Top 10 Biggest Casinos in the World

Biggest Casinos in the world:- As most gamblers like to say, “if you have to try your lucky hand, do it in style” and there are plenty of incredible land-based casinos throughout the world that can offer extravagant luxury and a gambling experience that you won’t be able to forget in a lifetime.

Imagine walking through the doors of an old establishment with a rich history, displaying stunning decor and breathtaking gaming tables. Most people imagine that these sorts of places can only be found in the City of Sins, but they are actually scattered all around the world.

Sure, online gambling may be fun, especially when you are able to claim an online casino free bonus with no deposit offer, but nothing compares to the actual experience. That’s why below you will find a list of the best casinos in the world that you definitely have to visit in a lifetime. 

Biggest Casinos in the world

1. The Venetian Macao, China

The Venetian Macao China

One of Asia’s most attractive resort and land-based casino is The Venetian Macao. It’s a luxury hotel owned actually by an American company called Las Vegas Sands. The resort has over 980,000 square meters and it was designed to resemble its sister resort The Venetian Las Vegas. 

Guests must be at least 21 years old to be able to enter the casino, however, they will have a big surprise. The Venetian Macao is the second-largest land-based casino in the world with over 50,000 square meters. Gamblers can enjoy over 500 gambling tables, hundreds of electronic table games and no less than 2,000 slot machines. This casino also offers unique games that can’t be enjoyed in other places of the world like Dragon Tiger Spin and Fast Action Baccarat. 

2. Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA

Bellagio Las Vegas USA

If you’re in Nevada and want to gamble a couple of hands or you want to relax at one of the biggest resort casinos in the world, Bellagio Las Vegas is the perfect place. It is famed for its elegance and one of its main attractions is the 3.2 acres lake housing the Fountains of Bellagio. This large dancing water fountain is synchronized to music and offers quite a show.

The main tower has over 3,000 rooms spread across 36 floors and has a total height of 151 m. The second tower built in 2004 is The Spa Tower and has only 33 floors with 935 rooms and stands at 119m.

Bellagio is well known for its poker room which is called by many professional places “The Office” due to its staggering high table limits. For example, the Big Game which is located in “Bobby’s Room has stakes of up to $8,000. This room was renamed in 2020 “Legends Room”. The World Poker Tour made its debut at Bellagio Las Vegas and was held here from season 1 to season 11.

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3. Monte Carlo Casino,Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

In Monte Carlo, there is a very nice land-based gambling complex originally called Casino de Monte Carlo. This bricks and mortar establishment is owned by the Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco where the royal family has a majority interest. 

Citizens of Monaco can’t enter this 158 old casino due to the local gambling regulations, however, the doors of the casino are opened to all the tourists and visitors who are at least 21 years old. 

Considered as one of the finest and most luxurious destinations in the world, the Monte Carlo casino has been through quite a lot. The original idea belonged to Princess Caroline and its purpose was to save the House of Grimaldi from the huge financial problems, however, the project was started by Charles in 1854. In 1878 and 1880 the casino was expanded two times reaching its modern grandeur and in 1921 the first Women’s Olympiad was held at this casino’s gardens. 

Right now, players can enjoy at the Monte Carlo casino table games like Blackjack, Craps, Punto Banco, Poker, Roulette, and plenty of slot machines. 

4. Foxwoods Resort Casino, USA

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Heading back to the USA, in Connecticut to be more precise we will find the Foxwoods Resort Casino. It is a hotel and casino complex and is operated by the Mashantucket Vecchio Tribal Nation on the reservation located in Lenyard, Connecticut. While being a large casino area, it is not actually so well known, even if it opened its doors in 1986. 

It is a humungous casino that has everything to offer right at its fingertips. The resort covers around 840,000 square meters and hosts more than 3,500 slot machines and more than 250 table games from 22 varieties. There are two hotel towers with 2,228 rooms and 85 stores. 

One of the reasons why this casino is not as renowned as the others is not because of its services, which are of the highest quality possible, or a bad reputation, because that is spotless too. It’s actually because the resort was originally called Mashantucket Pequot Bingo Hall after the name of the owning company, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. The casino was rebranded in 1992 gaining its Foxwoods Resort Casino name we know today.

5. Trump Taj Mahal Casino, USA

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

The last stop on our list is the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort also located in the USA. Today, this casino is called The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City and was built in 1990 by Donald Trump at a cost of over $1 billion. 

