Top 10 Best Fashion Designers of the World

Best Fashion Designers:- Fashion is a very deep word; it needs more than ordinary prudence to understand it rightly. Fashion is a trend but every trend is not fashion for sure.

Fashion is everywhere and if one talks about apparel then fashion designers have played a vital role on the stage of fashion trends by showing the talent of their hands to create the magic and made the apparels speak for themselves.

Fashion designers have enlightened the world of fashion with their bright and innovative thinking and that is being admired by people for a very long time.

Today being updated regarding the latest fashion trends and wear designer clothes is in vogue and people are quite eager to avail such luxury without worrying about the cost.

The fashion industry has produced so many legendary designers who have just mesmerized the whole world with their fantastic work.

Here is the brief of the top 10 best fashion designers from all across the globe, although every single designer is top-notch so numerical order hardly makes any difference here. So here they are:-

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Top 10 Best Fashion Designers

1. Pierre Cardin


Beginning with the list of best fashion designers in the world. The very first queued in the list is Pierre Cardin.

He is one of the big fishes of the fashion industry whose innovative and futuristic approach completely changed the fashion scenario at that time.

Pierre Cardin a Frenchman by origin was born in Italy. Pierre Cardin had a very large and futuristic vision while creating the new dresses and even in those times his thinking and approach were far beyond the other designers.

The whole world praised him for his creations of the 20th century but they looked like those of the 25th century, this shows the level of creativity and talent of Pierre Cardin.

Especially his Bubble Dresses were so amazing and had all the fixings of science fiction, scintillating design work, fascinating colors, and elegant look.

One can say that Pierre Cardin was a magical designer who gave the world a futuristic approach to work on.

2. Yves Saint Laurent


Moving forward with the list of best fashion designers in the world. Yves Saint Laurent is another French designer who has just nurtured the fashion chaser people with his unmatched and prime class innovative work.

He became so popular because of his creativity in redesigning clothes considered to be masculine into beautiful, feminine wardrobes for women.

He had also been credited for the “Power Suits” which he has specially created for women in the year 1966.

Yves Saint Laurent wanted to create something special and different only for women and he got humungous success in his goal by introducing power dressing for women.

One more of his fascinating creations is Smoking Jacket for men. Yves Saint Laurent had the do the best always attitude which made him the real best of all times.

Another stunning creation of his was the “ready to wear” fashion clothing which has made this designer immortal forever in the memories of people.

3. Ralph Lauren


Another one of the best fashion designers in the world is Ralph Lauren. He is another name of style and new fashion trend because in the 70s he had just amazed the whole world with his fashion style.

If one looks back at the history then one would find that in the year 1970 the first Polo logo was seen in Lauren’s line of women’s suits that was designed well in the classic men’s style.

After the two years of this creation, Lauren brought the famous short sleeve shirt with the Polo emblem and immediately it registered success all around and men started collected these classic shirts since then.

If one talks about Ralph Lauren then he has a quite expensive hobby of collecting rare and classic cars, supremacy of the collection can be judged by the fact that it has been featured in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

4. Donatella Versace


Next added to the list of best fashion designers in the world is a hard-working woman who is pumped up to do the good work to uplift her own level above the top.

Donatella Versace is the sister of Gianni Versace and after the murder of his beloved brother Gianni in the year 1997.

She has taken over the responsibility on her own shoulders and shown her talent and desperation to perform well to the whole world, since then Versace has traveled to new heights of success.

Her hard work has become fruitful for her as she has been successful to cater the Versace shops to different fashion centers all around the globe especially in Milan and New York. As the world knows Versace has earned its name.

5. Calvin Klein


Another one of the best fashion designers added to the list is Calvin Klein. He is the gem of New York-born in the year 1942. Calvin has just amazed the world with his own exclusive style that has just boggled the people all around.

Calvin has really a kind of magnetic charm in his personality that gives ease a bit to him in inspiring people toward his creation.

Calvin Klein has just blown away the competitors with his talent and ability that is whispering in the minds of admirers.

6. Giorgio Armani


Italy is the fashion capital of the world and it has produced some supremely talented fashion designers that have brightened the world with their light of talent in fashion.

Giorgio Armani is one of the best fashion designers in the world. He is the most successful Italian Fashion Designer, he started his company, Armani, in the year 1975.

By the year 2001, Giorgio Armani was acclaimed as the most successful designer who earned his name all over the world with an annual turnover of $1.6 billion.

Armani has perfection in his men’s wear for his clean, tailored lines that will give a truly different and top-notch feeling.

7. Christian Dior


The next name registered in the list of best fashion designers is Christian Dior. He was a French designer who is well known for his different and revolutionary approach to fashion.

Christian Dior was born in the year 1905 and he is well known for his “New Look” silhouette. It was first shown in 1947 and it was admired by the women so well.

These days John Galliano continues the legendary designer’s legacy in Paris where he creates the couture ball gowns and other luxurious accessories for Dior.

8. Tom Ford


Tom Ford is a talented fashion designer and he has won the award for Best International Designer in the year 2000.

He has also served Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci as a creative director. He is also one of the best fashion designers in the world.

9. Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel is the founder of the famous Chanel brand. Coco Chanel is a very talented French fashion Designer. She is one of the best fashion designers in the world.

She was the only person who has got a place in the prestigious list of Time100: The Most Important People of the Century

10. Marc Jacobs


One more famous name on the list of best fashion designers is Marc Jacobs. He is a famous American Fashion designer who is continuously setting a new trend of fashion with his next-gen approach in fashion.

He is one of the stylish fashion designers in the world. Marc Jacobs is the founder of the famous brand Louis Vuitton. He is also famous for his designer trunks and leather products. It has a turnover of USD$ 25.9 billion.

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