Top 10 Handbag Brands in India

Handbag Brands in India:- Handbags became more than just travel packers but also became a fashion trend and stylish specs. Due to its demand in this trendy generation, chic accessories grew spontaneously in the market as distributed by the competent fashion industry.

Handbag brands in India as grown wildly making no reason for every chic to not have their accessories. Many companies have made handbags but only a few had made a good name. We will provide the top 10 best bag brands in India.

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Best Handbag Brands in India

1. Lino Perros

Lino Perros Faux Leather Handbag

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Since 1999, Lino Perros has always been persuasive in making the best trends of fashion accessories. It is one of the top Handbag Brands in India.

They craft durable handbags in various bold, patent colors in strong, stylish textures to suit your entire OOTD.

Lino Perros, as a leading handbag brand in India, has always operated its inventiveness aiming to provide chic accessories that can catch up the modern pop trends.

They believe that handbags give more than just comfort but as well as an accessory that fires up poise and chicness.

2. Peperone

Peperone Women Elise Grey Handbag

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Pioneer in making bags and accessories in India, Peperone has divergent designers that create edgy designed handbags with colors that will lure every women’s eyes.

The company first unveiled its beautiful collection of handbags in 2010 at India International Leather Fair in Chennai which resulted in the attraction of thousands of followers making it one of the best handbag brands in India.

Peperone continually provides crafty, elegant handbags in meticulously redefined details.


Ladida Womens Handbag 643BLACK

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Established in the year 2001, LADIDA has since then crafted eco-friendly bags that flow with the latest international trends.

LADIDA promotes accessories made in vegan leather instead of animal skins to open eyes for wildlife contemplation.

LADIDA uses vegan leather, a material of cotton fiber threads and natural waste, to create bags that feel like leather but not “real” leather.

The company also uses environmentally protective PU synthetic leather in completing fine details such as bag linings. The usage of synthetic materials didn’t stop the divergent design in having world-class elegancy.

4. The House of Tara


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The House of Tara has inclined in the Indian fashion industry since its first publicity in October 2012.

The House of Tara (T.H.O.T.) focuses on handcrafting handbags and other accessories in Indian textiles with a dash of pop culture designs to lure a big crowd of fashion savvy. T.H.O.T is based in Delhi and distributes its products all over India.

Their handbags and other products went through intense product testing to ensure adequate quality standards before getting shipped domestically and internationally.

5. Da Milano

Da Milano LB 4422AWAXPLN Leather Satchel Bag

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With its progressive operation in the fashion industry of over sixty years, Da Milano has grown even more competent in crafting durable and elegant handbags and other fashion accessories. Da Milano is a pioneer in its craftsmanship of trendy bags and other specs.

Da Milano operates 44 company-owned and self-operated showrooms in 10 cities. Up until now, the company is persuasive in conceptualizing more trendy bags in high-quality handiwork.

6. Caprese


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As one of the leading handbag brands in India, Caprese continually creates handbags furnished with urban spirit to cope with the aesthetic trends for fashion savage women.

The premium designs of Caprese bring out the unveiled fierce and beauty of every woman. Caprese handbags are masters in a sleek design and world-class quality.

Each handbag is 100% made with high-standard craftsmanship to match up with the urban sense of today’s generation.

7. Lavie

Lavie Ushawu Dome Satchel Womens Handbag

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Lavie is one of the competent handbag brands in India that offers a spectrum of beautiful designs of handbags and other accessories.

Understanding the needs of 21st-century women, Lavie has created various bags with different colors and textiles to choose from.

Lavie first launched their trends in the year 2010 and since then they have had attracted a bunch of lovely customers that have been fond of their unique handbag designs and styles.

Lavie handbags can be bought in leading retail chains like Shoppers Stop, Bagzone stores, Pantaloons, and Lifestyle.

8. Baggit

Baggit Women Sling Bag

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Founded by Nina Lekhi in the year 1990, Baggit strongly promotes animal-friendly fashion trends with their motto, “Dressing to kill, and not killing to dress.”

Baggit has received a notable award from PETA Vegan Fashion Awards 2014 as the Best Brand in Women’s Wallet Category.

Baggit is voiced out as one of the leading handbag brands in India with the workmanship of wildly creative designers.

Baggit first appeared at INXS, Mumbai, and now operates in major retail chains like Neptune Mall Bhandup, Inorbit Mall Bangalore, and Kormangala Bangalore.

9. Kara

Kara Women Brown Nicklaus Leather Handbag

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Established in the year 2009, Kara is a leading handbag brand in India that excels well in creating aesthetic bags that outstands in uniqueness and durability.

Kara handbags are creatively designed with patent colors and textures to bring out the best of your looks.

In 2012, Kara focused on bags and accessories for the workplace without compromising the continued production of edgy handbags.

Kara bags and accessories are widely sold in the market in leading retails chains such as Reliance Footprint, Metro Shoes, Central, Payless.

It can also be bought in Indian online channels like Myntra and Jabong. Kara has reached popularity and has been known all over India.


Hidesign Women Shoulder Bag

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In 1978, Dilip Kapur crafted bags out of pursuing his hobby after his Ph.D. in International Affairs in the United States.

The first few years ventured in Europe and America. In 1998, Hidesign launched its first exclusive boutique in India and since then the company has grown intensively to 84 exclusive stores and has sold impressively outside the country.

Hidesign focuses on crafting handbags from urban to ethic designs in durable and prestigious materials in an array choice of colors and textures.

Hidesign guarantees high-quality craftsmanship making it one of the leading handbag brands in India in production, manufacture, and distribution.


These are the best bag brands in India that hold pride in the fashion industry. These companies fully understand the fashion needs of women.

Handbags serve to comfort and became a fashion statement which is seen as a great need in today’s century.

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