Top 10 Hamsters Breeds | Types of Hamsters Species

Hamsters Breeds:- Many different species of hamsters exist throughout the world inhabiting semi-desert areas.

Only 5 are kept in captivity: Syrian, Dwarf Campbells Russian, Dwarf Winter White Russian, Chinese, and Roborovski.

Hamsters burrow many tunnels and keep separate chambers to store food or sleep. These nocturnal rodents have poor eyesight, but their senses of smell and hearing are keen.

Their long sharp incisor teeth necessitate gnawing to prevent overgrowth. They are an excellent choice for a first-time pet owner.

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Top 10 Hamsters Breeds

1. Dwarf Hamster


Dwarf Hamsters can be found in the Far East and Siberia. These little critters are very playful and social, and watching them busying is sheer fun. Therefore, they are good for children.

They can be trained to come by name and perform various tricks. Females gain reproductivity by five weeks of age. Dwarf Hamsters usually live for 2 years, but some die at 4 years of age.

2. Golden Hamster


Golden or Syrian Hamsters are but the most widely spread pet rodents in the world. They come in various colors and are very easy to care for.

Golden Hamsters are quite reserved and unsociable, and they may not always get along with their human masters. This point should be regarded with special attention if there are children in your house.

3. Hamster


A Hamster is a rodent widely used as a pet. There are many species of Hamsters, but the Syrian or Golden Hamster, dwarf Hamster, and Campbell’s Hamster are the most popular ones.

Hamsters are nocturnal by nature and that’s why unsuitable for young children. Older children usually find it easy to care for a Hamster.

4. Panda Bear Hamster


As to the color, the Panda Bear Hamster bears a striking resemblance to Panda Bears, featuring a black head and white body with black markings. Panda Bear hamsters live about 3 years, and they prefer solitude to company.

Therefore, they do not leave children and hamsters in one room unsupervised or teach children how to properly handle these animals. Panda Bear Hamsters are very clean, and their cages require little maintenance.

5. Robo Hamster


Robo Hamsters (Roborovski Hamsters) are often referred to as Mongolian Hamsters because Mongolia is their motherland.

These hamsters are much more sociable than Syrian Hamsters. They are very fast, and retrieving a loose hamster can be a great challenge.

Robo Hamsters are sandy-yellow on the back and sides and white underneath. They have distinctive white markings above the eyes. These creatures are very easy to handle and they make wonderful pets.

6. Syrian Hamster


Syrian Hamsters are wonderful pets, and they are available on the market along with other hamsters.

Syrian Hamsters are sandy-yellow, beige, or light fawn, and the belly is usually lighter than the upper body.

These hamsters do not tolerate even their own likes around, and they must be kept alone in one cage. Syrian Hamsters are about 6-8 inches long. They do not get out of hand even if abandoned.

Difference Between Syrian and Dwarf Hamster

Size is the most observable difference between Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters. Syrian Hamsters can reach 8 inches in length, whereas Dwarf Hamsters rarely grow beyond 4 inches.

Syrians are unsociable, and Dwarfs can live in small groups. Dwarfs are more active than Syrians, and unlike Syrians, they turn wild if neglected. For Syrians, more color variations are admissible than for Dwarfs.

7. Teddy Bear Hamster


Teddy Bear Hamsters belong to the group of Gold Hamsters, and they stand out by their characteristic coloration and long hair. They are 5-7 inches long, and females become reproductive upon reaching 6 weeks old.

Teddy bear hamsters can get on well with their masters and other members of their families. It takes a while for a hamster to get accustomed to a new place or a new person.

8. Winter White Hamster

Hamsters Breeds

There are several species of Winter White Hamsters, such as Winter White Russian Hamster, Campbell’s Russian Hamster, and Dwarf Russian Hamsters.

They differ in size and form of the body. Their white coloring camouflages them in snowy areas.

These hamsters mainly come from Siberia and the steppes of Kazakhstan. Winter White Hamsters are amicable, playful, and easy-going.

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