Top 10 Indian Market Research Companies

Indian Market Research Companies:- A business always requires a Research and Survey for smooth beginnings. It helps to calculate our risks in advance. Moreover, the controlling team has a framework in advance to control deviations. In every sector ranging from Business to Politics and each & every industry requires research and marketing.

Market research companies factor a major role for companies that require data on the current market situation to strategically plan their business. There are many market research firms in India. Even there is a lot of active start-ups who like to become a successful marketing research firm.

Nowadays big companies are approaching market research companies to understand the target markets and customers. Market Research companies help their customer companies to find out the customer needs, wants, and beliefs. They also help to find out how the customers act and also how a product could be marketed.

Here is a vast list of the best 10 Market research companies which are popular in India. Below listed companies offer market insights and analysis services. Let’s take a look at a few Top Marketing Research Companies in India below:

Indian Market Research Companies



IMRB International is a Global Market Research Company in India. The primary head office of IMRB International is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Earlier it was known as the Indian Market Research Bureau. The Founder of this project was J. Walter Thompson, who founded this company in 1970. IMRB International is a leading company that offers marketing research services.

It serves in more than 100 countries and has got proper recognition in the research sector. IMRB International Provides Research Data for each sector in Business, Social, Government, Politics, and many more. It serves in Few countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asian countries rather than India.

  • Started: 1970
  • Product: Research Services for Most of the Sector.
  • Key People: Thomas Puliyel, Vivek Gupta.
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

2. TNS Global


TNS India Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading markets and research companies in India. Its corporate head office in the city of London, England, UK. The company began its operation in 1997. TNS India Pvt. Ltd is a second-best company that offers marketing insight and research services. It serves in more than 100 countries has set up its headquarters in London, UK.

The company offers expert service in Brand & Communication, Customer strategies, Digital, Innovation & Product development, Qualitative and Shopper. TNS is one of the foremost market research company in India. The company mainly provides research for Political, Technology, Automotive, Financial, Commercial sectors in a very systematic way. TNS is focused to deliver the insight of the business. The company has a global footprint and existence in more than 100 countries. It is headquartered in London, UK.

  • Started: 1997
  • Product: Research in crucial sectors – Automotive, Political, Finance,etc..
  • Key People: Richard Ingleton, Chhavi Bhargava
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon

3. Majestic MRSS


Majestic MRSS is a leading player in Marketing research and survey. The company has a significant market presence in Asian countries and offers a wide range of multitasking research services to international and national industries clients. It is a vast Market Research Firm in India. The corporate office of Majestic MRSS is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company journey began in 1992 when it was started with a vision to become one of the best Market and Research Company in India.

Majestic MRSS is a well-known company that offers market research services and serves in various countries that provide a range of services famous for its high-quality services. Majestic MRSS delivers its services globally like Vietnam, Dubai, Thailand., China, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The company’s product & solutions portfolio includes implicit research, Methodologies, Segments, Strategic partnerships and Case studies. Some of the company’s top clients are Unilever, P&G, Cadbury, Coca cola, Nokia, Sony, Dell, Samsung, Tata, Jaguar, Ford, Land rover, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Glenmark and many others.

  • Started: 1992
  • Product: Survey Based Research, Business Consulting
  • Key People: Raj Sharma, Sarang Panchal
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

6. IDC


IDC is one of the global market research companies in India helping clients make decisions based on facts through their analytical reports. The company is a global Marketing Research Corporation working in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, United, and many other countries rather than India.

Its corporate office is conveniently located in the city of Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, and founded in the year 1964. IDC is a foremost company that offers business analysis and market research services. It is successfully running from the day it was established and got recognition in the market for its services.

The company’s service portfolio includes Channels, Consumers, Infrastructure & hardware, IT Overview, IT procurement tools, Marketing operations, Pricing & Valuation, Services, Small & Medium businesses, Telecom & Networks and Customer insights. Its services are offered to industry sectors like Energy, Financial, Government, Health, Manufacturing, and Retail.

