Top 10 Welding Electrodes Manufacturers in India

Welding Electrodes Manufacturers in India:- Enormous buildings and huge facilities have risen on the ground and made the world urbanized.

These infrastructures are professionally designed and built by an excellent workforce. Hence, to make each infrastructure strong and firm, solid metals are welded.

To get the final craftsmanship, welders use special equipment and mechanical tools. Welding electrodes are a paramount need in every welding work and so welding electrodes manufacturer in India have grown spontaneously.

Here are the top 10 welding electrodes manufacturer in India that beefed up the Indian welding industry.

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Best Welding Electrodes Manufacturers in India

1. Ador Welding Limited


In its 64 years in the welding industry, Ador Welding Limited (AWL) has no doubt excelled in providing welding equipment and materials to more than 300 distributors in India and more than 70 countries.

AWL has shown competitiveness and achieved remarkable milestones being on the list of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai with Scrip Code 517041, and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

2. Noble Electrodes Private Limited


Established on October 30, 1995, Noble Electrodes Private Limited (NEPL) has continually provided quality welding products at a reasonable cost making it one of the top choices of distributors in India.

The NEPL’s motto is “Succeed through excellence” and seems to prove it persistently. NEPL has commenced commercial production on February 16, 1997.

3. GEE Limited

GEE Limited

Aiming to be the world leader in the welding industry, GEE Limited has continually innovated products and processes in the welding field.

Originally founded as General Electrodes Equipment Limited in the 1960s with the technical collaboration of German company and later taken over by the existing promotes and became GEE Limited in early 1996. 

GEE Limited aims to be the best welding consumables manufacturer for over 50 years.

4. D&H India Limited


With ISO 9001-2008 certifications, D&H India Limited has proved its Total Quality Management in its manufacturing facilities.

Most products are approved by professional engineers and certified by leading national and international inspection agencies. Products of D&H India Limited can be bragged for their quality.

5. Rasi Electrodes Limited


Rasi Electrodes Limited has received ISO 900-2008 certification and more than a dozen other certifications for their initiative of providing high standard products and well-processed welding consumables.

They also received the NSIC-CRISIL award with a SE-1A rating that indicates “Highest Performance Capability and High Financial Strength. Rasi Electrodes Limited is popular with its RASI welding products.

They have received a number of accreditations and approvals from reputed institutions such as the Bureau of Indian Standards, National Thermal Power Corporation, and Directors of Boilers.

Rasi Electrodes Limited boastfully run with their powerful motto, “Quality, Economy, and Dependability.”

6. Stanvac superon group


Number six on the list is the STANVAC-SUPERON Group established in the year 1994. “Technical Innovations and Quality That You Can Trust” is the motto and growth philosophy of the company.

STANVAC-SUPERON Group is counted as India’s largest manufacturer of stainless welding consumables.

Their ISO 9001-2008 certification proves their facilities are high quality and their products are world-class. Received more than a dozen certifications, this company has received ABS approval and SGS certification.

7. Eureka System Electrodes Pvt. Ltd


An ISO 9001 certified company that excels in producing quality welding materials and other highly processed welding consumables.

Started to be a small scale industry and later on grew spectacularly making it on the list of popular welding electrodes company in India.

In the years 1998-99, Eureka System Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. obtained its Bureau of Indian Standard certification.

In the years 2001-02, the company received its ISO 9001 certificate for Quality System Management.

The company started to export its products outside the country on 5 continents that include Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Europe.

The company is being led by Mr. K. Chandrasherkar with associate Mr. S. Ganesan.

8. MW Wiretec Pvt. Ltd

MW Wiretec Pvt. Ltd

Started as Maruti Weld Limited in 1987 and became MW Wiretec Pvt. Ltd. in 2011, this company has superior quality products and a professionally managed system that made it obtain its ISO 9001 certification.

The company aims to be the leading welding electrodes company in India. They also make other welding consumables and equipment.

They also promote MIG wires to use over conventional electrodes which they claimed to be more dominant and versatile.

9. Modi Hitech India Limited

Modi Hitech India Limited

Established in the year 2008, Modi Hitech India Limited has shown progress in its years of production of welding consumables.

Headed by Exec. Director Mr. B.D. Garg along with Exec. Director U.K. Modi, the company excelled in quality production.

Their state-of-the-art infrastructure is equipped with advanced tools and machines that create quality and quantity welding materials.

The products are firm and world-class as it goes through explicit quality assurance. Several quality tests are conducted including the SGS test.

10. Nucor Weld (India) Pvt. Ltd

Nucor Weld India Pvt. Ltd

Nucor Weld (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified under the supervision and supremacy of Managing Director Mr. K.N. Desai. The company has strived at producing low-cost high-quality welding consumables.

Nucor Weld (India) Pvt. Ltd. is widely known for its NUCOR products that are available in domestic and international markets. The company has made to export their products to other out-of-the-country distributors.

The company has two innovative products of welding consumables that include Eknoweld; their welding electrode brand that is extremely demanded in the market.


The Indian welding industry has become more competitive. There are lots of welding electrodes manufacturer in India but only a few can visually excel in the market.

You might as well find other welding electrodes manufacturer but their facility, products, and certifications will voice out its reputability.

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