Best Punjabi Movies of All Time

Best Punjabi Movies:- The Punjabi movies are the favorites of everyone. They give you a chance to entertain yourself with your friends and also with your families. The films allow you to enjoy yourself with your family in your free time and give you a chance to entertain with close friends.

There are always new Punjabi movies on the market. On this page, you will find the Punjabi movies list with all the latest information and details. In addition, you will find all the information about the Punjabi films like the director and producer of the film. The list is sorted in order of the best Punjabi movies.

The Punjabi film industry began in the year of 1948. The first film that was made was named Chaman and was released in 1948. It’s the oldest Punjabi film ever that was shot in Pakistan. The film goes about trade and sport.

If you are interested in reading about all the Punjabi movies, you are at the right place. I have listed some of the best Punjabi movies carrying a beautiful message in their storyline.

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List of Best Punjabi Movies

1. Punjab 1984

  • Director- Anurag Singh
  • Genre – Period Drama
  • Release Date – 27 June 2014
  • Run Time – 157 Minutes
  • Award–  National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Punjabi

Punjab 1984 is the best movie ever came in the Punjabi language. The film reflects the sad past of Punjab. All the cast included in the movie has given its best.

Diljit Dosanjh has proved he is one of the best actors for the Punjabi cinema. Everyone in the movie has added to the great project whose framework is set up by the Indian film director “Anurag Singh.”

Although the movie’s subject was sensitive, it brilliantly managed to show the dark phase of Punjab 1984. If you ask the movie genre, then the movie is sad, showing the actual situation prevailing after the Sikh genocide.

I will recommend the movie especially for those who prefer quality stuff over clichéd and cheesy rom-coms. I believe this is undoubtedly one of the best performances by Diljit.

You may have read books about butchering in 1984, but you will feel the real pain through the movie. After watching the movie, you will not remember one particular role but admire each and everyone’s effort behind the project.

The movie’s shooting location includes beautiful destinations like villages in Punjab, the city of Tarn Taran, and the mountains of Srinagar.

2. Angrej

  • Release date: 31 July 2015 (India)
  • Director: Simerjit Singh
  • Box office: ₹30.68 crore
  • Produced by: Jaspal Sandhu; Amarbir Sandhu; Aman Khatkar; Sameer Dutts

Angrej movie is my personal choice for the best comedy movie in Punjabi with a great storyline and a good message. Literally, I became a fan of Amrinder Gill after watching the movie. He is one of the best actors in the Punjabi film industry with zero haters.

Every working unit has given their best to the movie, whether the characters, the story, the acting, the screenplay, the direction, or the music- everything blends in such a way that it makes the movie a whole cultural, fun, and emotional experience to watch.

Coming to the movie, it is a romantic comedy movie. You can have fun watching with your family. A film is no non-sense Punjabi comedy like other movies. If you have roots in rural Punjab like me (Pakistan side), you will relate to it and the magical side of that life, especially in the olden days.

You will cherish every moment of the movie. The movie is so connecting that you will not feel boring for even a moment—the movie showcase old Punjabi culture. You can see the beauty of old Punjabi culture. I personally feel the old days were the golden days. At that time, there was no tension, and people enjoy each moment in their life.

3. Chal Mera Putt

Release date26 July 2019 (India)
Running time124 minutes
Box office₹30 crore

I have seen every movie of Amrinder GILL and I can say without any doubt that he is the best Punjabi actor. He never disappointed his audience and delivers a movie all working with full dedication.

Talking about the movie which is a full entertaining pack. You don’t feel lost even for a minute.
Chal Mera putt is one of the best Punjabi movies that I have seen in Cinemas. The movie has gained a huge positive response from the public.

If you search the movie on google then you will find the movie liked percentage is around 94 percent. It is rare, you will find only a few movies having a like percent of more than 90 percent of people.

The whole cast has done a tremendous job to bring up this special project. The movie will make you laugh and while providing you with a special message of unity between two different Punjab.

Everything in the movie has coordinated well to enhance the subject of the movie. I had loved the songs sung by Amrinderr Gill and Gurusahab. They both have amazing throats.

I have loved the way every actor has delivers the work. If you are a fan of Amrinder Gill then I would say it is a must-watch film.

The main idea behind the making of the movie is to rationalize the way of thinking. The movie has a message of love, respect, and brotherhood for East Punjab and West Punjab in this movie.

You will also watch the struggle of Indians and Pakistan’s citizens residing abroad even after visas expiry. Also, you will how the people from Punjab are working hard to make money for their families. We can say the film is worth watching or “Paisa Wasool Movie”.

4. Sufna

Sufna is one of the best romantic movies in Punjabi. The movie conveys a beautiful message of how to love somebody. The movie is full of Emotions and Simply Stunning!

The main idea behind the movie is to describe the true meaning of love. The movie describes loves as a willingness to give without any greed or thought of receiving anything in return.

You will cherish every funny scene performed by Tarsem(Jagjeet) and Bagga(Balwinder). All around the movie is a full package of entertainment.

You will find a pure love bonding between the character of Tegh(Tania) as female lead and Jeet(Ammy) a male lead. The Movie vividly shows that the feeling of Love will create a whole new world of happiness. The theme of movies shows that the way is love is not so easy, one has to endure a lot of pain to achieve it”

I will applause the Awesome direction and natural expression of the actors. The film is one of the best love movies in Punjabi. The essence of the hard work done in the movie is clearly visible. Everything in a movie is a standard for the Punjabi movie industry.

