Top 10 Best Wallet Brands in India

Best Wallet Brands in India:- A salient accessory one you couldn’t have is a fanny pack, one that is forged with classic design and lasting durability.

The wallet has been one of the prime accessories sold in India. Hence, the fashion industry has blown the market with its competitive wallet designs.

Choosing a wallet is tedious. Most people miss out on the wallet standards and go over the cheap wallets even when it’ll compromise the quality.

Good wallet choice will depend on the wallet’s design and durability. We will provide you the top Indian wallet names (accordingly based on their popularity and marketability).

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Best Wallet Brands in India

1. Levi’s


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Levi’s Strauss and Co. is an American-owned company that created its mark in history being divergent of the first blue jean in the year 1873. Not only they innovated jeans but also created a spectrum of fashion accessories like wallets, bags, and apparel.

Levi’s is the leading wallet brand in India among the other comprehensive wallet brand companies. The authentic leather and the impeccable texture of Levi’s wallet are the qualities worth your money.

2. K London

K London

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K London is a bestselling brand of wallets, purses, belts, cardholders, and bags. They have been known for manufacturing, exporting, and supplying high-quality products at a competitive price.

The company has been affiliated with distributors abroad in countries like Australia, South Africa, and Europe.

3. American Tourister™

American Tourister™ logo

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Your pocket might not be able too much cash and coins, your credit cards have gone too many and you need something to hold those for you. American Tourister™ is an innovator of durable aesthetic wallets that are meant to last long.

The journey of American Tourister™ all started in the year 1933 as founded by Sol Koffler, a humble man dreaming of building a tough suitcase.

Things went well until other packers were created; luggage, bags, duffle, and wallets. And now, American Tourister™ is one of the leading wallet brands in India besides the 9 other brands on this list.

3. Urban Forest

Urban Forest wallet logo

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Urban Forest is one of the best wallet brands in India that aims in providing durable and classic wallets at a reasonable price. Their products are made of genuine handcrafted leather infancy and classic colors to reveal your mood.

Urban Forest creates wallets that are meant for wear and tear, both for men and women. Their products are sold explicitly in leading online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

They do not only excel in creating wallets, but also in sling bags, laptop bags, and shoulder bags.

4. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss logo

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Alpine Swiss is one of the pioneers in the creation of handcrafted wallets made of genuine leather in India and across the world.

Alpine Swiss creates a vast menu of wallet design choices for the minimalist, classic layman, money OCD, or whatever your design choice is, Alpine Swiss is perfect.

Keep your vault with you with their wallet collections that will lure your eyes. Not only it is fancy, but it is long-lasting with its quantum quality. Alpine Swiss products are worth the money.

5. Woodland

Woodland logo

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Woodland is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outerwear and outdoor gear. Not only are they prime in those, but they also excel in creating high-quality wallets.

Woodland’s wallet collection is undeniably worth buying. Other products include men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and extreme weather outdoor bags and gears.

6. The House of Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

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Louis Philippe is one of the best wallet brands in India that diverges in the wallet, apparel, and accessories. It is manufactured and owned by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited.

They showcase a wide range of merchandise that will suit both men and women. Louis Philippe carries superior design in their products with guaranteed authentic and high quality.

7. Hidesign

Hidesign logo

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The genesis of Hidesign all started in the year 1978 out of the creative mind of Dilip Kapur when he first started making handbags.

Hidesign then, later on, drove the road to product expansion by creating other accessories like wallets, belts, shoes, travel duffle, and sunglasses.

Hidesign became very known in India because of its bestselling merchandise with premium designs, fine details, and sleek textures. Not only they have lured men, but also women in buying their high-quality apparel and accessories.

8. Bellroy

Bellroy logo

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Bellroy first launched its premium wallets in 2010. Bellroy’s concept is to dump bulky wallets and promote slimmer, sleeker wallets.

After deep brainstorming, they have come up with thick wallet designs with prestige quality out of superb materials.

Bellroy wallets are available in three powerful materials: naked leather, dressed leather, and all-condition leather.

Not only did they innovate slimmer wallets, but also multipurpose phone cases: a protective case, a phone stand, and a cardholder all in one place.

9. Titan

Titan logo

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Started its venture in the prosperous year of 1984, Titan joined the adventurous path between Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

Titan first incepted creating world-class watches and has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

Titan then, later on, enter the field of creating accessories essential both for men and women. The result was fascinating and the products were immediately loved by the Indian populace.

Wallets made by Titan are classic, slim, and durable. Other merchandises are belts, bags, apparel, fragrances, and jewelry.


Wallets are more than just a pocket-sized vault, but it has also become a speck of fashion statement.

When opting for wallets, it is best to think over the top Indian wallet names that have proved their effective marketability rather than the cheap ones but with poor quality. An excellent wallet will be get known not to its brand, but the eminence.

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