10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India (2021)

Best washing machine brands in India:- The washing machine is a piece of valuable equipment that saves time as well as energy. It is an essential part of our daily lives providing high-tech facilities. We can categorize it as top-loading machines, front-loading washing machines, semi-automatic machines, automatic machines, etc. Washing machines are getting very popular in India as customers can buy them according to their requirements and budget.

Choosing the right washing machine suitable for the family, from among innumerable models, brands and capacities is a hard job. Manufacturers and dealers give wide publicity for their products, proclaiming the comparative advantages of the products concerned. 

A layperson who is not very much conversant with the commercial or technical jargon finds it difficult to perceive the practical effects of many such technical terms. Such consumers should consult friends or neighbours who use washing machines. 

They can also visit showrooms to watch the demonstrations and see for themselves the merits and demerits of different categories. It is even better to browse the internet and go through the product reviews on the websites before choosing a particular brand and model. Here I am presenting a list of Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India. You can select these brands appliance for your home.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

1. IFB


IFB Industries Ltd is an India-based company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing engineering appliances, home appliances, and other appliances.

They started the Home Appliances Division of the group in 1991. IFB washing machines, built with German technology, have features like Aqua Energie, smart sensors, 3D Wash System, Audio & LED sign, 3D Waterfall Technology, etc.

2. LG


LG Electronics Inc., the South Korean multinational electronics company, is one of the leading manufacturers of Washing Machines. Its features include Inverter Direct Drive Technology, Wrinkle Prevention, Intensive Wash, Medic Rinse, Hygienic Wash, Timers, Digital Display, etc. LG Electronics manufacture products that are intuitive, responsive, and energy-efficient, satisfying customers worldwide.

3. Samsung


Samsung Group, a South Korean multinational conglomerate, offers a wide variety of washing machines with quality features. Samsung’s significantly advanced devices with its ergonomic feature, Quiet Drive Motor, Aqua Control technology, Eco Bubble Technology, Eco Drum Clean are top-rated among customers. They guarantee to deliver a peaceful and quiet wash. Their machines are also known for their effective performance.

4. Whirlpool


Whirlpool Corporation, an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, facilitates quality washing machines, which tremendously satisfies a customer’s need.

It provides inbuilt heater and 6th sense technology that includes TumbleCare, HotWash, Agitronics, 123Wash, Auto Detergent Dosage, Dmax Technology, etc. It flaunts a stylish and attractive look that will surely match with the interiors.

5. Videocon


Videocon Industries Limited, a large diversified Indian company, is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances. Direct drive technology, Aero wash technology, Tilt drum technology are some of the key features available in videocon’s washing machine. The company is continuously doing well in the washing machine and refrigerator segment by providing quality service.

6. Godrej


Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate offering a wide variety of washing machines. The various versions available are open tilt drum, top-loading, automatic, semi-automatic, and front loading. 8 Wash Programmes, Dry Tap Protection, and Ergonomically Designed Inclined Display are some of the attractive features. Godrej Group is growing its business in other fields like FMCG, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security, and agri care.

7. Bosch


Bosch Limited, India-based auto component manufacturer company, provides high-end German technology based machines. Less power and water consumption, noise-free, Hygienic wash with ECARF certified AllergyPlus Programme, Fully electronic control dial, and special programs are hot attractions that satisfy the highest customer standards. The machines are characterized by work saving innovations, advanced technology, excellent artistry, and exemplary design.

8. Panasonic


Panasonic Corporation, a Japanese multinational electronics corporation, offers unique intelligent ECONAVI technology. Aquabeat technology, multi pulsator, rust-free body, auto soak, auto-load sensors, and drum inlets are other facilities present in the machine. The company aims at the well-being of people through their business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world.

9. Onida


Onida’s range of Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines is a must for every Indian home. In-Built Brush, Hexafin Pulsator, HexoDrum, Anti-Rust fiber body, Water Level Selector are some features available in the machine. The company is also engaged in the manufacturing of air conditioners, television, mobile phones, microwaves, etc.

