heavy loads. The steam-driven tractor has a coal fire in its firebox which heats water in the boiler to create steam. Under high pressure, the steam drives the mechanical parts that turn the driving wheels.

Best Tractor in India in 45-50 HP

1. New Swaraj 744 XT

New Swaraj 744 XT

The Tractor which has registered its name in the first place for tractors between 45 to 50 Hp is SWARAJ 744 XT. The model looks similar to 744FE. The model comes with a robust and fuel-efficient engine with the highest displacement and torque in its category. The Tractor has its battery setup outside of its cover body, which prevents the tractor’s body from deteriorating.

It has dual-clutch and two pumps. One for hydraulic and the other for power steering. The tractor is empowered with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kg. With features like a Directional control valve and 1700 kg lift capacity, it works smoothly with heavy implements such as laser leveler, MB Plough, and Tipping trolley. It has three-point sensing with the double liver and sandy lift which is the same as the swaraj 855 models.

You will also get the option of a hand brake. The design of the meters on the steering way has no changes. The fuel capacity of the tractor is around 60 liters which allow for long hours on farms. The tractor has an engine of 3478 CC with 2000 Rated RPM.

It has three cylinders. Its gearbox includes eight forward and two reverse gears. Its PTO HP is up to 44 HP. The total weight of the tractor is about 2070 KG. It has disk brakes which are always preferred over belt brakes. The power steering has a different fuel tank setup which ensures its better performance.

The easy gear shifting and a sleek operational system with power steering will provide comfortable driving with no hurdles. It features an advanced 3-stage wet air cleaner that prevents the Tractor’s inner system from depreciating and increases its durability with better performance.

All in all, the new model of swaraj is the perfect blend of superb performance and innovative features. It has many innovative and advanced features which fit the farming condition for smooth operation. The model is an ideal choice for the farmer looking for a tractor of 50 HP. The model is fuel-efficient and will your money as the diesel prices are rising. It is one of the best tractors in India, providing extra power features.


  • High CC engine in its class with fuel efficiency for better mileage.
  • High torque engine – highest in class for pulling heavy implements torque
  • Oil Immersed Brakes – Improved braking performance
  • Ethical clutch – Can work efficiently on all implements like rotavator baler, etc.
  • 1700kg lift capacity – can easily lift heavy implements such as eight planes, planters, etc.,
  • « Ease of Operation of Utilities like Directional Control Valve – Laser Leclerc, MB Plough, Tipping Trailer
  • Adjustable Front Axle – Front track can be adjusted as per crop requirement.


No. Of Cylinder3
HP Category52 HP
Engine Rated RPM540 RPM
Capacity CC3478 CC
Engine Rated RPM2000
Air Filter3 Stage Wet Air Cleaner


TypeConstant Mesh & Sliding Mesh
ClutchSingle / Dual
Gear Box8 Forward + 2 Reverse


TypeMechanical / Power Steering

Power Take Off

Type540, Multi Speed with Reverse PTO
RPM540 / 1000

Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight2070 KG
Wheel Base2096 MM
Overall Length3342 MM
Overall Width1945 MM


Lifting Capacity1700kg

Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive2 WD
Front6.0 X 16 / 7.50 X 16
Rear14.9 X 28

Others Information

Warranty2000 Hour / 2 Yr
Total Weight2070 KG

2. Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus

Mahindra 575Xp Plus

Mahindra is the largest tractor manufacturer not only in the country but also in the world. The company has provided quality in its equipment and machinery. In due course of all this, Today, the brand has massive goodwill in the market. Every farmer trusts the brand for its better performance and durability.

The company evolves and provides better features with the new models. The latest model launched by the company is Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus. Everyone is appreciating the model for its advanced features and classic looks. The tractor is made with great precision to meet all the requirements of the farmer. Unlike other tractors in the category of 45 HP to 50 HP, it gives you maximum power without compromising on mileage.

Due to its powerful ELS DI engine, high max torque empowered with dual-acting power steering gives an unmatched performance with various farming equipment. If we talk about its features, it has oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, ensuring high grip.

It is all due to these oil immersed braking systems, which brings the tractor to a halt in no time. The oil-immersed system is also called a wet braking system. The wet oil brakes are used to avoid brake fade, extending braking distance, or failing to stop a vehicle which is caused due to overheating in tractors.

