Top 10 Best Inventions by Women

Inventions by Women:- Girl power has been seeing a steady climb up the entrepreneurial ladder.

The stereotypical assumption that comes with the word inventor seems to be very male-dominated with the likes of Thomas Edison, Graham Bell, and so on coming up.

Women too have a fair share when it comes to the discovery of things with significant meaning in our lives. So without further adieu, let’s unveil these powerhouse inventions by women, shall we?

Cool Inventions by Women

1. Cheers to this! “Beer”

Cheers to this Beer

Word has it that women are incidentally responsible for the discovery of beer. Studies have been conducted for thousands of years and the results seem to be tipping towards the fact that brewing has been a woman’s domain since the beginning of its discovery.

Let’s rewind 7000 years back. Apparently back then in Mesopotamia and Sumeria, the only ones allowed to brew the drink or run the taverns were women, because of the skills they possessed which were attributed mainly to the female gender.

The goddesses are kind to the lowly Earth people and give them the gift that is, well, Beer. Or so, that’s what they thought!

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2. Serving “Chocolate Chip Cookies” since 1930


So this one isn’t as ironic as the previous one, but I’m pretty sure every single one of us is thankful to the woman who did!

Imagine what life would be without chocolate chip cookies and their follow-ups- chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Empty. Yes, I thought so too. So how did this marvel come about? Like most inventions, by accident.

We owe sincere gratitude to this one, Ms. Ruth Wakefield. Once, while making cookies for her guests at the inn she owned with her husband, she ran out of baker’s chocolate and took to a Nestle chocolate bar as a substitute thinking that the chocolate would melt when baked.

No surprise it didn’t, and thus marked the beginning of the delicious treat that is the Chocolate Chip cookie. Salute to this amazing female inventor for her cool invention.

3. “Monopoly” – The Game of Landlords

Monopoly the game of landlords

That favorite summer break pastime of yours just happened to be created by Elizabeth Magie. The classic board game monopoly, originally went by the name of “The-Landlord’s-Game”.

The game designer, Elizabeth applied for the patent in 1903 and was granted it in 1904. The inspiration behind the game sprung from an attempt to illustrate the effects land grabbing had on citizens. That was one more cool invention by women.

4. Hail Mary! “Windshield Wipers”

Hail Mary Windshield Wipers

What would you do without a windshield wiper? How would you clear ice and snow off your windshield? Would you rather stop, get out of your car and manually clean your windshield, as they did in earlier times? No? Well, you have Mary Anderson to thank for this convenience.

The idea came about when Mary saw commuters stopping in order to clean their windshields. She decided to assuage their inconvenience and came up with an arm with a rubber blade that could be activated from within your car. Thus, came about the being of windshield wipers. Hail Mary for this useful and cool invention.

Few More Amazing Inventions by Women

5. Powering it up – “The Solar Heated Home”

solar heating system

The first home solar heating system was invented by a Hungary native Dr. Maria Telkes. She worked at MIT on Solar Energy Research after moving to the US in 1925.This lead to her creating the first-ever solar-heated home with an architect by the name of Eleanor Raymond. She invented a heating system but isn’t a cool invention too?

6. “Vests” saving lives since 1966 – Kevlar

bulletproof Vests

Kevlar and Ms. Stephanie Kwolek go hand in hand. Her research with chemical compounds at the DuPont Company led to the untimely invention of Kevlar, which, well, went on to be used in vests as protection. It was patented in 1966.

She isn’t known for just this, during her 40-year-old career, Kwolek secured 28 cool invention patents. So if a bulletproof vest ever came in handy, you owe Stephanie one.

7. The great escapade – “The Fire Escape”

The Fire Escape

One more cool invention of “Fire Escape” is patented by Anna Connelly in 1897, is the first ever outdoor fire escape with an external staircase. This model went on to become a mandatory part of building safety across the United States now it is saving lives, all over the world.  

8. Hello manicures! “The Dish Washer”

Hello manicures

Women from all over will vouch for me when I say this, “You’re a genius, Ms. Josephine”. One would think that the impetus for a dishwasher would come about from dishpan hands, peeled off nail polish or detergent affected hands. Strangely enough, this isn’t the case.

The real reason behind the discovery comes from the frustration she faced every time one of the maids broke her China plates. Cochrane sold her cool invention to multiple restaurant lines and hotels.

Dishwashers predominate in households, however, due to the fact that many women have stepped into their workplaces. We have to be thankful to this women inventor.

9. All Squared – “The Square Bottomed Paper Bag”

The Square Bottomed Paper Bag

Without square bottom bags, grocery shopping would be a lot more difficult than it already is. Margaret Knight, the woman inventor behind the bag, invented a machine that could cut and attach flat bottoms to bags.

She realized that paper bags without a square bottom weren’t of much use. This cool invention was patented in 1871 after an alleged lawsuit with a man by the name Charles Annan who stole the design. Margaret was a natural inventor and went on to give us the shoe cutting machine and the rotary engine.

10. Making lives easier- “The foot pedal trash can”

foot pedal trash can

Household management ranked high in the mind of Lillian Gilbreth who had to deal with her twelve children after the untimely death of her husband Frank Gilbreth.

She invented kitchen appliances such as the door shelves within a refrigerator, the electric food mixer and the foot pedal trash can.

Lillian, in addition to being a skilled entrepreneur, was also the first female to be inducted into the National Academy of Engineering. Her cool inventions reached out to the consumers in a very effective way.

She successfully sold all patents. If it weren’t for Lillian, something as simple as throwing a banana peel into the trash can would involve a lot of unnecessary bending and lifting. I’m sure no one wants that. Hail to this women inventor for her cool inventions that made our life easier.


So, all you men out there, do not underestimate the power of a woman! And, to all the women out there, you are more than you ever think you are! You just need to think positively and need to focus on your strengths. Who knows that may be you’re the next one mentioned in some kind of this list.

We all have liabilities and some kind of issues in life; this is just our vision which impacts our surroundings. And cool inventions are not exceptions; actually inventions really come out from needs or specific conditions.

The women inventor we have seen above sometime or somehow were facing some kind of issues, and their cool inventions are just the results of their positive attitude to solve the problem.

So next time when you found yourself stuck in some-kind of bad situation, just remember this article and you will get instant energy to fight the condition.

Thanks for now!

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