Interesting Facts about Fast Food

Facts about Fast Food:- There’s something everyone, and we mean everyone, shares in common. This is love for fast food that brings us together, deep-fried tastes that we all desire, at any time of the day or night. Fast food or junk food may not be the healthiest option but it certainly is the tastiest.

When the craving begins, we go to any lengths to obtain what our taste buds sought, a burger or nuggets, driving hours through the middle of the night if we have to. No wonder it’s a 191 billion dollar industry worldwide. Here are ten surprising fast food facts that even the aficionados might not know.

10 Interesting Facts about Fast Food

1. McNuggets are all alike

McNuggets are all alike

You think you’ve had enough Mcnuggets to know all about them, but did you know how unique each one is, they only come in 4 shapes. That’s right, the four shapes of Mcnuggets are, the bone, the bell, the boot, and the ball. That’s the secret, one of the most demanding junk food.

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2. McDonalds Everywhere!

McDonalds Everywhere

In America, there’s no such thing as living too far away from a Mcdonald’s. There can’t be more than 115 miles between two chains of the fast-food giant anywhere in the country. Something even more surprising is that worldwide Mcdonald’s opens a new store every 14.5 hours. It is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world.

3. Burgers Down Under

Australia loves its burgers too; only in the country down under the names can be different. Burger King is called ‘Hungry Jacks’ in Australia.

4. Taco Bell becomes a tourist in Mexico

Taco Bell

When Taco Bell, the fast-food chain that sells iconic Mexican tacos moved to America, they did something unexpected. Their food was labeled as ‘American food’.

Taco Bell was worried that the image of tacos being Mexican food would disinterest people in Mexico, so they had to do something unprecedented to gather interest, and believe it or not, it worked! Hope you must have enjoyed this junk food, if not remember it for your next visit.

5. Jason Mraz and his avocados

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz does more than just write songs about you being a ‘beautiful mess’ and walking ‘93 miles’ but also has a fast-food connection.

There’s a secret about Jason that very few people know! Jason the ‘Lucky’ singer who warms the hearts of thousands with his notes, has a farm, and sells avocados to Chipotle.

6. Finger lickin’ Christmas

Finger lickin

Japan, of course, is the land of ramen and sushi, two of the world’s favorite fast foods. But do you know about Japan’s strange fast-food tradition?

The fast-food restaurant KFC is the preferred venue for Christmas dinners, and the Japanese swear by it. Weird as it seems, it’s a trend, and restaurants take orders months in advance.

7. The Grand Plan “Starbucks”


Starbucks is taking over the world. On average at least two near Starbucks are opened every day around the globe. Starbucks has 16,850 stores globally and in forty countries.

Starbucks is now pushing forty and still going strong. A few years ago the brand was so well recognized, they stopped printing the name on the cup, and yet everyone knew it was a Starbucks.

8. The KFC Files


KFC’s original recipe really is a secret. It’s been locked away in a safe for years. So how does the company do its chicken for millions of Americans every day? Two companies prepare the chicken.

Each company has only one-half of the recipe. That way no one gets the full recipe and the ingredients to finger-lickin’ chicken remains a closely guarded secret of this junk food.

9. The Subway Invasion

Fast food is hailed as unhealthy, but what’s the largest fast-food chain in the world? The answer is Subway, a restaurant serving healthy low-calorie subs, with more restaurants than McDonald’s.

Around the world, Subway serves about 2500 sandwiches every minute. That’s roughly 320,000 sandwiches every hour. And the best part is, there are 37 million sandwiches on the menu globally.

10. Pizza in Space

Pizza in Space

Astronauts love pizza too. When Pizza Hut sent pizza to the International Space Station, it made the headlines and cost approximately a million dollars. Let’s hope the astronauts left a tip too.

Other times when pizza made an appearance where no fast food had been delivered before was at the White House. The year was 1989 and Barbara Bush had thrown a party for her friends at the presidential home. They decided to order pizza and history was made on that day, when pizza hut delivered this most demanding fast food “PIZZA” in space.


There you are, ten facts about fast food or junk food, that you may didn’t know about until today. The next time you order a burger or fries with friends you’ll have something to talk about. Until next time, Bon Appetit!

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