Two-stage clutches empower the machinery The second optional clutch is used to separate the transmission from the Power-Take-Off (PTO). It has dual-acting power steering for smooth torque, but there is no separate oil distribution for power steering. Its power operates from the same oil filled in the tank of 65-liters capacity. The company allows guarantees of its parts for six years. The tractor gearbox has eight forward and two reverse gears.

Its engine capacity is 3054 CC and has 4 Cylinders generating 47 HP on 2100 RPM, which is the best combination for the buyers. It has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1480 kg @ 42 PTO HP at 540 RPM. It has a 2wd tractor model that provides better comfort and a smooth ride in the farm field. Moreover, the tractor features a 1960 MM ample wheelbase. The complementary accessories include tools, hook, top link, canopy, drawbar hitch, and bumper. 


  • No seperate oil for power stearing.

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Engine

No. Of Cylinder4
HP Category47 HP
Capacity CC2979 CC
Air Filter3 stage oil bath type with Pre Cleaner

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Transmission

TypeConstant Mesh
ClutchSingle / Dual (Optional)
Gear Box8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Forward Speed3.09 – 31.25 kmph
Reverse Speed4.3 – 12.4 kmph

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Brakes

BrakesOil Immersed Brakes

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Steering

TypeMechanical/Power Steering (optional)

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Power Take Off

Type6 Spline
RPM540 @ 1890

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight1890 KG
Wheel Base1960 MM

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity1480 Kg

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive2 WD
Front6.00 x 16
Rear14.9 x 28

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Others Information

AccessoriesHook, Drawbar, Hood, Bumper Etc.
Warranty6 Year

3. Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander

Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander

Sonalika provides the best tractor in Mileage. The “ZA POWER SONALIKA Hallmark” of the heavy-duty zero acceleration power test proves that Sonalika is more powerful than other tractors. It can pull cultivator immersed in soil along with the load of 3-4 persons on minimum RPM (600-700) & L.1 gear combination. This unmatched performance is due to the optimum design combination of Heavy Duty Backup Torque, Heavy Duty Parts, Powerful Engine & Heavy Duty Gear Box.

The tractor is outfitted with a 3-cylinder, 3065 CC powerful engine which generates 50 HP Drive at 1900 RPM. If we pick a model in 46 HP to 50 HP, the brand features a popular model, Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander. It has 205 Nm torque and, ergo with comfortable steering.

Due to its powerful engine, it works smoothly even with heavy implements. The tractor features a maximum speed of 37.8 Km/h. It allows constant-mesh transmission, which provides smooth & comfortable shifting. It has the best power availability for farming & haulage.

If we talk about its fuel consumption, then it consumes 230g per HP hour. Thus the tractor is one of the fuel-efficient tractors in India. The tractor features a Finger touch operating Expo sensing hydraulics with a separate tank, which provides smooth working.

We have an option to disconnect hydraulics pumps from the engine, which saves power and makes it suitable for haulage, threshing, compressor, Generator, and trailed harrow. The tractor can lift capacity is 1800 kg.

It comes with a lift capacity of 1800 kg. Thus the heavy hydraulic lifting capacity facilitates the way for operation with a heavy-duty implement. The Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander has an acceptable PTO HP for powering PTO-driven applications like a sprayer, considering the price range. It has six splines With 540 PTO RPM at a power output of 40.8 HP.

The Tyre dimension for front tyre is 6.00 x 16 mm and rear tyre is 14.9 x 28 mm / 13.6 x 28 mm. If we talk about air cleaner then it features a Dry type air cleaner with pre cleaner and clogging system provide comfort while maintenance.

There are two pumps in the tractor. One is assigned for the power steering and the other for the hydraulic. The separates assignment of pumps facilities low-pressure on the engine. It has Oil Immersed Brakes and 3-cylinder water-cooled HDM Engine for the best performance and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest.

There are two clutches which can used as per the requirement of work. It has ADDC type which consits of two liver. The tractor has staright axel with single point greasing. Its gear box has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

It has a digital instrument cluster for better night vision. We can conclude if you are looking to buy a tractor for tough usage, then Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander is an ideal choice. And the tractor is the preferred choice of every Indian farmer who wants to save money with its low fuel consumption technology.