Even if this casino was on the brink of closure in 2014 and it actually closed its doors in 2016, it reopened its doors in 2018 after being acquired by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Right now The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is considered as the largest casino in the world with over 120,000 square feet of space, over 3000 slots machines, and other 1,300 electronic games. 

6. Wynn Macau

Wynn Macau Casino

Wynn Macau is a luxury hotel and casino resort in the Macau special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Several eye-catching installations and visual art shows make this casino resort stand out from the crowd.

The casino is opened on 6th September 2006, and its second tower on core opened on 21st April 2010. The Casino is one of the most premium casinos in the world. It knows your needs and directly aims to satisfy them in the very first attempt.

The building has two towers containing a total of 1008 rooms and suites. It has around 273,000 square feet of casino space and over 259,000 square feet of retail space. It has eight casual and fine dining restaurants, two spas, a salon, and a pool. In 2016 Wynn Macau became the only resort worldwide with eight individual FTG Five-Star awards, which it currently holds.

8. Ponte 16 Macau

Ponte 16 Macau

The casino is located in Santo Antonio, Macau. It is a hotel and casino resort. The casino will offer a selection of gaming machines, gaming tables, and endless amusement in an estimated area of 270,000 square. Jackson gloves were sold to the casino at New York Julien’s auctions at a price of $350,000 eight times the auctioneer’s minimum estimated price. 

The hotel offers 408 rooms, restaurants and bars, swimming pools, gyms, a wellness center, and a business center with a multifunction conference room. The hotel was Co-developed by SJM Investment Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of succeeded Jogos de Macau.

9. Rio Hotel Casino

Rio Hotel Casino

It is a casino and resort in Klerksdorp, South Africa with 266,330 square feet (about twice the area of a large mansion) area. It is one of the largest casinos not just in South Africa but in the entire southern hemisphere.

There are 24-hour slots to enjoy with 274 gaming machines and 12 table games overall plus regular poker tournaments. There is also a soundproof made for high rollers, a hotel, a kid arcade gaming center, a crash, 2 restaurants, and a bar to complete the attraction. The property is inspired by the carnival atmosphere of the Brazilian city, from which it takes its name.

10. Sands Macau China

Sands Macau China

Sands Macau is a hotel and casino resort located in Macau, China. The casino opened on May 18th, 2004, at a cost of $240 million. In 2006, the casino completed an expansion, increasing the casino from 165,000 square feet to 229,000 square feet (about twice the area of a Manhattan city block).

It offers 229 thousand square feet of gaming area encompassing more than 200 tables and over 100 slots. Everything is located under its trademark high ceilings. There are also other facilities, including Spa. There are more than nine dining’s to choose from, including international fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks.

11. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas is extremely famous for its extravagant casinos. The MGM Grand is the largest single hotel in the United States with 6852 rooms.  The micro Hollywood casino intends to play with your fantasies and give you a reason for a regular visit. 

It is also the third-largest hotel complex in the world, concerning the number of rooms, and the second-largest hotel resort complex in the United States behind the combined, the Venetian and the Palazzo. As it celebrates during the business for a quarter of a century, it’s estimated that The MGM Grand, synonymous with class and style.

It offers between 170,100 and 171,500 square feet of space dedicated to gaming around 3000 slot machines, 200 table games, and a nonsmoking poker room. It has Ample Convention and exhibition space and private lounges for high rollers. Apart from this, there are three hotels, VIP villas, 15 restaurants, two theaters, an arena, a pool Complex, Spa, a nightclub, and 25 shops. For your thrist, there are 20 premium bars to make you feel good.

12. Casino Lisboa, Lisbon

Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is a casino located at Park Plaza. Of course, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal or gambling in Portugal is subjected to a concession for the state. For that purpose, the country is divided into gaming zones, each having its concessionary with usually a single.

The casino had around 700 slot machines, 22 gambling tables, 4 bars, and three restaurants. Apart from its overall size, Casino Lisboa comes out top in its continent for gaming space when opening a whopping 165 thousand square feet for visitors.

Enjoyment in its first two months of operation, the casino management repeatedly told the press that business was going better than planned. The target number of daily visitors was 6000 a day. Each visitor spent €90.00 on gambling. It is a lot of money altogether.

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Final Words

If you are a fan of bricks and mortar casinos and you prefer to experience the thrills first hand or you are more attracted to social gambling, any of the above establishments can offer a unique and special gambling experience. 

These casinos have been around for decades and besides their lovely architecture and stunning design, they hold a glimpse of history that they will carry forward for other decades to come. 

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