Top 10 Pesticides Companies in India (Updated-List)

Top 10 Pesticides Companies in India:- Today, farmers in our country are faced with multiple challenges – from unpredictable weather conditions, lower yield to increasing food demand. For addressing these challenges, crop protection becomes an integral part of the solution.

The agrochemicals sector has not only helped increase yield but also assisted in protecting crops. In the last 15 years, the agrochemicals market has multiplied by almost five times – a scenario expected to continue in the coming years as well. The use of agrochemicals per hectare is still far below the levels followed in the developed nations.

Farmers get trouble in selecting pesticide products for their crops. They do not think which company product will deliver the best outcome. Many farmers work on the concept that the product with a high price is good for their crop.

There are many big Agri pesticide companies in India. Some of them are very common like Bayer, but few are known in the knowledge of farmers. These companies are doing great work by serving the best quality products for crops.

I have prepared a video to tell us about the Top 10 Pesticides And Agro Chemicals Companies in India. These companies are supplying every needed help to farmers with their quality. pesticides, fertilizers, and seed products

Here is a list of the top ten public/private sector Pesticides And Agro Chemicals companies in India. Its shares are actively traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.

Top 10 Pesticides Companies in India

1. Bayer CropScience Ltd

Bayer CropScience Ltd

Bayer began its journey in India in 1896. Over time, it has adapted itself to this culture-rich nation and established itself as a Company that manufactures world-class products. Pesticides and fertilizer products are some of their commonly sought items. The brand is known for manufacturing the best quality pesticide products. Apart from this, they have been contributing enough to the pharmaceutical sector.

The company is also one of the best Pharma companies in India. They operate as a crop science company in seeds, crop protection, and non-agricultural pest control. The company is mainly engaged in the production of insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, and herbicides. The Company operates through the Agri Care segment. The Company offers crop solutions for various crops, such as cotton, fruits, millet, mustard, pulses, rice, soybeans, sugar cane, vegetables, and wheat.

  • Type:-Public 
  • Founded:-1958 
  • Head Office:-Germany 

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2. PI Industries Ltd

PI Industries Ltd

PI is a private limited company. It is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd was founded and incorporated the company in 1946. PI Industries Limited (PI) is an agri-sciences company with a strong presence in both the domestic and export markets.

The company has three industrial facilities in Gujarat and an R&D center at Udaipur. The manufacturing facilities include five multi-purpose plants at Panoli and three versatile plants at Jambusar. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to produce a high-quality product, and dedicated high-pressure reaction facilities equipped with futuristic is automation. Also, the company’s two formulation units at Panoli help it meet local and global clientele’ requirements.

The company is engaged in Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing for contract research and production of agrochemicals, intermediates, and other niche fine chemicals. The Company operates in two segments: Chemicals and Others. The Company manufactures fine chemicals, crop protection, plant nutrients, and seeds, and engineering plastics for use in the automobile, electrical, and home appliances industries.

  • Type:-Private
  • Founded:-1947
  • Head Office:-Haryana

3. Dhanuka Agritech Ltd

Dhanuka Agritech Ltd

Dhanuka Agritech Limited is one of the top and best Pesticides And Agro Chemicals Companies In India. Forbes Magazine lists the Company as India’s leading agrochemical Company and in the category of “200 Best under A Billion Companies in the Asia Pacific”.

The Company has its listing on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The Company was awarded the Company of the Year (Agro-Chemical Category) by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in the 10th Biennial International Exhibition.

In the year 2018-19, the Company got recognized as “Great Place to Work.” The Company provides its services in PAN-India through its marketing offices in all major states across India. More than 1000 techno-commercial staff supported by a strong R & D division and a strong distribution network helps the Company to reach out to about 10 million Indian farmers.

The Company is working in collaboration with the world’s seven leading agrochemical Companies from the US, Japan, and Europe, which helps them to introduce the latest technology in Indian farmlands.

For technical advancement, they have technical tie-ups with 4 American, 5 Japanese & 2 European Companies. Dhanuka Agritech Limited manufactures a wide range of agrochemicals like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, miticides, plant growth regulators in various forms – liquid, dust, powder, and granules.

  • Type:-Private
  • Founded:-1985
  • Head Office:-Haryana

4. Rallis India Ltd

Rallis India Ltd Logo

Rallis India is of the best pesticides companies in India. The company is involved in the business of manufacture and marketing of Agri Inputs. The company has come a long way to get into the Indian agricultural industry.