  • Started: 1964
  • Product: Marketing – Intelligence, Analyst, Advisory, Survey.
  • Key People: Kirk Campbell
  • Headquarters: Delhi

7. Hansa 


Hansa Research is a Worldwide Market Research Company which mainly operates in India as well as the United States of America. The corporate office of Hansa Research is ideally situated in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, and founded in the year 1983. Hansa Research is a well-known company.

A dominant player in this industry offers full-fledged market research services. The company has a global presence that provides its services in more than 77 countries. Today the company has goodwill in the market for its high-quality services.

The company offers services like Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Analytics, GIM, Data collection, and Custom selection. Apart from this, the company provides outsourcing services like Data collection, Programming, Data Processing, Analytics, and Reporting. Hansa Research has a broad range of offerings for various sectors like Financial Services, Consumer Product, Media, Telecom, etc. Pioneer Indian Market Research Firm to achieve a significant position in the USA market research sector.

  • Started: 1983
  • Product: Market Survey, Analysis, Intelligence.
  • Key People: Ashok Das, S Swamy
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

8. Market Xcel


Market Xcel is one of the top market research companies in India. The company has around 11 offices in major cities and offers its services to clients in more than 250 cities. Its corporate office in the center of New Delhi, India. The company is a Pvt Lmt company, founded in the year 2000. The company offers research solutions to Industries. Market Xcel also operates in Singapore. Having a well-experienced management team, they tend towards providing Qualitative results.

Its services include qualitative research, quantitative research, secondary research, business market research, and research consulting. One of the specialized services is tailor-made research aiming at meeting the client’s requirements and expectations.

  • Started: 2000
  • Product: Market Research & Consulting
  • Key People: R V Oberoi
  • Headquarters: Delhi

9. Nielsen 

Nielsen Logo

Nielsen is a universal market research enterprise in India. Its corporate office is located in the city of New York City, USA, and founded in the year 1923. Nielsen is a well-established company that offers media research services and serves in more than 100 countries.

Nielsen has an extensive network of services in many countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Few in Asia. According to an institutional survey Nielsen operates in Near about 100 countries in various sectors. Nielsen helps in obtaining the exact need and demand of People in the first areas.

The company provides solutions such as Consumerisation, Innovation, Marketing effectiveness, Sales Effectiveness, Segmentation, Product development, Advertising effectiveness, and Shopper. The company caters to clients’ requirements, providing end to end solutions that are tailor-made as well as available in packages.

  • Started: 1923
  • Product: Market – View, Survey, Research Analysis.
  • Key People: Prashant Singh
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

10. Millward Brown


The corporate office of Millward Brown is in the city of New York, USA. Founded by Gordon Brown and Maurice Millward the year 1973. Millward Brown is a trustworthy company that offers market research services. The company got recognition in the market within a short period because of its services.

The business has a global widespread operating in more than 50 countries and has around 85 branches. The company offers consulting services in the areas of strategy, advertising, brand, digital, and media.

11. Markelytics Solutions


Markelytics Solutions is one of the top market research companies in India providing end to end solutions. The company was established in the year 2003 with its headquarters in Bangalore. Its offices are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, New Jersey, Dubai, Singapore, and Tokyo. The company offers services like MR Outsourcing, MR full service, and MR Online Panel. The company focuses on providing full-service research and customized solutions to its clients.

12. RNB Research


RNB is an ISO 9001:2000 certified market research and data collection organization. The company was established in the year 1995. RNB Research is rated among the top 5 Marketing Research Companies in India

The company is a Universal Research Enterprise in India. The corporate office of RNB Research is in the heart of New Delhi, India. RNB Research is a renowned company that offers marketing research services serves across the country.

The company focuses on Retail research, Automotive Research, Food & Beverage research, Textile & Garment’s research, Consumer products research, Banks & Financial institutions research, Telecommunications & Internet research, and Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare research.

The company provides Research Services for Fields like Retail, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Consumer Product, Health Care, and many more. RNB also serves in other countries like China, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, and the Philippines and UAE rather than India.

  • Started: 1995
  • Product: Research Services
  • Key People: P Kumar
  • Headquarters: Delhi


Please note that the list of top market research companies in India is not an ordered list. There are many more good marketing research companies in India. Our team has tried their best to pick some of the best Indian Market Research Companies. Please let us know if you would like to tell us about any other good marketing research company in India.

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