10 Best Wall Putty in India (Smooth & Waterproof)

Best Wall Putty in India:- Wall putty is a white fine powder substance that is used to provide a smooth base to the wall surface. It is applied on walls and ceilings before priming and painting. It gives a smooth damp finish and it allows all kinds of colors to be applied to the walls.

When you are applying wall putty, make sure that you use a sufficient amount on the surface. The surface should be free from any kind of dirt, grease, or dust particles before applying wall putty as it will spoil the finish. It should not be too thin or too thick.

Best Wall Putty in India comes with different textures like flat, eggshell, satin, etc., which depend on your need and preference for either the contemporary or traditional look of your house exterior.

Wall putty in India is available in different brands and textures in the market. You can choose the one that suits your need and preference. Always go for a branded product as it will give you better results. If you are looking for the best wall putty in India, then here we have queued a list of the top 10 best wall putty brands in India.

List of Best Wall Putty in India

1. Birla Wall Putty

Birla Wall Putty

Birla Wall Putty is one of the most reputed brands in the market and is known for its superior quality products. It offers improved performance on a number of factors, such as coverage, bonding, water resistance, durability, and finish.

If you are looking for quality, Birla wall putty should be your go-to option. Birla is one of the best white cement-based brands for its water resistance property. The brand offers a superior quality product that is known for its long-lasting features.

Birla White’s new Wallseal Waterproof Putty is the best wall putty in India. It has undergone various quality and blind tests and has been certified as the ‘Best Waterproof Putty’ by Karvy in its research findings.

This white cement-based putty exhibits two times water resistance. It is available in a bucket of 20kg and comes with an easy to apply formula that ensures fast application, even by novice users.


  • Performs well against water.
  • Resists flaking.
  • Smooth Finish
  • Long Lasting Performance.

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2. JK Wall Putty

JK Cement

JK is one of India’s top manufacturers of high-quality putty. In fact, wall putty from JK may be one of the finest alternatives for a variety of issues. If you want an alkali-resistant primer or paint, this putty is the ideal option.

The JK wall putty will provide you with a consistent, smooth finish. Its quick and perfect setting time is impressive. It can assist you in completing your painting job quickly. In fact, the performance is long-lasting.

JK Cement ShieldMaxX is a white cement-based Universal Waterproof Putty with Active SiH4 Molecules. Its ready-to-use status makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The product’s improved composition protects the walls from dampness.


  • – Alkali Resistant Primers and Paints
  • – Smooth Finish
  • – Quick and Impeccable Setting Time
  • – Long Lasting Performance.
  • – Best Solution for Painting Problems.

3. Asian Trucare Wall Putty

Asian Trucare Wall Putty

The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and has a long history of providing excellent service to customers across the world. Between the top construction materials accessible for any infrastructure, the Asian brand is one of India’s largest manufacturers. It is popular white cemented putties in India.

They’re excellent on both painted and prefabricated walls. Asian Trucare Wall Putty is one of the best available products in its portfolio. It is made from 100 percent natural ingredients and represents some of the best construction materials throughout any infrastructure project.

This white cement-based product comes with redispersible polymer and functional additives, making it perfect for both interior and exterior applications. With a smooth, finished look, TruCare Wall Putty is sure to breathe new life into your walls!

This high-quality putty is easy to work with and does not require curing with water. Plus, it provides good water resistance and tensile adhesion strength. So why wait? Order your Asian Trucare Wall Putty today!


  • Smooth finish
  • Good workability.
  • No pre-soaking
  • Water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • water vapour permeability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Anti-algae

4. Iris Wall Putty

iris wall putty

If you are looking for Best Wall Putty in India and Best external wall putty, Iris Wall Putty is the best choice. You can get this putty in an amorphous state. In fact, it is the best choice for any kind of wall repair necessities. Iris wall putty is one of the best in India.

Though you may not have heard of it, we assure you that if you buy this product, you will be satisfied. We can claim that it is one of the finest wall putty brands in India.

White cement-based wall putty, Iris Paints White Cement Based Wall Putty, is a superior formulation that contains white cement. It’s a water-based product and ideal for leveling and smoothening interior walls and exterior walls’ irregularities. It eliminates the need for sanding and allows the paint to adhere properly. It’s also available in powder form.


  • Based on acrylic resin
  • Smooth Finish
  • Long Lasting Performance.

5. HomeSure wall putty

HomeSure wall putty

With HomeSure wall putty, you can achieve a smooth, white surface on your walls and ceilings with ease. The putty is a polymer modified for better coverage, and it can be applied over unevenness or pinholes in plaster or mortar walls. Get your home looking its best with Walplast Wall Putty!

“Walplast Wall Putty is the perfect addition to your toolbox! With its water-resistant properties, it’s perfect for any job – indoors or outdoors. The smooth finish means a quick and easy application every time.”

The Putty is the perfect way to get your walls looking great in no time! Not only does it bond strongly to the base plaster, but it’s also easy to work with. Best of all, it resists UV damage, so you can be sure your walls will look great for years to come!