Today the company has grown its roots to shelter the farmer with the value chain of agriculture inputs – right from seeds to organic plant growth nutrients along with a suite of a package of practices and services.

Rallis India Limited is a leading manufacturer of pesticides in India. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, with its business presence in the Farm Essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop care companies. The company’s 2,300 distributors reach more than 40,000 retail counters across the country, covering more than 80% of India’s districts.

There are around 20-25 technicals manufactured by it. Other than pesticides, it deals in seeds and fertilizers. Takeover by Tata Chemicals, which generates over 40 percent of its revenue from fertilizers like urea, DAP, and NPK. Tata Chemicals has annual sales of about Rs 122 billion from fertilizers.

Rallis India is a prime distributor for Tata Chemicals fertilizers in its mainstream markets of north and north-east regions. The company has sales of over Rs 8.5 billion from crop protection products that include pesticides, insecticides, seeds, micro-nutrients, etc., and contract manufacturing of agrochemicals for multinationals.

5. Bharat Rasayan Ltd

bharat rasayan

Bharat Rasayan (BRL) is a public LMT company listed on both the NSE and BSE. The Company got incorporated on 15th May 1989 as a Public Limited company by the current Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. S. N Gupta. The Company received Certificate of Commencement on 27th July 1989 from the Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana.

The Company is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of various sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, R & D, Petrochemicals, Flavors & Fragrances, and Specialty Chemicals.

BRL is engaged in technical grade pesticides such as Fenevalrate Technical, 2,4-D Ethyl Ester Technical & Isoproturon Technical at Village Mokhra, Tehsil Meham, Distt. Rohtak, Haryana. The Company is one of the key producers of pesticide products in Haryana.

BRL is the Bharat group’s subsidiary company, comprising BR Agrotech Ltd (BRAL) and Bharat Insecticide Ltd (BIL). The core business of BRL is the manufacturing of technical grade pesticides (a B2B segment) which is a crucial ingredient for formulations and used for captive consumption to some extent. BRL is one of the prominent leaders of technical-grade pesticides in India.

The Company possesses two Star Export houses authorized by the concerned government department. The product portfolio includes 200 registered products with the Central Insecticides Board, and about 100 brands have the Trade Mark tags.

The Company has international recognition as the Company exports its products to more than 60 countries in the world. The Company also markets the raw material used to make pesticide formulation whose products are essentially used for plant protection and derive more output in the agricultural sector.

6. Insecticides India Ltd

Insecticides India Ltd

The Company began its journey in 2001. The Company comes in as a part of the crop protection industry. With more than 120 formulations and 15 technical assets in crop protection solutions and products, IIL is the mark that every Indian farmer relies on to produce healthy crops. The Company works with farmers to scale up their crop productivity and quality and provide them with complete crop protection solutions.

The Company is one of few Indian agrochemicals companies with a diverse portfolio of branded formulations, active ingredients, and bulk formulations. It is supported by our state-of-art infrastructure and modern technologies, ensuring that their products are of high quality.

The Company is the first Indian agrochemical company to have an innovative R&D center in India. With a team of 32 members comprising scientists and technicians, the Company invents molecules for both domestic and international markets.

In addition to the above, the Company has a ten-year-old in-house R&D Centre at Chopanki, Rajasthan, recognized by DSIR. The unit has been working in the direction of reverse engineering of off-patented products. It has made seven applications for process patents, with a grant approved for one process patent.

The Company’s management is looking at expanding its product portfolio by setting up a bioproducts wing with a dedicated bio R&D laboratory. Overall the company is committed to fortifying Agriculture with a highly productive and progressive vision and mission to make Indian Farmers prosperous.

7. Sharda Cropchem Ltd

Sharda Cropchem logo

One more added to the list of best agricultural or pesticide companies in India is Sharda Cropchem Ltd (Formerly known as Sharda Worldwide Exports Pvt. Ltd). Today, the Company is a prime leader in the generic crop protection chemicals industry. It was incorporated in 2004.

The Company is one of the best agrochemicals companies with an asset-light business model.  The products or services offered by the Company include wholesale distribution of animal feeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and other farm supplies. The Company is involved in the marketing and distributing a broad range of formulations and generic active ingredients in more than 80 countries. 

