Top 10 Heaviest People in the World

Heaviest People in the World:- This article is about the top 10 heaviest people in the history of the world. Delicious food is one of those things that one cannot say “no” to it. Food sometimes becomes the agent of unity because people gather during mealtimes.

People even converse over a cup of coffee or tea. Children, adults, teens, in short people of all ages like to eat meals. What should be eaten and what should not be eaten people do not care about it.

The right kind of food is not preferred these days. People eat junk food from different fast-food restaurants. This is not a good aspect of the modern era that such type of lifestyle results in the food being stored as fats. These fats accumulate inside our bodies. This thing makes us gain more weight.

A person has to suffer from fatness due to different reasons. Two reasons are most important, junk food and harmonic problems. Here, I have prepared a list of the top 10 heaviest people in the history of the world.

Heaviest People in the World

10. Robert Earl Hughes

Robert Earl Hughes

Robert Earl Hughes was born on June 4, 1926, in the United States. He died on July 10, 1958. During the lifetime of Robert Earl Hughes, he was the heaviest human being recorded in the history of the world.

His peak weight was 485 kg (1069 Ibs) and he holds the 10th position in this list of top 10 heaviest people in the history of the world. He weighed about 92 kilograms at the age of only six. Roberts’s excessive weight was attributed to a malfunctioning pituitary gland. Robert’s chest was about 10.3 ft.

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9. Patrick D. Deuel

Patrick D. Deuel

Patrick D. Deuel was born on March 28, 1962. He was born in Grand Island, Nebraska, America. Patrick D Deuel was also the subject of the documentary “Half Ton Man”. He was a former restaurant manager.

Due to his weight, once he could not leave his house or even his bed in 7 years. His peak weight was 486 kg. When he was being taken to hospital, his bedroom wall had to be cut out to extract him from his home. Now, in 2015, he is 57 years old.

8. Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko was born on May 14, 1953. He was one of the heaviest men in the world. It is amazing that he dropped his weight from 411 kg to 90 kg. He also holds the record for highest weight loss in 1990.

His weight increased over the next seven years from 90 to 453 kg. He touched his peak weight of 499 kg in 1999. He suffered from an extreme case of morbid obesity. Michael died on July 25, 2013.

7. Francis John Lang

francis John Lang

Francis John Lang was born in 1934. He was born in the United States of America. He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He weighs 538 kg (1187 Ibs; 84 stones 10 Ibs). He is still leaving. He holds the seventh position in this list of the top 10 heaviest people in the history of the world.

6. Walter Hudson 

Walter Hudson

Walter Hudson was born in the year 1944 and died on December 24, 1991, in New York. He was the sixth most obese human in history. Walter also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest waist almost 119 inches. His peak weight was 543 kg (1197 pounds, 85.5 stones). 

He died of a heart attack on 24 December 1991. After his death, the removal of his body required rescue workers from the Hempstead Fire Department to cut a 4 by 6-foot hole in the wall of his bedroom. Walter was buried in a special steel-reinforced coffin. The coffin was 54 inches wide and 88 inches long.

5. Robert Butler

Robert Butler

Robert Butler was born in 1971/1972. He lives in America. His peak weight is 544 kg (1200 Ibs, 85 stones 9 Ibs). He had 408 kg (900 Ibs, 64 stones 3 Ibs. In 2015, he weighs 544 kg. We do not have sufficient information about him.

4. Carol Ann Yager

Carol Ann Yager1

Carol Ann Yager was born on January 26, 1960. Carol was one of the most severely obese people in history. She was the heaviest woman ever recorded. She lost the most weight (236kg) by no-surgical means in the shortest time of three months.

She weighed 544 kg (1200 Ib) in the year 1994 when she died. The picture window in the front room of her house was removed by firefighters and rescue personnel to get her body out when she died.

After being sexually abused by a close family member in her childhood, she had developed an eating disorder as a child in response. Her peak weight was 544 kg. She was not able to walk or even stand.

According to the Beecher Fire department chief, each trip needed as many as 15 to 20 people to help her to go to the hospital. She died due to kidney failure. The morbid obesity and multiple organ failure were the contributing causes of her death.

3. Manuel Uribe Garza

Manuel Uribe Garza

Manuel Uribe Garza was also called “Meme”. The meme was born on June 11, 1965, and died on May 26, 2014. Manuel was a Mexican national who suffered from morbid obesity to one of the greatest extents known in recorded history.

He reached a peak weight of 597 kg (1316 Ib). In 2002, he became unable to leave his bed even. By February 2008, he lost almost 230 kg with the help of doctors and nutritionists. When he died his weight was only 394 kg. The government also appointed a group of doctors and nutritionists to help him lose weight. He also turned down offers for gastric bypass surgery in Italy and Spain.

He was hospitalized on May 2, 2014, after suffering several cardiac arrhythmias. The main cause of his death was liver failure. He died on 26 May 2014 at the age of 48 years.

2. Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari

Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari

Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia. In August 2013, he was found to be the heaviest living person on this planet. He is the second heaviest man in the world’s recorded history.

He is at 610 kg (1345 Ibs) only 25 kg behind Jon Brower Minnoch. He was transferred to Riyadh to receive treatment by the order of King Abdullah. In the six months, he managed to lose a total of 320 kg.

1. Jon Brower Minnoch

Jon Brower Minnoch

Jon Brower Minnoch was born on 29 September 1941. He died on 10 September 1983. He was an American National. He is still regarded as the heaviest human being ever recorded in world history.

He was weighing approximately 635 kg (1,400 Ib). It is only a close estimation because his poor health, lack of mobility, and extreme size prevented the use of a scale. It is amazing that at the age of 12, he weighed 132 kg and at the age of 22 he weighed 178 kg.

He had to suffer from severe cardiac and respiratory problems. Minnoch transportation was extremely difficult.

It is an amazing fact that it took over a dozen firemen and rescue personnel with a specially modified stretcher and a ferry boat to transport him to the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

He married Jeannette. From here, he had two children. Edema was his cause of death at the age of 41.

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