Top 10 Electrical Companies In Mumbai

Electrical Companies In Mumbai:- Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a thriving city that has been named the commercial, entertainment, and fashion center of India.

Aside from that, its economy is one of the biggest contributors to the overall economic growth of the country. It also houses some of the biggest companies from various sectors, which boosts the city to greater heights.

As a prosperous metropolis, Mumbai works efficiently, having a sufficient power supply that is taken care of by electrical companies.

As such, here are the top electrical companies in Mumbai as of the present time. Some of the companies included in the list are major establishments that have revenues of more than $6 billion.

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Best Electrical Companies In Mumbai

1. Tata Power

Tata Power

Tata Power is a part of Tata Group, which is the largest company by revenue in India. It has been servicing Indian consumers since its inception in 1915.

Apparently, it established the first large hydroelectric project in India and has grown to be the largest integrated power establishment in the whole country.

It typically deals with all segments of the power sector such as hydro, solar, thermal, and wind power generations, transmission, distribution, fuel security & logistics, and trading.

2. Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance Industries Ltd.

Following Tata Power on this list is the multi-awarded Reliance Industries Ltd. that has a revenue of $73.1 billion.

It was recently recognized as the number 1 Indian company by profit in the rankings of Fortune Global 500, proving its worth as one of the most trusted electrical manufacturing companies in Mumbai.

Its businesses are in line with petroleum refining & marketing, hydrocarbon exploration & production, petrochemicals, as well as retail and telecommunications.

It also has manufactured various electrical products and has popularized brands like Vimal, Recron, and Relflex.

3. Larsen & Toubro

Larsen Toubro

Larsen & Toubro is a multinational conglomerate that was founded by Danish engineers living in India. It has a diverse business market, and one of them is electrical & automation.

As a reliable electrical establishment, Larsen & Toubro or L&T manufactures and distributes high-quality electrical products and equipment such as relays, meters, low and medium voltage products, and systems, and marine switchboards & control systems, to name a few.

4. Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Bajaj Electrical Logo

Established in 1938, Bajaj Electricals is one of the top electrical companies in Mumbai, having a $6.69 billion revenue. Its headquarters is in Mumbai and has 19 branch offices all over India.

It provides high-quality consumer products such as electrical appliances, fans, lighting, heaters, coolers, and purifiers. Furthermore, its products are exported to 17 countries in Africa and Asia. some of them are Malaysia, UAE, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

5. Crompton Greaves


Crompton Greaves was formed in 1937 but had another name. It was formally changed to its present name in 1966 when Crompton Parkinson Works Limited and Greaves Cotton & Crompton Parkinson Limited merged as one.

Currently, it is one of the leading electrical manufacturing companies in Mumbai, producing a variety of power generation and transmission products.

It also provides a wide range of power and industrial systems. Moreover, Crompton Greaves is a global business firm, having manufacturing facilities in Belgium Canada, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, the UK, the US.

6. Pravin Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

Pravin Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1986, Pravin Electrical Pvt. Ltd. has 30 years of unrivaled experience in the electrical industry. It has numerous services that are categorized into three groups.

These categories are electrical supply & installation (e.g. bus bar systems, process circuits), electrical design & build (e.g. electrical project management, tender documents preparation), and electrical testing & commissioning (e.g. integrating testing, emergency repairs).

It has also executed notable infrastructures constructed in Mumbai.

7. Bharat Bijlee Ltd.

Bharat Bijlee Ltd.

Bharat Bijlee Ltd. is another renowned leader in the field of electrical engineering in India. Its primary business markets are driven automation, electric motors, elevator systems, projects, and transformation.

Since its inception in 1946, Bharat Bijlee has expanded its operations, with branch offices located in 13 cities all over India. But its headquarters is located in the city of Mumbai.

8. KEC International Ltd.

KEC International Ltd.

KEC International Ltd. was founded in 1945 and has grown to be the second-largest manufacturing company of electric power transmission towers in India.

It is also one of the biggest EPC companies worldwide, giving infrastructural services and solutions to several countries in Africa and Asia.

Its major business sectors are cable manufacturing, power transmission & distribution, railway infrastructure, solar, and water management, making it one of the top electrical companies in Mumbai.

9. Tecnimont ICB

Tecnimont ICB

Tecnimont ICB is primarily an EPC company, but it has become a business firm that operates in various sectors such as power generation & infrastructure, oil & gas, and fertilizers & petrochemicals.

With more than 55 years of experience in the field of engineering, Tecnimont is, without a doubt, a competent company that offers cost-efficient & world-class engineering services and solutions, impeccable planning, and outstanding execution of complex infrastructural projects.

10. Stelmec Ltd.

Stelmec Ltd.

Established in 1984, Stelmec Ltd. is one of the best and most trusted electrical manufacturing companies in Mumbai, providing a wide range of electrical products and solutions for various applications.

It has power products that are categorized into two groups – MV switchgear and LV switchgear. It also has an EPC division that takes care of major construction projects, as well as smart grid and power-it solutions.

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