Top 10 Most Haunted places in the world

Most Haunted Places In The World:- The world is full of heritage and surprises. There are so many questions to answer, and so many happenings to unveil.

There are various unlikely incidents whose answer is still undiscovered, and science has just become a silent watcher in front of such questions and events.

It is hard to believe, but there is also an entity of supernatural powers on earth.

Some places on earth are grabbed, and control by supernatural forces and ordinary people have experienced that scary moment that has gone at such place.

Such places are generally known as haunted places, and some supreme supernatural powers govern such sites. Here are some of the most haunted places in the world.

These places have created a maze of fear in front of people. Everyone gets scared even by hearing mere the name of such sites.

These haunted places are seriously scary without a second thought, and this is not a matter of fiction at all for sure.

So here they are: –

Most Haunted Places In The World

1. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City (Philippines)


Diplomat hotel is situated on a hill which stands like a protector to Baguio city.

This hotel is quite mysterious, the hotel building was used as a sanatorium during World War II, and after the end of the war, it was converted into a hotel.

But this was not the end; it was the beginning of something unusual to happen in this so-called hotel.

There could be a possibility that the people who have lost their lives here during the World War II.

Their spirits are still in search of their existence here and maybe that is why the Diplomat Hotel has become haunted since then, and yet it has not become sanctified.

People who live nearby say that they have heard some unusual noises like the clattering of dishes, banging of doors and windows at the middle of the night, some people have said even that they have seen “shadows” and a “white lady.”

2. The White House (United States of America)


White house is one of the prestigious buildings of the whole world, but it is one of the most haunted buildings on earth as well.

Some black shadows are after the white house continuously for a long time. The spirits of the president John Adams and his wife Abagail have a continuous visit in the white house as people said who have experienced such a scary incident.

There are some other terrifying spirited sights as well which include Dolly Madison, Andrew Jackson and Lincoln.

First lady Michelle Obama has also admitted that she had experienced the supernatural existence in the white house.

In addition to this Sasha Obama has reported that she has seen the “Bush Twins”. This is hard to believe, but the white house is one of the most haunted places in the world.

3. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Kentucky) 


This sanatorium is one of the most haunted places ever discovered; this sanatorium has witnessed “63,000 deaths” as claimed by some urban legends.

There is a tunnel which is known as ‘the death tunnel’. It was made to bring supplies to and from the building.

Still, it was used for another reason as well, and that reason was transporting the dead patients through such tunnel.

Gradually such tunnel became the resting place of the spirits of such deceased patients whose souls are still in there.

The sanatorium had also witnessed satanic works inside as well which gives more weight to the thought that this place is haunted.

People have seen here the presence of the spirit of a little boy named Bobby playing with his leather ball.

The spirit of a small girl playing hide and seek with the trespassers on the third floor, some unusual voices and objects, an automobile driving up and dropping off coffins.

This really sounds so scary, and no one would like to experience such horrible moments at all.

4. 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville (USA)


112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville is a house which is a satanical base for spirits.

The fear of this house has inspired some horror movie makers to introduce the inside story of this haunted house on the large screen to the people.

Famous horror movie ‘Amityville Horror’ is based on the story of this haunted house. The history of this house tells that Ronald Defeo Junior who was possessed by some supernatural power, on November 13, 1974.

He shot and killed his mother father, two sisters and two brothers but what was the actual reason behind it is still unknown.

Another twist came to the tale when George and Kathy Lutz moved into the house with their three children on December 23, 1975.

The next 28 days were like a nightmare for them, on the last day it reached to the maximum when they heard some sinister sounds coming from the basement.

The main floor, kids’ beds were drawn all over the room, lifted in the air and then dropped, they had never experienced such demon experience, soon after they left the house and never looked back.

5. LaLaurie House, New Orleans


Lalaurie was a rich and famous female in town. She had owned several slaves for her as the other wealthy figures of society liked to have at that time.

Still, LaLaurie was a fierce woman as far as her slaves were concerned because she had treated them quite brutally and inhuman manner.

That is why one of her slaves set the house on fire when the torture became out of the patience limit.

When the people rescued the slaves from the house they found that some of them were already dead due to malnutrition and cruel treatment to them.

Since then such house became haunted, soon after that, the Lalaurie family left from Louisiana and nowadays such haunted house has turned in to high-end apartments.

6. Bhangarh Fort (India)


Bhangarh Fort is undoubtedly haunted, and ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has confirmed it as one can see the warning board of ASI at the Bhangarh Fort.

The entry is strictly prohibited in the fort from sunset to sunrise. There is a fascinating story behind this fort being haunted place. 

A beautiful princess here was shown disrespect to an evil magician. And in return, he cursed the palace with the death of all who lived there.

After all this, the fort was abandoned in the 1700s, and an awkward virtue had cursed the Bhangarh fort.

7. Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)


Edinburgh Castle is one of the haunted places of the world where people have experienced paranormal activities in the atmosphere around.

People have claimed that they have seen spirits of headless drummers, pipers and ghost dogs which sounds scary.

This castle has some scary stories behind that are eager to whisper around in the air.

8. The Whaley House (California)


This house is the house of supernatural powers that have grabbed this house; this house is the most haunted house of USA.

Thomas Whaley made it in the year 1857; this house also witnessed the public hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson for attempting grand theft.

After that, this house also saw the suicides of other members of the Whaley family.

People have claimed that they have experienced the existence of Jim and other members of the Whaley family.

9. The Tower of London (UK)


The Tower of London has become one of the most haunted places in Britain. The Tower of London has stood still for more than 900 years, which is simply exceptional.

This former prison of England’s most lethal figures has seen various executions and deaths. The most notable incident here was when Anne Boleyn was beheaded here because she failed in giving birth to a male child.

She was the wife of King Henry VII. People have claimed that they have seen that headless appearance at The Tower of London.

10. The Schooner Hotel (UK)


People have said that they have encountered something unusual for sure. More than 3000 sightings have been claimed in the recent past.

Though the hotel is still open for the overnight guests, if one likes to have stayed in this hotel, then one should try to avoid having the keys to room no. 17, and place no. 28

This is because these two rooms have the most influential paranormal presence inside. One can get in if one has that courage, but the advice is that one should not get in such place at all.

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