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Punjabi Shayari on Life:- Life is a journey. During the journey, we have some beautiful and some bad moments. We should have a learning from every moment.

If in the present someone is going through difficulties. He should keep struggling and surely then in future he/she will definitively reach a beautiful destination.

Its time boss it changes very fast. Always welcome others and meet them with happy faces. The purpose to life is to be happy and try to make other happy.

How beautiful it would be if we start accompany other with no selfish needs. Trust me it will change your whole scene of life.

Punjabi Shayari On Life


The greatest thing that I have learned in life to never fight on pity Things. We cannot change a person who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.


Sometimes we have to give up on convincing someone, not because you don’t care but because they don’t. It happens that convincing someone changes to a bad fight. This is of the best thought for life.


Sometimes we dig a place for our own burial. It happens when we haste in things. So don’t make haste because a wrong step could vein your whole life.


Choosing words wisely:- Be careful with your words because the words can’t be replaced or forgotten. Give proper salutation to all. Nothing will go with you from this materialistic world.


Good and Bad Memories:- One peculiar things about memories is that they keeps us alive and do kills at the same time.


Time and Understanding:- There are few with great understanding but they lacks time.


Who Cares:- Selfish people do not respects other deeds. They cares their own convenience.


Easily deceived:- I trust people too easily….. not because I am naive because my heart want to believe that not everyone is here to deceive.


Time is King:- Time is the the only king and it can changes at any time.


No one is innocent:- Like no one is perfect in this world. I would also say that no one is innocent in this world. Everyone has their owns record to bad works, some are here who openly speaks and some tries to become over smart by neglecting the facts.


Do help person in need:- Always help the person in need with your special effort. Advising may sometime works wrong but personal support doesn’t shows a negative intention.

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