  • High cost on maintenance, and some problem in firing.


HP Category50 HP
Engine Capacity3065 cc
Engine Rated RPM1900 RPM
No of Cylinder3
Air FilterWet type
Cooling SystemWater Cooled


Clutch typeSingle / Dual
Transmission typeConstant mesh
Speed min-max2.67 – 37.8 kmph
Reverse speed min – maxNA
Forward Gears8
Reverse Gears2


Brake TypeDry Disc / Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brakeNA


TypeMechanical / Power Steering
Steering AdjustmentNO


PTO type6 Spline


Capacity55 litres


Wheelbase2,080 mm
Overall LengthNA


Lift capacity in kg1800 kg


Front6 X 16 / 7.5 X 16
Rear13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28


Drive type2WD / 4WD



4. Eicher 548

Eicher 548

Another one of the best tractors for doing heavy works on the field is Tafe Group’s luxurious tractor Eicher 548. The tractor is fancied for haulage works. Also, you can operate it with a loader and other farm equipment. Talking about the look of Eicher 548, it has a classy design that looks thrilling. It is available in two color variants – Red and Silver. You can choose as per your choice.

Talking about its engine, it comes with a three-cylinder and 48 hP category engine. Its Engine rated RPM is around 2200. The cubic capacity of the Engine is 2945 cc. The tractor features an inline fuel pump and oil bath-type air filter with a pre-cleaner. It has an air-cooled system has to reduce the heat generated during heavy workload on the tractor.

The tractor provides more power in less diesel consumption, and its maintenance cost is significantly less. Concerning all these advantages, this model from TAFE Group is popular among farmers.
Now let’s talk about its transmission. You will get a dual-clutch option which is used as per the requirement of work. You can choose as per your preference and need.

Its gearbox is composed of sliding mesh and constant mesh. You have a side shift so that the driver does not have any problem changing gears. In this tractor, you will find eight forward and two reverse gear. The maximum forward speed of this tractor is 32.3 km per hour, which is the perfect speed for haulage work.

The option of disc brake and oil immersed brake has been given in this tractor. You can choose as per your choice. These brakes provide excellent control and stop the vehicle at an instant. It has a low maintenance cost and lasts longer due to less wear and tear. It has an active PTO with six splines, which works at a speed of 540 rpm. The PTO works also works in multi-speed reverse modes. Now coming to its hydraulics which is given in ADC type. Its listing capacity varies from 1300 kg to 1400 kg according to different variants.

In this tractor, both power and mechanical options are available for steering. You can choose as per your preference. The power steering is easy to operate, and there will be no fatigue in the hands even after working for long hours. Its diesel tank has a capacity of 45 liters, which, once filled, can comfortably work for the whole day.

Talking about the size of its tyres, it comes in the option of 6 X 16 Front tires and 14.9 X 28 Rear tires. These tires provide a firm grip, due to which they work well on both roads as well as in the field. Moreover, you will not have any problem with slippage.

Now let’s talk about its weight and size. The total weight of this tractor is 2200 kg. The tractor length is around 3540 mm. The width is 1760 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2100 mm and a ground clearance of 380 mm. The turning radius of this tractor with brake is 3750 mm. The tractor is famous among farmers due to its valuable features and reasonable price; the prices of this tractor range from ₹6,60,000 to ₹6,90,000.

Eicher 548 Engine

No. Of Cylinder3
HP Category48 HP
Capacity CC2945 CC
Engine Rated RPM2200
CoolingAir Cooled
Air FilterOil Bath With Pre Cleaner
PTO HP40.8
Fuel PumpInline

Eicher 548 Transmission

TypeSide shift sliding, Combination of constant mesh and sliding mes
ClutchSingle/Dual (Optional)
Gear Box8 Forward +2 Reverse
Battery12 v 75 Ah
Alternator12 V 23 A
Forward Speed32.3 kmph
Reverse Speed16.47 kmph

Eicher 548 Brakes

BrakesOil Immersed Brakes / disc brakes (optional)

Eicher 548 Steering

TypeMechanical/Power Steering (optional)

Eicher 548 Power Take Off


Eicher 548 Fuel Tank

Capacity45 liter

Eicher 548 Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight2200 KG
Wheel Base1970 MM
Overall Length3540 MM
Overall Width1760 MM
Ground Clearance380 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes3750 MM

