10 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper:- Cayenne pepper is also known by the names of Guinea spice, cow-horn pepper, aleva, bird pepper, red pepper and Lal Mirch (in Hindi). Its a famous Indian spice, used for sauteing and adding flavour to various food recipes.

It’s utterly hot with a sharp and savoury taste as its main identification. This one is a member of the capsicum or chilli pepper family. It’s rich in many nutrients like vitamin C, E, K and calcium, potassium, manganese and dietary fibre. So, check out its main health benefits right here.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne helps to maintain your blood pressure levels as normal. Removing the layers of plaque from the walls of the arteries, it prevents the problem of a heart attack.

This pepper also improves your blood circulation by reducing the formation of clots, cleaning toxins and repairing the old blood cells.  It also liberates your body from LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

2. HYPERTENSION– It balances the flow of blood from head to foot and in the arteries and veins, healing the trouble of high blood pressure or hypertension.

3. CANCER– This spice has anti-cancer properties which help to treat a cancer disease, through apoptosis process (where cancer cells kill their own growth). Mainly, it’s the ability to heal leukaemia and lung cancer, pancreas cancer and prostate cancer.

4. DIGESTION PROBLEMS– Being a well-known digestive aid, Cayenne Pepper stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices.

Mainly, the problems of abdominal cramps, acidity, gas and irregular excretion of urine and faeces can be treated with this pepper. Cayenne pepper also relieves the intestinal gas.

5. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & PAIN RELIEVER– Cayenne is extremely rich in a substance called Capsaicin, a natural pain reliever. Cayenne’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a natural cure for arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis and even herpes-related nerve damage.

The topical application of this pepper reduces arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis-related pain. It does this favour by calming and relaxing the sensory nerves.

However, this remedy can cause a little irritation as cayenne pepper is a hot spice, but it’s extremely worthwhile for the purpose.


Cayenne is quite famous for its anti-fungal property which helps this spice in treating various respiratory infections like cold, flu, sore throat and even asthma.

This pepper aids in breaking up and melting congested mucus. The patient feels relieved as soon as the nasal passage gets cleared.


Keep some amount of cayenne pepper in your socks before wearing them, to ward off cold-weather health issues. It also stops an allergic reaction, fever and a severe headache issue. Now, isn’t this great!!


Cayenne pepper increases saliva production, which further promotes excellent digestion and maintains perfect oral health.


It is a very effective food preservative, traditionally used to prevent food contamination from bacteria.


As a poultice, cayenne works wonderfully in treating rheumatism, inflammation, sores, wounds, snake bites and lumbago.

Besides this, do consult a good medical expert before trying this pepper for healing any disorder. Its important because every individual has a different temperament. So, its essential to know that which food suits best with your body’s nature. This confirmation will help you to get the desired results without falling into the trap of any negative health problem.

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