Punjabi quotes on love | Punjabi Shayari on Love

Punjabi quotes on love:- Love is a beautiful feeling, but it can also be the most painful one ever. It’s kind of a trap, a web, a bottomless pit.

Once you fall in it, you can’t come out. It entangles you and pulls you in more each and every day, BUT THAT PAIN CAN BE THE SWEETEST PAIN EVER… once you fall in, you never want to come out.

LOVE… It’s not about staying together and raising a family, It’s much more. Love is being his best friend, Helping him make his dreams come true.

It is about consoling him when he wants to vent. It’s making him smile when he is feeling low. It’s making him forget everything that hurts him.

Love is making him the most wanted man when he feels like a burden. It is all about honesty and being real and not holding back.

You can find love is in everything you do to make him happy.

Punjabi quotes on love

Punjabi love Quotes

Punjabi Love Shayari Left out

Anyone can love after achieving someone, but to keep loving in the hope of meeting someone is real love.

Punjabi Romantic Shayari

punjabi love couple shayari

I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip

Punjabi Shayari On Life | Best Punjabi Shayari

Love Punjabi Shayari

your eyes killed me punjabi shayari

Your love made me a poet

When you left me

I became a writer!

Punjabi love Shayari for Boyfriend

punjabi pyar wali shayari

Hey, I am incomplete without you.
The rest is up to you. If we are incomplete without each other or not

Love spirit punjabi shayari

If there is love, it should be frequent and effortless. Let the heart be blown away in the love.

Punjabi love Shayari in Punjabi

punjabi jajbat wali shayari

You stabbed me a thousand times and then acted as if you were the one that was bleeding.

Pyar me Dhokha Punjabi shayari

When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.

Best Punjabi Love Shayari

pure soul punjabi shayari

For love finds you, and when it does, ready or not, it’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Punjabi shayari on love

Jaan to pyara punjabi shayari

Sweetheart, I’m so happy to have you in my life. You are very special to me.

Punjabi love Shayari images

mere jajbat m he jannda ha

Not everyone can read my face, this book is full of emotions instead of words.

Punjabi Shayari on love with Images

sidnazz punjabi shayari

I thought that I can live without u but my life without you isn’t worth living ..

Punjabi love shayari for Him

love feeling is pure punjabi shayari

Love is very strange, there is always a fear of losing your loved one.

Punjabi love Shayari Status

tenu dekhda raha punjabi shayari

The best feeling is when I look at you and you’re already staring.

Punjabi Love Status Shayari

Your love heal me punjabi quotes

The whole world is sitting to grieve me
The feeling of yours is enough to heal my all sorrows .. !!

Love Shayari in Punjabi language

pyar rabb tak paunchan da jariya

Do not consider yourself a god as if I worship you,

You are just a means to reach that God .. !!

Punjabi love Couple Shayari

pyar da pegham punjabi shayari

A message of love in dry letters is for you.
The world of my love is for you.
Flying love in the sky is for you.
My whole life is for you .. !!

Punjabi Couple Shayari

dildari tere naam

Kindness to you .. !! My friendship is with you .. !!

Imaginary concert with you

Love hangover with you .. !!

Shayari in Punjabi for love

ishq lajmi jarur hoya

Yes, love has happened, and your love has made me unconscious.

My feel like divine power,

You became the light that dwells in the soul and becomes God ..!

Love Shayari in Punjabi

pyar lutava ho dewani punjabi love quotes

I love you, don’t understand it as any mercy.

It is true that I am in love with you, don’t understand it as my superstition .. !!

Punjabi shayari for love

He Ishq bada ajeeb

How did your love put me in such a mess .. !!

Sometimes it seemed like God was with me, I forgot from my heart .. !!

It’s a strange sight to show love tears and laughter together .. !!

Do I understand that God has found me or I understand that I have lost God .. !!

Punjabi Quotes on Love

Usda mera sath hove

May God ! We live in a pure relationship .. !!

May there be companionship with the soul to soul,

May there be love full of simplicity .. !!

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