The music in the movie is full of emotions and makes this film a masterpiece. One of my favorite songs of the movie which goes with a sad feeling is “Ammi meri”. All in all, it is a must-watch movie for everyone !!!!

5. Ardaas

If anyone would ask me about which is the best Content movie in Punjabi? I would recommend Ardaas Movie. It is the first movie directed by Gippy Grewal.

The movie is scripted or based on real problems that an individual encounters in his life. Everyone can connect through the movie. The content of the movie is religious, moral & and contains social values. The movie showcases the bitter reality of life.

In this movie, you will get to know about the problems that come in everyone’s life and a strong message to handle ups & downs situations with a strong spirit. The movie is altogether a content piece that will change your mindset of dealing with obstacles in life.

The storyline of the movie is Guided through the pious book Guru Granth Sahib Ji. After watching the movie you will come to know the importance of doing Ardaas.

Definitely, the movie has worth changing your mindset of thinking and positively handling the situations. The story will give you soul peace. The movie will make you realize that in many situations, problems trouble your life, but sooner or later, you realize you’re not just a survivor. You’re a warrior, and you’re stronger than anything life throws your way.”

6. Qismat

If you are in search of the best Punjabi love story movie then Qismat is the correct choice. You can say the movie is going to be full of entertainment when the music of the movie is done by one of the most talented music producer B Praak and the movie is written by of the best Punjabi writer Jaani.

One of the best movies containing all elements with a good storyline. A perfect balance of comedy, love, emotion, music, attraction, etc. The story is so good that you will never feel bored for a second. Each and every minute of the movie is worth watching.

The movie brought a revolution in the Punjabi industry to bring up movies based on content. The movie showcases a story of unconditional love where you love somebody beyond the limits.

The only thing that disappointed me in the movie is the sad ending. I do not like a movie with a sad ending but the movie shows the harsh reality. All in all the movie is a perfect content piece for the audience who love to watch love story movies with some emotional scenes.

7. Nikka Zaildar

Next queued in the list of best Punjabi movies is Nikka Zaildar. There are few Punjabi comedy movies that you can watch twice, but you can watch this movie as many times, and I am sure you will find it funny even watching it again and again.

It is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies ever produced. I believe this movie will be a benchmark in Pollywood cinema for making a comedy genre movie.

Every character in the film has justified their role specially Nirmal Rishi has done a splendid job. She is so funny with her typical Punjabi slang. In most of the Punjabi family in the village has a grandmother like her. I always applaud her acting because she is providing beautiful Punjabi movies at an older age.

I recommend the movie for the audience who is in search of the best Punjabi comedy movie with a love story. No part of the movie has any sad or emotional scenes. I like these kinds of movies which are full of comedy and have a love story in the movie.

8. Asees

I starting admiring emotional Punjabi movies after watching Asees movie. An excellent job portraying the candor and truthfulness of someone with Autism, I love the positive message.

Another masterpiece queued in the list of best Punjabi movies. I loved the performance of Rana Ranbir and how the storyline unfolded.

A Wonderful life lesson told by lovely performances to love mom. The movie shows the mindset of people towards their mom. Mom to few people is a burden on their life but for few, she is family and reason for life.

Hats off to the writer who has written this beautiful content. The movie deals with the present scenario where people pay more attention to money rather than relations.

It is one of the rare Punjabi movies ever made for respecting relations. Really loved it, especially the intense acting of Rana Ranbir and how he covered it in a wrapper of lite comedy.

9. Guddiyan Patole

Guddiyan Patole is a debut movie of Gurnam Bhullar. After watching the movie, I can say that we have another brilliant actor in our Punjabi film industry.

The movie is full of entertainment. Everything performed and featured in the movie is perfect whether music, direction, and storyline.

The team has given their 100% percent to reel family dynamics. Hats off to the makers who have chosen this rare subject to revolutionize the thinking of our elders.

The subject of the movie speaks to the age-old issue of adherence to tradition, concretized mindsets meeting open hearts, open minds of younger generations.

We all can relate to the characters and situations depicted in the movie. Although the movie has a lot of comedy but also has an emotional message of love towards family.

I know watching the movie will be a lesson to care sentiments of our family members. The movie tells about the importance of family and every relation has its charm.

10. Rabb Da Radio

Another one of the best Punjabi love story movies is Rabb Da Radio. A wonderful story, cinematography, acting, picturization, and direction. Each character of the movie has given their best to bring up this wonderful project.

Every character in the movie has lived up to the audience’s expectations. The character of both Guddi and her sister-in-law played their roles to their true self. I would like to thanks the whole team of Rabb Da Radio for sharing this lovely project.

I would recommend everyone to watch the movie once. I can bet you will applause the movie, and will watch this movie over and over again.

The plot of the movie moves around a love story. It is a traditional Punjabi movie depicting the reality of relationships between the two families.

It has been told in this movie that God knows everything. He surely listens and understands your feeling. He is your well-wisher. The situations or the problems created in your life are all known to him.

The theme of the movie says that we should not worry about anything, the almighty fixes everything according to his own accord and he knows what is good or bad for your life.

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