Sharda Cropchem Limited exports various formulations and generic active ingredients worldwide. The Company functions through Agrochemicals, Belts, and Others segments. The Company manufactures various agrochemical products, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, veterinary drugs, plant growth regulators, fumigants regulators, rodenticides, and biocides. The main reason for being the most successful producer of pesticide products is its high standards with a prolonged approval timeline.

If we check-in its agricultural equipment slot, then we will find that the Company provides textile ply, rough top, steel cord, chevron/pattern, elevator, sidewall, pipe, and PVC/PVG solid woven conveyor belts, as well as cotton transmission belts, P.V.C. and polyurethane light-duty belting products, and V-belts for use in mining projects.

8. Excel Crop Care Ltd

Excel Crop Care Ltd

Since its inception in 2003, the Company has had the goodwill of developing, manufacturing, and exporting chemicals. At present Company is ranked among global industry leaders with a turnover exceeding Rs 4000 million.

The Company delivered over 100 product and process breakthroughs serving the specific needs of various clients. The Excel company is a pioneer in researching many pesticide products, including Endosulfan Technical, Butene Diol, and Glyphosate Technical. And the third Company all across the world to develop Aluminium Phosphide. The Company has received various awards in honor of its dedication and excellence in the field of chemicals. 

Excel Crop Care actively promotes Integrated Pest Management (IPM:- A natural and biological practice to control insect pests in agricultural production.). It has proved Integrated Crop Management (ICM) techniques to the farmers, using innovative methods.

The Company’s primary manufacturing unit is in Bhavnagar. All the company plants are ISO certified and adhere to all statutory requirements on quality and safety. The staff working there has expertise in the field. All the machinery used has cutting-edge technology to meet quality standards upon a time.

The Company is so conscious of quality and puts all its efforts to delivers the best quality to value the customer. The Company has completed six decades of workings. Over the years, the Company has tried its best to help the farmers reap richer rewards from their crops. 

9. Monsanto India Ltd

Monsanto India Ltd

One more queued in Top 10 Pesticides And Agro Chemicals Companies In India is Monsanto India Limited. The Company is involved in the business of production and sale of agricultural inputs, including chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, and hybrid seeds.

Monsanto India Limited (MIL) was incorporated in 1949. The head office of the company is situated in Mumbai. Since its inception, MIL is committed to helping the Indian farmer produce more while conserving sustainably and being successful.

The company aims to improve farmers’ lives by offering them wide access to cutting-edge, high-yielding maize hybrid seeds researched and developed through advanced seed breeding techniques; and herbicides for weed management.

MIL works on the ground level and practically helps the farmers in yielding more profits through their crops. Their field team connects about a million direct farmer contacts annually, sharing enhanced agronomic practices to enable farmers to optimize yields.

The Company produces high-yield crop varieties and hybrid crops such as corn, sunflower, and cotton. Monsanto also markets special chemicals, animal health, and agricultural products as an indenting agent for Monsanto Company Inc.

10. Meghmani Organics Ltd

Meghmani Ltd Logo

Another one of the largest producers of pesticides in India is MEGHMANI ORGANICS LTD. The Company is Among the top 3 global Phthalocyanine-based pigment players all across the world. The story began in 1986 when Gujarat Industries was set up as a partnership firm in Gujarat to manufacture pigments. 

In order to derive high productivity and enter a new area of business of Agrochemicals, the Company calls upon its shareholders to buy the share of the Company. The Company transformed Gujarat Industries to a joint-stock company, under the name of Meghmani Organics Limited, by 1995. Later in 2009, the Company step into the new business of manufacturing basic chemicals. 

As of now, the Company is doing fine in this division. Today the Company is the 4th largest caustic-chlorine producer in India. Also, the lowest cost producers of caustic soda in India. The Company has a global presence in more than 75 countries, serving over 400 customers across all three business segments. Principally the Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Pigments and Agrochemicals. They carry out their manufacturing activities at four plants, all situated in Gujarat, India. 

In the agrochemicals segment, the Company manufactures pesticides mainly used for basic crop protection. All the deliver products are regulated products and require prior registration with the relevant governing authorities in each country before being sold. All the certification ensures specific quality standards and permitted toxicity levels set by the relevant governing authorities.

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