  • – Highly water resistant
  • – bonding to the base plaster
  • – Smooth finish
  • – Excellent workability
  • – UV Resistance

6. Dulux Acrylic Wall putty

Dulux Acrylic Wall putty

Dulux Acrylic Wall putty, because your walls deserve the best. Filling cracks, joints, and leveling uneven surfaces has never been easier – or more satisfying. With a perfect finish that will make anyone jealous, your walls will thank you for using Dulux Acrylic Wall putty.

The Wall putty is an easy-to-spread wall filler that dries quickly to give a superior finish. It’s perfect for filling in any gaps or cracks in your walls, and its white color ensures a bright and consistent look.


  • Easy to spread
  • Superior Whiteness
  • Excellent filling property
  • Drying Time: 4 hours

7. Bird White Wall Putty

Bird White Wall Putty

Another underappreciated wall putty brand. The brand is known for providing the best quality product and it has been quite successful in fulfilling customer needs. We know that paint alone is not enough for a stunning wall finish so get the Bird White Wall Putty to get the excellent looks from the painting.

It’s a synthetic material that is cement-based which will provide an effective base for the paint. Furthermore, the quality of the product is incredible. However, some users have complained about facing water seepage issues when using the product. Despite that, the overall rating of the product is quite high and it can be a good choice for you.


  • Synthetic Putty
  • Water Seepage Issues
  • Best Quality Product
  • Water Resisitant
  • No Curing Required

8. VV Wall Putty

VV Wall Putty

Looking to give your walls a long-lasting, polished look? VV Wall putty can help! This top-quality wall putty helps to cover up any rough patches and provides resistance to water damage. Layer it on before you paint for a finished look that will last long.

VV wall putty is a ready-to-use water-based putty for filling dents and undulation cracks, as well as repairing surface flaws on plastered/Painted walls. It’s designed specifically for minor surface flaws. It’s only suitable for indoor use.

The best of the wall putty in India is produced by V V Paints, which has all that is required to make it massive. The wall putties offered by V V Paints are carefully maintained and give your wall a brilliant sheen.

The MS Wall Putty is the most popular brand of wall putties in India, and it’s effective at dealing with all sorts of walls. These wall putties look great on both painted and patterned surfaces. The components included in the VV wall putty aid in the treatment of any flaws on the wall.


  • – An Eco friendly product
  • – Good area coverage
  • – Minimising paint consumption
  • – Resist anti efflorescence
  • – Ensures Best shades and colours

9. Sunkoll Industries ltd Wall Putty

Sunkoll Industries ltd Wall Putty

Do you hate having to paint every single wall in your house? Sunkoll Industries Ltd has the perfect solution with white cement-based wall putty! Not only does it cover up any blemishes or marks on your walls, but it also gives them a polished finish that will make them look new again.

Sunkoll Industries Ltd Wall Putty – the easy way to apply a smooth, glossy white finish to your walls! The wall putty doesn’t allow the paint to flake, and it protects your walls from moisture.

Its unique formulation of white cement and high-performance chemicals and polymers can be applied on damp as well as dry surface, making it ideal for both interior and exterior use. So don’t go another day struggling with an uneven wall – try SUNKOLL FINE WALL PUTTY today!


  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Excellent Workability
  • UV Resistance
  • Smooth Finish
  • Strong bonding
  • Economical & easy to use

10. Super Simco Plus Wall Putty

Super Simco Plus Wall Putty

Simco White Cement Putty is a white cement-based putty that serves as a protective base for costly paints. It prevents the paint from flaking even when the surface is wet due to its water resisting properties.

The putty is specifically formulated for the purpose of preventing pores and cracks from developing on walls and ceilings. It effectively prevents pores and cracks from forming on surfaces. The Simco wall putty can be utilized on both interior and exterior surfaces.

This durable putty is perfect for fixing cracks and holes in your walls, and it’s compatible with all types of surfaces. So don’t go another day living with ugly walls – fix them today with Super Simco Plus Wall Putty!


  • Adhesive strength
  • Durability
  • Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to remember before selecting a wall putty

  • Choose a waterproof wall putty for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Keep in mind your wall paint color when choosing a wall putty. Some colours might not work well with the chosen wall putty. For instance, light shades will look brighter with a white or off-white wall putty while dark shades will look richer with a cream wall putty.
  • Choose the right specific wall putty for the surface you are working on. There are different types of wall putties available in the market such as plastic emulsion, distemper, vinyl acrylic and metal surfaces among others.
  • Smoothen extremely rough walls before applying the wall putty. This will help in ensuring that the final finish is smooth and even.
  • Wall putty for metal surfaces comes with a rust inhibitor which helps to protect against corrosion.

Which putty is best acrylic or powder?

Powder putty, unlike acrylic putty, must be mixed with water before use. Acrylic putty’s end result is superior. It can take a longer time for powder putty to dry and cure when compared to acrylic due to its pasty consistency which makes it sticky and heavy at times.

Is Primer necessary after putty?

Yes. If acrylic wall putty is used, a primer coat is required before and after application. A coat of primer is advised in the case of cement-based putties or Polymer Putty after putting the putty.

How much putty do I need for a room?

2 coats of standard wall putty, which is about 14 to 16 square feet per kilogram for smooth plastered walls and ceilings, and 1 kg of wall putty covers 8 to 12 square feet of area in 3 coats.

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