Top 10 Famous Places in Myanmar

Famous Places In Myanmar:- As most people know, Myanmar is a famous pilgrimage land in Asia, and it is also regarded as the place where Buddha’s disciples frequently went to because of its serene ambience.

Aside from Myanmar’s remarkable temples, though, there are more about this country that is yet to be explored.

Find out more about these top attractions in the country that you may want to include in your itinerary.

Famous Places In Myanmar

10. Shwedagon Golden Temple

Shwedagon Golden Temple

This majestic temple serves as Myanmar’s golden symbol, and it was built 2,500 years ago.

In fact, the legends of this impressive structure has already existed even before Buddha departed from this world.

The tower stands at about 98 meters in height, and there are several other towers and temples surrounding it that also hold the finest treasures of Buddhism.

Despite harsh calamities and wars in the country, the Shwedagon Temple still remains as the largest Buddhist temples in the planet.

9. Golden Rock

Golden Rock

Many people are impressed by this odd and massive golden rock that weighs 600 tons, which is strangely balanced at the crag’s edge of the mountain range of Paung Laung.

This astounding site is located at about 200 km southeast portion of Yangon.

At the top part of the boulder stands a delicate pagoda, and it is enshrined with the Buddha’s single strand of hair.

Legends say that it is this very strand of hair that serves as the great force that ensures the balance of this gigantic boulder.

With an altitude of about 1100 meters and tiny pagodas, you will surely be amazed by the extraordinary beauty of this rock.

Keep in mind that only men are allowed to approach the Golden Rock up close.

8. Mawlamyine


Also known by its other name “Moulemein”, this town was once occupied by the British, who served as its first colonial settlers.

Those who visit this place are enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the town, as well as its generally mild climate.

You will also notice the presence of post-colonial images in this town, as it was once an administrative centre of the British Raj back in the early years of the 19th Century.

It is also a town that boasts of stupa-capped hills found on one side and pristine sea on another.

7. Bago


If you are thinking of the finest place for your day trip, then nothing else fits the bill except for Bago.

This lovely area in Myanmar is also a great addition to your two-day trip to the Mawlamyine or Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock temple.

Bago is home to the majestic reclining Buddha, as well as the Shwemawdaw Pagoda that is known for its golden colour.

Here, you can also find a monastery where the end part may be visited when you want to take a good shot of the Buddhist monk’s reclining position.

6. Bagan


Bagan town, which is also referred to as Pagan, is found on the central part of Myanmar.

It is also situated on the left bank of the beautiful Irrawaddy River, and it is about 90 miles southwest of the town of Mandalay.

Famous as Myanmar’s old capital city, the town of Bagan is a pilgrimage site. It is home to ancient Buddhist shrines, and these have been restored and repainted to ensure their excellent structures.

Hence, these shrines are currently in use for tourists and locals to see. On the other hand, you will find ruins of age-old pagodas and shrines that cover a vast area in town.

Among the finest temples that you can find in Bagan include the Thatbyinnyu Temple, Shwezigon Pagoda, Dhammayangyi Temple and the Ananda Temple.

5. Mount Popa

Mount Popa

If you plan to go on a side trip from the town of Bagan, you will notice that set in the midst of the breathtaking forest and hill landscape is Mount Popa.

The mountain is a volcanic peak with steep sides, and it is entirely devoted to the renowned Nat spirits of this country. Mount Popa also serves as a shrine to this fearsome character that is located at the foot of the volcanic plug called Taungkalat.

Nearby areas are covered with lush and thick forests that are abundant in flora and fauna. Thus, this spot serves as an oasis in Myanmar’s central dry zones.

4. Mandalay


Myanmar’s second largest city, Mandalay, is also the remaining royal capital of the country.

This astounding town offers a variety of attractive sights and ancient buildings that hold rich histories and legends of Myanmar.

In addition, you can find the largest cotton and silk weaving center in Mandalay, which is popular among locals and foreigners.

At the Mandalay Hill, you will find the Maha Muni Buddha Image that serves as the true images of Buddhism.

At present, the city houses at least a third of the country’s 150,000 nuns and monks. Several cities surround Mandalay including Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, and Mingun.

3. Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach

Unwind and experience the relaxing views that the Ngapali Beach offers.

Nowadays, the number of tourists flocking the beach continue to increase as this remarkable Myanmar destination is gaining popularity among nature lovers throughout the world.

The beach measures 3 kilometres wide, and it features a stretch of soft sand set amidst the turquoise waters of Bengal Bay.

There are also at least 10 bungalow hotels and a few fishing villages.

2. Chaukhtatgyi Paya

The lovely Chaukhtatgyi Paya is home to a small shrine of the revered Ma Thay, who is believed to have the supernatural ability to stop rain and bless sailors of a safe and worry-free journey.

There are also several fortune tellers in the area who specialize in palm readings and other new-age techniques.

Furthermore, you can find the Shweminwon Sasana Yeiktha, a meditation centre for those who wish to gain peace of mind.

This place is indeed the best place to go to attain a calm mind and invigorated body.

1. Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Experience the enigmatic beauty of nature as you visit the spectacular Inle Lake in Myanmar.

The lake offers a remarkable scenery with its hazy mountains from afar and fascinating local community.

Their pristine lake is also clean and breathtaking, and it is studded by a range of floating islands and colourful local markets nearby.

The lake is about 900 meters above the sea level, and it bears 17 villages that are on stilts that are occupied by the Intha.


Discover other superb sights and attractions that Myanmar offers as you explore this peaceful and beautiful country.

Whether you are fond of nature or historical trips, you will find just what you have been looking for in this country.

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