Top 10 English Magazines in India

English Magazines in India:- The ultimate English Magazines in India enlist almost all of the widely read issues in the country.

These magazines not only provide information but also enhance our lifestyles, enrich our experience and most especially, entertain us. These magazines are circulated on a very regular basis.

For justification, the Lakh rate achieved from its number of readers will also be counted along. All of these are directed towards the goal of introducing the list of the best English magazines in India.

So, are you ready to witness the best magazines in India? Here is the list of Top 10 English Magazines in India:

Best English Magazines in India

1. India Today

India Today logo

India Today is a popular English Magazine in India. It earns a glorious top place in the list of English magazines in India this year. It is a regularly-circulated British journal in India released in the year 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie.

The magazine is known for providing information and other important concerns from every area of the nation and the world in a lightweight way. As a result, it gets to be published weekly.  

It is so far the most popular British journal in India with a total of one million copies published on a weekly basis.

Some of the interests promoted by the magazine include Sports, Economic system, State policies, Business, Nationwide Issues, and Worldwide Issues.

2. Femina

Femina logo

The Femina is another popular English Magazine that rules the Indian market. Hence, it holds the best place in the list of top Indian English publications.

It is a fortnightly women’s journal released in 1959. Belonging to Globally Recognized Press, the Femina is a popular British women’s journal in India that features articles for different websites. These articles include fashion, way of life, elegance, fitness, etc.

The magazine also endorses Fashion Competitions annually known as the Femina Miss India. This competition had been airing the media since 1964.

3. Filmfare

Filmfare logo

When it comes to Bollywood happenings, the Filmfare English Magazine is a celebrity! Hence, it is considered in the list of the biggest Indian English magazines.

Filmfare is a popular British journal that promotes popular media such as Film, Entertainment, Sports, and even Fashion. It is an English Bollywood journal that delivers the newest information and updates on the Bollywood market.

The journal includes the newest updates of the video market. Some of the parts of the journal include film opinions, discussions, video clips, and images. Apart from the journal, Filmfare also endorses Filmfare Prizes every year.

4. Reader’s Digest

Readers Digest Logo

Reader’s Digest is a world-renowned reader’s aid. It hails as number 5 in the list of the most successful commercial magazines in the world.

Nevertheless, it had owned a place in the list of the leading Indian English magazines for more than 40 years now.

All-in-all, Reader’s Digest is a popular Wellness Journal that provides information and content relevant to health both physical and emotional.

Some of the parts of areas covered by the magazine include Wellness, Memes, Humor, and Information. The magazine boasts a 7.60 Lakh readership value.

5. Outlook

Outlook Magazine logo

The Outlook English Magazine is another popular title in India. It holds the best place in the list of the best English publications in India.

With a 4.25 Lakh readership value, it has filled the 6th position in the list of top 10 best British publications in the world.

Started in the year 1995, it also hails is one of the most commercially successful publications in India known for offering the newest up-dates from all the sides of the events in the country.

Owned by the Raheja Team, it consists of different segments like namely, the Economic System, State Policies, Health, Nationwide Problems, Humor, etc.

6. Sportstar

Sportstar Logo

Producing millions of copies every week, the Sportstar is a serious aid for sports geeks in India. It holds a place in the list of the largest English magazines in India.

The Sportstar is a weekly coverage of sports activities by specifically, the Hindu Sports Team. The magazine boasts of a 5.28 Lakh readership value so that it widely updates almost all sports traffic daily on its website.

7. Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review Logo

The Competition Success Review is another winning English Magazine in India. It holds a place in the list of the top 10 best English magazines in India.

Another aggressive journal publication trademark, the magazine keeps a publication of more than 1.5 million copies per month.

The magazine provides general information about current industrial movements in India to date.

8. General Knowledge Today

General Knowledge Today logo

With a 16.34 Lakh of readership value, the General Knowledge Today magazine rules India’s publication bulletins.

The magazine is another popular British journal in India that has been used by most of the commercial and private information posts in the country.

The magazine has maintained its place in the list of the biggest English magazines in India for 3 consecutive years now.

Finally, the magazine is a highly-refined competitive journal that includes all aspects of general knowledge and current matters.

9. Diamond Cricket Today

Diamond Cricket Today logo

The Diamond Cricket Today is another popular English Magazine in India. It holds a place in the list of the largest Indian English magazines.

Owning a wide readership value of 3.21 Lakh, the magazine leads the global magazine promotions with a per-month publication. All-in-all, the magazine brings the newest updates from the cricket world.

The magazine is a precious Cricket Journal edition of Precious Stone Team, a top column/articles spot in India.

10. Pratiyogita Darpan

Pratiyogita Darpan logo

The Pratiyogita Darpan is another popular English Magazine in India. Read heavily by most cities in the country, it keeps an honorable position in the list of the leading English magazines in India.

It is a proven innovator among all aggressive publications known in the country. Recognized and awarded by various critical platforms in the world, it hails in the 8th rank as a widely-read magazine in the world.

For the record, it is a periodic high-end British journal providing the newest trends and current global matters.

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