10. Haier


Haier Group, a Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company, offers three major types of washing machines: semi-automatic, top load fully automated, and front load fully automatic. It is one of the most trusted brand facilitating features like Quick Wash, AMT Gasket, Foam Detect Function, Homocentric Drum, Shower Rinse, etc. The unique service of a 5-year warranty and near-zero pressure technology attracts a lot of customers.

How does a top loader washing machine work?

The appliances drum is placed vertically with an outer tub that is filled with water to make the clothes suspend in the basket while the agitator pulls the load downwards. This process is repeated until the wash cycle is completed.

Some Important FAQs About the top loader washing machine.

The top-loading machines are not suitable for delicate fabrics since the agitator action can cause damages to clothes. Big objects like sleeping sheets and pillows also cannot accommodate washing in a top loader. Moreover, these washing machines are technically more complex than front loaders but have got low maintenance than top loaders.

In Asia, top-loading washing machines use impellers instead of agitators. The impellers work similarly as the agitator does; the only difference is that the impellers do not have a post in the middle of the tub.

How does Front Loading Washing Machine Work?

In front-loading washer appliances, the drum and the outer tub are positioned horizontally. And we can make the loading to the machine from the front. The clothes are agitated towards back and forth by the cylinder motor. The paddles lift the clothes and then drops, in this way it forces the water and the detergent into the clothes that gradually remove the stains altogether.

Some Important FAQs About Front Loading Washing Machine.

The front loader consumes a less amount of water due to the wash action, which does not need any water. The drum of the front loader is placed sideways, leading to raising many technical problems.

The advantage of the machine is that it is most convenient since it fits into your kitchen compactly Also the heater can be placed just above the appliance, saving a lot of space.

Research comparing front loader and top loader revealed the truth that the front-loading washers can wash the clothes better, consuming less water and energy. As an effect of consuming less water, it uses less detergent. Now you have an option to choose one from either front loader or top loader.

Advantages of Top Load Washing Machines

The front loading washing machine with their stylish looks and low energy and water consumption has taken over the laundry industry. Despite that, there are reasons why you should consider a front-loading washer for your home! The user-friendly control functions and easy to load features are still found to be attractive qualities of top-loading appliances. People with back problems find them very convenient. The comparatively cheaper top loaders are the best buy for people who are on a tight budget.

Important Factors to Determine a Full load in Washing Machines

Laundry is sometimes a big chore, and to stuff, your washer with clothes is a natural tendency. Unfortunately, overloading the washer with dirty clothes is harmful to the machine, and it affects the quality of the wash.

Clothing Weight is the most important thing when you load a washing machine. A full load of laundry varies according to the capacity of a washing machine. Smaller sized top-loaders may take only 6 lbs of laundry, while a top-loading washer of medium capacity can accommodate 7-8 kg.

Is Spin Speed An Important Factor In Washing Machines

As far as the washing machines are concerned, the spin speed is one factor that is given great importance by the manufacturers. The average shopper understands the term ‘spin speed’ as a vital factor that significantly impacts the performance of the machine. 

Such an attitude or frame of mind is created by the vigorous advertisement campaign of the manufacturers and dealers. But how far the spin speed can impact the performance of a washing machine is a matter to be studied carefully. The public is not aware of the results of research or tests carried out in this context.

Those who peruse case study reports or browse the internet get some ideas about spin speed. There are washing machines with spin speeds that vary between 800 rpm to 1800rpm. According to reliable sources, there is very little or no difference in the size or horsepower of the motors used in different washing machines. 

Electronic devices are used to regulate the speeds of machines. Speed control modules play essential roles in determining the spin speeds. It is also given to understand that irrespective of the notified spin speeds, every engine run at peak spin speed only for a few seconds.

Again, those who have experience using different washing machines with varying spin speeds have found no remarkable difference in the result. 

The time taken to get clothes washed and dried is not very different. If at all there are differences, it isn’t essential. But there is another side of the impacts. A faster spin speed will tend to consume more water, create more noise, cause more wear & tear, and above all, machines with higher spin speeds will cost more. 

Energy consumption will also be higher in washing machines with faster spin speeds. Experienced users believe that advantages are not much attractive to persuade a buyer to spend more money on a device with top spin speed. In the long run, spin speeds will not improve the washing machines’ performance.

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