Eicher 548 Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity1300-1400 Kg
3 point LinkageADDC

Eicher 548 Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive2 WD
Front6.00 x 16 /7.50 x 16
Rear14.9 X 28

Eicher 548 Others Information

Additional FeaturesHigh torque backup, High fuel efficiency
Warranty2 Year

5. John Deere 5050 D

John deere 5050 D

The next best tractor with special features added to the list is from John deere 5050 D. It is one of the top selling John Deere models in India. To know all the features and price of this tractor, read the paragraph to the last. As we all know, John Deere tractors are robust and reliable. State of the art used in manufacturing the tractor is highly advance.

The driving experience with john deere tractors is just a fluence car. You will have a luxurious feeling while driving john deere tractors. The tractor maintenance cost is less and gives you high productivity with better performance.

Ok, now let us have a sight at the features of the john deere 5050 d tractor. First of all, let’s talk about the engine of this tractor. It has a powerful 3029 cc engine built with the latest technology, which is of 50 SP power in three cylinders. In the work of loading, this tractor provides better torque than the tractors of the company.

The engine rated rpm is 2100. It has a cooling system to prevent the tractor from overheating. The attached air filter has a dry-type dual element. Moving further with its feature, it has eight forward gears and two reverse gears. You will have both single and dual-clutch options. You can choose according to your need.

If we look at its max running speed, then the maximum speed while running forward is 32.44 km per hour, and the maximum speed while the running reverse is 14.1 km per hour. All John Deere tractors come with Power Steering, which is very comfortable to work for long hours without getting tired. The tractor features an Oil-immersed brake. These brakes provide better control and have low maintenance costs.

Coming to its hydraulic, it has an ADC type lifting that can lift a weight of up to 1600 kg so that you can operate heavy equipment efficiently. The tractor has a six-spline independent PTO, which in the standard works at 540 RPM. The fuel capacity of the tank is about 60 liters.

Taking about the size of its tires, then you will have 8.0×18 mm size for front tires and 14.9×28 mm size for its big tires. Due to the large wheel size, there is no problem of tire slip during heavy work, and you can ride with better control.

Now let’s talk about the weight and size of this tractor. The total weight of John Deere 5050 Before V Drive Tractor is 2010 kg, length is 3430 mm, and width is 1830 mm. The wheelbase of this tractor is 1970 mm. It has a ground clearance of 430 mm and a turning radius of 29 mm with brakes.

Now let us tell you about some unique features of this tractor. You will find some important features like a finger guard digital meter, water separator, mobile charger, and mobile holder in this tractor. There are some features that you get as an option from the company. If you want to install them, you can get them installed like JD Link. With this, you can get a lot of information related to your tractor on your mobile sitting at home.

Apart from this, the company a drop facility for the safety of the driver. They also offer an option for a Deluxe seat belt. You can have it as per your preference. Now let’s talk about the warranty and price of this tractor. The warranty of this tractor comes with 5000 hours or five years, and its price ranges from ₹ 8,50,000 to 9,50,000.

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinder3
HP Category50 HP
Engine Rated RPM2100
CoolingCoolant cooled with overflow reservoir
Air FilterDry type, Dual element
PTO HP42.5

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Transmission

ClutchSingle/ Dual
Gear Box8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Battery12 V 88 Ah
Alternator12 V 40 Amp
Forward Speed2.97- 32.44 kmph
Reverse Speed3.89 – 14.10 kmph

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Brakes

BrakesOil-immersed disc Brakes

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Steering

TypePower Steering

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Power Take Off

TypeIndependent, 6 Spline
RPM540@1600 ERPM, 540@2100 ERPM

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Fuel Tank

Capacity60 liter

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight1975 KG
Wheel Base1970 MM
Overall Length3430 MM
Overall Width1830 MM
Ground Clearance430 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes2900 MM

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity1600 Kg
3 point LinkageCategory- II, Automatic Depth and Draft Control

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive4 WD
Front8.00 x 18
Rear14.9 x 28

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Others Information

AccessoriesBallast Weight, Canopy, Canopy Holder, Draw Bar
OptionsJD Link, Reverse PTO, Roll Over Protection System
Warranty5000 Hours/ 5 Year

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