Top 10 FMCG Companies In Bangalore

FMCG Companies In Bangalore:- Officially named Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital city of the Indian state Karnataka.

It is one of the major economic hubs in India and is considered the country’s second-fastest-growing metropolis, with a 10.3 percent economic growth for the past years.

It is also considered the “Silicon Valley of India” because there are many well-established IT companies operating in the city.

As of the present time, Bangalore is home to more than 8.42 million citizens who are also the main target market of its fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. And speaking of its FMCG market, the city’s thriving city boasts of having the fourth largest FCMG market in India.

Such prestige can not be achieved if there were no companies to boost the industry. On this note, let us get to know the 10 of the best FMCG companies in Bangalore through this article.

Best FMCG Companies In Bangalore

10. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.

Founded in 1965, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd is a well-known drinking water company in India.

With 13 owned plants, 34 co-packers, 16 franchises, numerous distributors, and retailers nationwide, Bisleri holds a 60% market share in India’s industry of packaged drinking water.

It is a household name that has popularized many brands on the market. Some of them are Bisleri Vedica, and Urzza. It also distributes other products like coolers and iceboxes.

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9. Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd.

Godrej Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd is a company that was established in 1897. When it started its business, initially manufactured high-quality locks and other kinds of safety equipment for the consumers.

As it progresses, Godrej & Boyce became a multi-business enterprise that produces different kinds of durable products for various applications like residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Currently, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd has 15 business divisions, including aerospace, construction, electronics, and appliances.

8. Samsung India Electronics Ltd.

Samsung India Electronics Ltd. logo

In December 1995, Samsung Electronics in India formally began its business operations in the country by providing Indian consumers with high-quality consumer electronics, telecom, and IT products.

Today, it is one of the leading home electronics providers in India. Since its inception, the company continuously improves and expands, having two manufacturing facilities and three R&D centers – two in Delhi NCR and one in Bangalore.

Some of its products include smartphones, LED TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves just to name a few.

7. Hindustan Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd.


Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. or HCCBPL is India’s largest bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company.

Its responsibilities include manufacturing, packaging, distributing, and sales marketing of the beverages under the brand of Coca-Cola.

As a member of the Bottling Investments Group (BIG), HCCBPL takes pride in its 24 bottling plants that are strategically situated in different states all over India.

And as one of the most highly recognized FMCG companies in Bangalore, this company boasts of having an extensive distribution system that covers over one million outlets operating with world-class standards.

6. Asian Paints

Asian-paints Logo

Since it started its business operations in 1942, Asian Paints has definitely worked its way up to become the largest and second-largest paint company in India and in Asia, respectively.

Aside from India, it operates in 19 countries and has a total of 26 manufacturing facilities around the world. It offers different products and services that every consumer can avail.

Some of the company’s products are interior and exterior walls, nilaya, metal finishes, and wood finishes.

5. ITC Ltd.


This is an Indian conglomerate that operates a diversified business in five sectors – Agri-Business, IT, Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging, as well as FMCG.

It was established in 1910 and was initially named Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. It started using its present name in September 2010 when it commemorated its 100 years in the business.

The products marketed under the FMCG sector are cigarettes, foods, personal care, and safety matches, among others. ITC Ltd. has its headquarters in Kolkata, but it has corporate offices in Bangalore.

4. Nestle India


Nestlé India is one of the strongest and most dominant FCMG companies in India today. It currently has eight state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and four branch offices all over the country.

It also operates a corporate office in Bangalore where it has employed many people to work for the company.

When it comes to its products, Nestlé India has launched many brands that have become household names just like Nescafé, Nestea, Maggi, KitKat, and every day to name a few.

3. Britannia Industries Ltd


Tiger, Marie Gold, Good Day, Nutrichoice, Bourbon – these are just some of the biscuit brands that Britannia India Pvt Ltd. markets for Indian consumers.

As a short history, Britannia is an Indian food processing company that was founded in 1892 and was initially based in Kolkata, West Bengal.

As the company grows even further, it has moved its headquarter to Bangalore in 1989 and has added more products to the market.

Aside from biscuits, it has a wide range of consumable commodities like bread, dairy products, and rusk.

2. United Spirits Ltd.

United Spirits Ltd. logo

This company is an Indian producer and manufacturer of alcoholic drinks. In terms of volume, United Spirits Ltd. (USL) is known to be the second-largest spirits company in the world.

Based on its website, the company has more than 140 brands of liquor and distributes six types of alcoholic drinks, including Brandy, Scotch, Vodka & Gin, Wine, and even Indian Whisky.

Its products are also being exported to more than 37 countries around the world. USL is a subsidiary company of Diageo, having its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd logo

Topping the list of the top FMCG companies in Bangalore is Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) that is controlled by Anglo-Dutch consumer goods company, Unilever.

It was created in 1933, and since its inception, it has produced a lot of products and popularized many brands that have become trusted household names in India.

Some of its famous products brands are Lipton, Magnum Ice Cream, Domex, Lux, Pepsodent, and Pureit.

Currently, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is based in Mumbai, India, but it has a branch office in Bangalore where it has provided ample jobs for the people living in the city.

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