Top 5 Pet Cockatoo Birds

Cockatoo birds:- Cockatoos are the most unique domestic cage birds, both in behavior and appearance. They are larger than many other species, and they have distinctive crests on top of the head, which helps them express emotion.

At the same time, these parrots can be hard to handle, and they often have unpredictable temperaments. They have very loud voices, and therefore they can be troublesome for people with delicate ears. Cockatoos are commonly found in south-east Asia.

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Pet Cockatoo Birds



The most emotional of all species, Cockatoos are not good as first pets, as pets for persons who are generally not at home or have small children.

Intelligent and demanding, these birds appear quiet, cuddly, and sweet as babies, but as they mature, they can become displayers and screamers that demand much attention.

However, these birds do bond readily (sometimes known as “Velcro bird”) and, at times, act “as a lap bird” (more doglike than a bird.)

Corella Cockatoo


The Corella Cockatoo is native to Australia. This bird is mostly white, with a pink face and forehead, and faintly pink feathers on the breast and belly.

Corellas are popular as pets because of their ability to mimic sounds. Corella Cockatoo is considered the best “talker” of the Australian parrots. Overall Corella Cockatoo is one of the best-looking cockatoos species.

Goffin Cockatoos

Goffin Cockatoos

Goffin Cockatoos can be found on the Tanimbar Islands of Indonesia, and they are rather large, having white plumage.

They do not have a smaller crest, than that of other species of the Cockatoo group, but they are as smart and talkative, as most of their Cockatoo cousins.

They are 12-13 inches long from tail to beak, and they possess a very friendly and docile temperament. Goffins are expensive, prices ranging between $800 and $1100.

Moluccan Cockatoos


Moluccan Cockatoos are native to Seram and the surrounding islands of the Indonesian archipelago. They are fairly large and pink in color. Of all Cockatoos, these species seem to possess the freest and independent temperament.

This is in no way a bird for everyone, and these parrots are not easily bred in captivity. Males can be very aggressive, and they tend to take the whole thing out on females and often kill them.

Umbrella Cockatoos

Umbrella Cockatoos

Umbrella Cockatoos are large in size, measuring 18 inches. The bird’s face wears an enchanting smiling expression, accentuated by sparkling black eyes.

The big crest on top of the head adds a glorious element to the parrot’s appearance when held erect. Umbrella Crested Cockatoos have a fine white plumage, which covers the whole body.

These birds originated in Indonesia in overgrown areas. In captivity, they make wonderful pets, but they can be extremely noisy.

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